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  • Mission: Enhance Global Vitality, One Person at a Time. Dr. Allan Mishra presents short scientific info-snacks for his listeners to help them lead their most vital lives.


  • This podcast is about the advancement of rare disease research told by health professionals, researchers, parents, and advocates. This podcast is for you to learn how newborn screening research saves the lives of babies every day through discoveries of new technologies and treatments. You will hear stories from experts who treat babies, the families who care for them, and the researchers who make it all happen.

  • Мослекторий - просветительский проект для тех, кто любит думать. Наши лекции о последних трендах в науке, искусстве, литературе, культуре, музыке и не только.

  • Travel interviews on Parks & Public Lands, Historic Sites, and their local communities, destinations, and recreational opportunities. Hosts are Nancy J. Reid & Lisa D. Smith, mother-daughter duo who travel full-time on their Love Your Parks Tour and publish Big Blend Magazines including Big Blend's Parks & Travel Magazine. More: https://nationalparktraveling.com/

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • How do we define being a citizen? In what ways has the idea of citizenship expanded?

    At a time when tumultuous world events, from Israel to India, call for a deeper understanding of the purpose and power of citizenship
    Dr Engin Isin, Professor of Citizenship at The Open University leads a team of academics to explore how the concept of citizenship is being refigured and renewed around the globe.
    The tracks in this audio collection examine the new and diverse ways in which citizenship is and has been enacted across the planet and how these perspectives undermine the traditional assumption that it’s an exclusively European institution.

    The material in this collection relates to Oecumene Citizenship After Orientalism; a project funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

  • Глеб и Лёша — учителя химии из России, уехавшие в 2022 году. Сейчас Глеб учитель в одной из старейших частных школ в Англии (да и в мире), а Лёша только-только переехал в Лондон, тоже работать в школе (не такой древней). В этом подкасте они обсуждают свой опыт эмиграции и работы в образовании

    Для обратной связи: https://forms.gle/hXuePq1fGAZNZuTRA

  • Esame iracionalios būtybės – pasižadame, jog nuo pirmadienio pradėsime sportuoti, tačiau pažado neįvykdome ir impulsyviai pasiduodame lengviems malonumams. Kaip visuomenė, atsiduriame diskriminacijos, socialinės nelygybės, ekstremizmo, klimato kaitos aklavietėse. Ar esame pasmerkti šiai iracionaliai būčiai? Kokią įtaką kultūra bei socialinė aplinka turi mūsų savasties suvokimui ir autonominiams sprendimams? Laida kviečia permąstyti savo iracionalią būtį ir, apjungdama psichologijos, sociologijos bei elgsenos ekonomikos mokslus, aiškinasi, kaip vyksta individualūs bei visuomeniniai sprendimų priėmimo procesai. Laida transliuojama antradieniais 15.05 val. per LRT KLASIKĄ, ją veda Austėja Makarevičiūtė.

  • “Heatwaves of Change” is an informative and empowering podcast produced by the Climate Democracy Initiative. This thought-provoking series is dedicated to amplifying the diverse voices and stories of individuals, communities, and experts who are involved with climate action and democratic engagement.

    Our core is exploring the intersection of the climate crisis and democracy. Diving into the heat of how our citizens are engaging with their governments, advocating for climate policies, and holding decision-makers accountable in an informed democratic process.

    We go beyond statistics and data and delve into the personal stories and experiences of those affected by the climate crisis and our failures of democracy. Each episode features in-depth interviews with a wide range of guests, including climate experts, activists, policymakers, community leaders, and everyday citizens.

    In an era where the climate crisis is one of the most pressing challenges of our time, “Heatwaves of Change” serves as a source of guidance for those who are committed to creating a more sustainable and equitable future. We serve as an educational resource, breaking down complex climate science and policy topics into inclusive, accessible, and engaging discussions.

    We empower our listeners to be a part of the solution. These issues are complex, but by listening you will be able to make better informed decisions on your future.

    Listen to “Heat Waves of Change” to create a better future mitigating the effects of the climate crisis we urgently need to address.

  • Sveiki! Jau kuris laikas vis galvojau, kaip kurti kokybišką turinį YouTube ir kitose platformose. Turėjau daug visokiausių idėjų. Ir štai viena iš jų pagaliau išvydo dienos šviesą! Tai visiškai nauja ir neregėta rubrika Lietuvos rinkoje, tad tikiuosi, kad ji susilauks demėsio.

  • Haben Sie schon einmal Kartoffeln aus einem Blumentopf geerntet?
    Wussten Sie, dass es auch homosexuelle Paare unter den Tieren gibt?
    Wie lässt sich herausfinden, ob ein heftiger Sturm bereits eine Folge des Klimawandels ist?
    Was ist eine Krause Glucke und wie sieht der braune Bär der Lüfte aus?
    Warum wird die Neurologie ein immer wichtigerer Wissenschaftsbereich?
    Und worum handelt es sich bei dem der Bioökonomie???
    Fragen, die bisher nur auf der Internetseite www.wissen-fueralle.de geklärt wurden. Aber jetzt wird das anders! Einige der spannenden Antworten finden Sie nun auch im Podcast "Wissen für alle im Audio"!!!
    Viel Spaß beim Hören der einzelnen Folgen!

  • Welcome to the brand-new podcast about how to use reason and science to live a long, healthy, good life.

    Subscribe to join host, Greg Potter, as he unveils the latest science of wellbeing and the secrets of some of the most brilliant people alive, including scientists, coaches, entrepreneurs, and many others.

  • I discuss clinical pharmacology and pharmacometrics topics from the perspective of drug development scientists. I share my expertise and knowledge about designing and conducting clinical pharmacology studies and discuss how to analyze the data using the most effective approaches. I draw from my experience of over 20 years working in drug development organizations and consultancies.

  • Discussing the world of science and supernatural in weekly podcasts.
    'The Files' are stories about things with supernatural bend

  • Our Mental Wellness is a seminar series organised by the Experimental Psychology Department. The series aims to inform, dispel myths and generate discussion on a range of mental health topics. This is a great opportunity for students, staff and alumni to hear world-leading researchers from the University of Oxford share their expertise about mental health conditions and effective evidence-based treatments. It is a chance to have your questions answered about how we can look after each other’s mental wellness in our community.

  • Подкаст НеКультурные - это убежище думающих, образованных, но таких некультурных людей, которые хотят разобраться, что же происходит с мировой культурной, трендовой и модной жизнью.

    Ведущие - лекторы культуры и психологии, Алена и Андрей, приглашают вас поговорить о вещах, о которых мы молчим в обществе и поделиться своими мыслями на тему.

  • Scientists With A Cause is a podcast of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in which you discover the contribution of our scientists to the Sustainable Development Goals. These are 17 goals set by the United Nations to lead our planet and its inhabitants towards sustainability, and away from poverty and climate change. How do our scientists go about this and what actually happens behind the walls of the VUB? You will hear the scientists about their research, their vision, the solutions they strive for and about why this is important for your life and our future.

  • Interested in Geology? Unable to make it to the Lecture Series put on by the W&M Geology Department? Well, you came to the right place!

    In a co-operative agreement between the PNWM and the W&M Geology Department, all of the Lectures from the Geology Lecture Series will be put up in this Podcast, as long as the speaker allows!

  • Подкаст о медиации. Диалог экспертов и студентов.