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  • MedEdTalks Neurology is a continuing medical education podcast for physicians to allow them to learn while on the go and obtain CME credits. This show will focus in on multiple sclerosis and includes interviews with Dr. Patricia Coyle from Stony Brook Medical Center, Dr. Claire Riley from Columbia University, Dr. Clyde Markowitz from University of Pennsylvania and Dr. Bruce Cohen from Northwestern University.

  • Discover the secrets of the psychedelic industry's most successful leaders - a free weekly virtual series by Microdose.

  • A weekly podcast by two huge science fans discussing what’s new and interesting in science! Science is our window into incredible worlds, from impossibly small atoms to impossibly distant stars. We want to use it to discover as much as possible, and share it with you every week.

  • Die Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien e.V. (AEE) leistet Überzeugungsarbeit für die Energiewende. Sie hat es sich zur Aufgabe gemacht, über die Chancen und Vorteile einer Energieversorgung auf Basis Erneuerbarer Energien aufzuklären – vom Klimaschutz über eine sichere Energieversorgung bis hin zur regionalen Wertschöpfung. Sie arbeitet partei- und gesellschaftsübergreifend und als eingetragener Verein nicht gewinnorientiert.

    Mehr Infos zur AEE: https://www.unendlich-viel-energie.de/

  • „Mokslas skubantiems“ – mokslas pateikiamas paprastai ir suprantamai. Kas savaitę apžvelgiamos svarbiausios ir įdomiausios mokslo ir technologijų naujienos, paaiškinama, kodėl jos svarbios – kad suprastų visi, pristatomi mokslininkai/inžinieriai, kurie jas sukūrė. Temos iš įvairių sričių – viskas priklauso nuo tos savaitės aktualijų. Ypatingą dėmesį skiriant projektams, prie kurių prisidėjo Lietuvos mokslininkai.
    Ved. Goda Raibytė

  • Welcome to Test Tubes and Cauldrons, a podcast where we talk about the science behind spirituality! Astra, Fel, and Han are three occult practitioners with a love of science who are trying to do what everyone else is…make sense of the crazy world around us and our purpose in it! Hop into the discussions and try not to blow up a test tube or two!

  • How AI Happens is a podcast featuring experts and practitioners explaining their work at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence. Tune in to hear AI Researchers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and the leaders of today’s most exciting AI companies explain the newest and most challenging facets of their field. Powered by Sama.

  • H ραδιοφωνική εκπομπή του Best 92.6 με τον Κώστα Γιαννακίδη

  • Aqui aprenderas sobre gatos de todo tipo desde siames hasta europeo común

  • Are you are a sales professional, marketing expert or just a normal human being interested in improving your communication in less than three minutes a week?

    I am a psychologist (M.A. from the University of Hamburg) and polyglot from Hamburg/Germany.

    In this podcast, we will cover all areas of human communication. In the long run, we will focus on intercultural and bilingual communication, as well as on handling difficult people - at work and at home.

    In the archives, you will find also all the episodes of my previous podcast series.

  • This album takes an extensive look at the ins-and-outs of family life and caring for children. It draws on interviews with a wide-ranging selection of professionals, from people who deal directly with children at nurseries or schools to those that help shape national policy, to throw light on national initiatives and schemes such as ChildLine, and explore family life from different perspectives and social levels. This material forms part of The Open University course K204 Working with children and families.

  • Tai projekto Šaknys Karčios tinklalaidė, skirta mokslo populiarinimui. Mūsų tikslas - supažindinti jus su žmonėmis, kurie kuria mokslą ir paaiškinti fundamentalias mokslo teorijas bei naujus mokslo tyrimus kuo paprasčiau. Vedėjas - Aivaras Vilutis.

  • „Klausiame daktaro“ – tai Vilniaus universiteto Tarptautinių santykių ir politikos mokslų instituto (VU TSPMI) rengiama tinklalaidė. Su VU TSPMI daktarais kalbėsime apie politiką ir ieškosime sėkmingos visuomenės recepto. Klausimus daktarams užduoda VU TSPMI magistrantai Dominykas Kaminskas ir Arnas Zdanovičius.

  • Join our coaches as they answer questions from the Gifted Performance Community, Interview Athletes and Dive Deep into Sports Science! New Episodes Every Tuesday and Thursday.

  • Astronomy, Space, Kosmos. We have different names for this science. Once in my childhood, I remember how I stare at the night sky and stars. My intention of starting this channel is bringing the concept of "Space for Everyone".

    I will be uploading podcasts related to Space and Astronomy as well. Feel free to write your ideas, suggestions or feedback about my podcasts and my youtube channel.

    Stay Tuned!

  • Tinklalaidė „Savo galva“ skirta ne filosofijos mąstytojams, bet kiekvieną dieną praktiškai, agumentuotai ir racionaliai dirbantiems, besimokantiems, kuriantiems ir sprendžiantiems. Mėgstantiems į reiškinius pažvelgti iš skirtingų perspektyvų, ir paklausti savęs: „Ar tikrai, tai ką aš girdžiu, matau, skaitau yra tiesa? Iš ko aš sprendžiu, kad tai – tiesa?“ Įvairių sričių ekspertų, profesionalų savo laidoje klausime ne tik „ką“ jie galvoja, bet ir „kaip” jie galvoja apie vieną ar kitą reiškinį. Kas yra mąstymo higiena ir lietuviško termino nelabai turintis „overthinking“ reiškinys? Kaip ir kada pasitikėti savo intuicija ir mintimis? Ir svarbiausia, – kaip įprasti visa tai daryti savo galva?
    Laidą veda teatro kūrėjas Justas Tertelis. Tinklalaidė parengta pagal Vokietijos ambasados remiamą audio platformos projektą.
    LRT Radijo tinklalaidė

  • This podcast is a deep exploration of the problem of consciousness. Presented by Jesse Winters, The Hard Problem reviews critical evidence in the neuroscience literature, insights from the philosophy of mind, and the author's novel ideas in pursuit of a robust theory of consciousness.

  • Want more brilliant minds in your company? Every week we pick a new non-fiction book and share Original, Memorable, Insights - OMI - with the author.

    From the history of humankind to the future of tech, to behavioural science, digital business, entertainment and global trends in health and economics, Bookomi is for people who are always learning.

    Informed by Bookomi's monthly Most Wanted list of non-fiction titles and a decade of hosting talks in private clubs and companies, Bookomi provides independent author intelligence to event producers looking for contributors.

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