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  • This podcast series shares insights on participatory water governance, from Bushbuckridge sub-district in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa. This work is part of the wider Verbal Autopsy with Participatory Action Research (VAPAR) embedded within the Agincourt Health Demographic Surveillance Site (HDSS) of the University of Witwatersrand in collaboration with Aberdeen University. The VAPAR programme aims to expand the knowledge base through creation of legitimate learning platforms for action health equity. Community stakeholders and local government service providers share the complexities of service delivery and how the lack of community participation in water governance affects marginalized rural communities.

    Despite legislative and policy commitments to the right of water, cooperative governance and public participation, there are limited opportunities for communities to participate in public service planning. This especially impacts negatively on marginalized rural communities, relying on public services for health and wellbeing.

    Applying participatory methods and tools, community stakeholders identified the lack of safe water to be a priority health concern. Repeated and prolonged periods without piped water; unreliable and unavailable infrastructure,; contaminated water sources; extensive waste, litter and dumping; inadequate service delivery; and poor water supply exacerbated by drought were reported in the local area. Several interconnected social, behavioural and health impacts were associated with this lack of safe water, including infectious diseases, compromised sanitation, hunger and malnutrition, social unrest and service delivery protests.

    Community engagement allow community stakeholders to take an active role in priority setting and collective action towards addressing community priorities. When spaces are created for dialogue and collective action, extending beyond passive involvement, trust is established between stakeholders and community power built; allowing for cooperative governance.

    This series is hosted by research fellow, Jennifer Hove, reflecting COP 26 and exploring the role of participatory action research in addressing water challenges in rural communities, as part of her doctoral research embedded within the multi-year VAPAR programme.

    More information on the VAPAR programme is available at http://www.vapar.org/

  • A podcast produced by the Levy Economics Institute of Bard College where we create and share conversations in economics and public policy that move beyond the conventional approaches.

  • – En podd om investeringar i life science   


    Lär känna människorna bakom bolagen. Var kommer engagemanget ifrån? Hur kommer deras insats göra en skillnad för världen? Vad har varit svårast? Kommer produkten ta sig hela vägen till marknad?  

    I en serie underhållande och uppriktiga samtal kommer vi närmare ledarna för Skandinaviens viktigaste life science-bolag.  


    Verkar det krångligt? Vi lovar att det blir enkelt.  

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • This podcast deals with relevant topics in healthcare for advanced practitioners with a fair amount of humor as well. Ben & Tom are both APRNs (Nurse Practitioner) and our podcast is trying to education and entertain NPs and PAs.

  • It is no longer a question of whether companies should reduce carbon emissions, even setting a goal to be carbon-neutral. The question is how to do it effectively and efficiently. Each week, join Frank Dalene, the creator of the ICEMAN, an indexing system based on a goal of achieving a carbon-neutral status, as he speaks with trailblazing leaders with goals of achieving carbon neutrality and using 100% renewable energy. If you’re looking to learn more about clean energy, reducing fossil fuels, and increasing profits this is the podcast for you, Decarbonize the World with Frank Dalene, a production of Advantage Media.

  • We explore the stories of everyday people who have had their lives changed by the blissful and therapeutic states of jhana meditation. The jhanas are profoundly altered states of meditation that are a growing trend among meditators and scientists. We believe pragmatic instruction and feedback can save you months or years of stagnant practice. We've heard from hundreds of regular people who meditate (from engineer to musician) that have had their lives transformed by these states. Now, you can hear their stories.

  • There are many questions in this world that are easily answered. However, many aren’t as easily differentiated. “Is Water Wet,” goes through the most unanswered controversial questions involving the world around us.

  • The realms between fantasy and reality have collided and only archaeologists can pave the way through the unknown. Ash and Tilly, armed with two trowels and a backlog of archaeological theory,  navigate to new, thrilling worlds, filled with magic and mayhem to answer those burgeoning questions that only archaeologists can answer. “What do you do when you find vampire teeth in a bronze age burial?” “Can you sample ecto-plasm?” “And just how DO you study dragon bones?” With the occasional help of specialists guests they uncover a new realm of archaeology and find out if fantasy is really so far from reality.

  • What's it like to live and learn with a learning differences? Together we will explore this question through conversations with people who have learning differences and/or are experts in this field. Hosted by a Marco Montalbano a high school student with dyslexia. Each month Marco will explore stories and strategies behind peoples' successes and difficulties with learning differences.

  • I have many things to say and experiences to share. I want to focus on a variety of societal topics that may be controversial at times.

  • Learn how to grow your own genetically diverse, locally adapted vegetable crops. Learn more at GoingToSeed.org- Seeds, Courses, Community.

  • How are hands and gloves critical to best practices in the operating room? In the Hands & gloves podcast from Mölnlycke Health Care, we explore a range of topics in the surgical and surgical safety discipline. From infection control, SSI surveillance and prevention, and improvement science to change management, surgical gloving practice, double gloving and the chemical composition of gloves. This is your one-stop go-to for everything hands and gloves in the surgical field.

    Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational and informational purposes only. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Mölnlycke Health Care.

    Produced by Ljudmagi.

  • Some pursuaa informaatiota, mutta vastaan tulee paljon kyseenalaista materiaalia. Usein siitä tulvasta on hankalaa seuloa oikeaa tietoa. Kirjat sisältävät usein sitä kuranteinta tietoa, jota tarvitsemme syventyäksemme asioihin. Niinpä podcastin luoja, Kimmo Ohtonen, kutsui Maailmanparannus-podcastin jokaiseen jakson vieraaksi kirjailijan, jonka kanssa hän käy maailmanparannuskeskustelua siten, että oppaana toimii yksi kirjailijavieraan kirjoittama kirja.

    Sarjan idea ja toimittaja: Kimmo Ohtonen
    Äänitys ja editointi: Mikko Helander, Kirjastokaista
    Tuottaja: Riitta Taarasti, Kirjastokaista

  • Exclusive insights, untold stories and emotional memories from the acclaimed natural history storytellers that brought us the Planet Earth series and Sir David Attenborough himself

  • Produced by Grays Peak Strategies, a conversation about news that impacts the Human Services Community. We will feature some interviews with human service professionals and people from related fields.
    The music at the beginning and end of each episode is written and performed by Joe Mamlin. (Don't forget to listen to the end... there are often surprises after the credits)

  • This podcast channel contains short clips designed to provide substance (i.e. assignment instructions, lesson overviews), supplemental material, and creative learning opportunities.

  • Has the internet created a virtual labour market for new kinds of services? Does connectivity now allow job-seekers from the Global South, young people from low-income countries, to grow rich online? Did this help overcome the borders that have separated rich from poor? If not, might the Metaverse now create this new market space in the cloud? Are online labour platforms becoming immersive labour markets with equal access for all? I discuss these questions in conversations with online workers, policy makers, academics, educators, consultants, and firm executives from around the world.

  • Conversations in Game Studies is a series of talks with scholars who research video games in their academic work, covering specific areas of research, as well as game studies in a broader context.

  • Anecdotal Anatomy - Science & Stories, is a series of casual conversations about what it is to live in a body. Expect storytelling & science as well as practices designed to deepen the mind-body connection.

  • Alustojen valta -podcast syväluotaa Googlen, Facebookin ja Amazonin kaltaisten digijättien valtaa ja kysyy, mitä sille pitäisi tehdä. Kriittinen keskustelu digijättien vallasta on äärimmäisen ajankohtaista tilanteessa, jossa digitaalisen alustatalouden pelisäännöt ovat nousseet 2020-luvun eurooppalaisen politiikan avainkysymykseksi. Suomessa aiheesta keskustellaan liian vähän, ja tätä aukkoa Alustojen valta syntyi paikkaamaan. Podcast kytkeytyy tutkimushankkeeseen, jota maailmanpolitiikan yliopistonlehtori Matti Ylönen vetää Helsingin yliopistossa ja jota rahoittaa Helsingin Sanomain säätiö.