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  • Kaycie a normal fan and Alex a rabid fan re read and discuss the Animorphs one book at a time.

  • Feast your ear tongues on this tasty lick! Joshua Woods and Spencer Huddleston discuss the queer experience while living abroad in Stockholm, Sweden. Strap on your strap-ons as they get down and dirty discussing everything from meeting strangers on the internet to being queer in the workplace. Being gay has its perks… wait… are… we about to… make out? 👅Do you have a juicy confession, question, or need advice from the AWATMO boys? Please send us a voice message or dm on instagram at @awatmopod. Hell, we might even respond to your question on the pod in future episodes! Don’t forget to follow us for mouthwatering updates at @awatmopod on instagram and twitter!

  • Hey Boys and Girls. In this Asmr podcasts you can relax and chill. Enjoy it. Luv ya:)

  • Comedy talk show με τον Ζήση Ρούμπο και τον Γιώργο Χατζηπαύλου.

    Ο Ζήσης και ο Γιώργος φέρνουν τις ιστορίες, τα αστεία και τις προσωπικές τους σκέψεις και σε κάθε εκπομπή επιλέγουν και συζητούν για ένα θέμα - εντάξει, μπορεί και παραπάνω γιατί συνήθως ξεφεύγουν. Ένα comedy talk show για τις απλές καθημερινές καταστάσεις αλλά και για λίγο μεγαλύτερα ζητήματα – λίγο όμως.

    - Ιδέα / Κείμενα: Ζήσης Ρούμπος, Γιώργος Χατζηπαύλου
    - Ήχος / Μιξάζ: Ζήσης Ρούμπος, Γιώργος Χατζηπαύλου
    - Σκηνοθεσία: Ζήσης Ρούμπος, Γιώργος Χατζηπαύλου
    - Άνθρωποι που θέλουν να βλέπουν παντού το όνομά τους: Ζήσης Ρούμπος

  • Chicago Comedy writer and performer Livi is here to talk to you about surviving your 20’s and all the baggage that comes with it. Shes here to bring you comedic relief of everyday situations every 20 something-year-old faces. Through trial and tribulation and way too much trauma, her stories and advice are sure to make your mid-day matcha break a little bit sweeter. We are all 20 something-year-olds, just trying to figure it the f*ck out. Join Livi on her journey of figuring out her 20’s.

  • Join B Brezzy & Slick Grayson as they tackle relevant topics to their generation. With everything from politics, music, and social hot topics on the table, what could possibly go wrong? Only time will tell but...... This Might Not Go So Well

  • Mia och Hampus. Den övermogna och den omogna. Ditt mörker i ljuset och ljus i mörkret. Med hybris, självhat och alltid i ett rop på hjälp. Ny veckopodd, varje måndag där poddar finns!

  • A podcast about twos, threes, and pretty much anything after the first film of any franchise. Why? Because we won't forget the middle or last child. It's not our style.

  • Welcome to (the very uncreatively named) Jordan Theresa Podcast! Where YouTuber extroardinare Jordan Theresa (me) chats about all sorts of stuff - my life, politics, (even more) reality tv, q&a's, and more

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  • Now, Where Were We? is the show that Barry Cryer has been waiting 86 years to make! 

    Alongside his son, actor and writer Bob Cryer, Barry's booked a room at a favourite London pub, called up a bunch of famous pals he's not seen since lockdown began, and he's invited them down for a pint and a proper catch-up. This is Barry at his storytelling best, in his natural habitat, doing what he’s done for decades: making us laugh. 

    There is some very explicit language used in punchlines from time to time, but Barry's nearly 90, so it's sort of delightful, isn't it?

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  • Pasta Party is a completely improvised podcast! Elliot Bromberg (@ElliotWith1T) and Anthony Ferraro (@tony_ferraro7) perform completely improvised scenes based on conversations with their friends. Elliot and Tony are the dough and their friendship is the sauce! Stay up to date with the pod on Twitter (@PastaPartyPod).

    Music by Kevin Burke (@kevinburkemusic)

  • Inttistoorit-podcastissa juuri sinun inttitarinasi voi saada siivet! Yle Kioskin toimittaja ja reservin alikersantti Lloyd Libiso kokoaa yhteen kuulijoiden legendaarisimpia armeijakokemuksia. Lähetä omasi osoitteeseen inttistoorit@yle.fi, ja ota samalla haltuun Inttistoorien somet - Instagramissa @inttistoorit ja TikTokissa @inttistoorit_podcast

    Toimittaja, käsikirjoittaja: Lloyd Libiso
    Ohjaus, dramaturgia ja äänisuunnittelu : Kai Kotajärvi, Rabbit Films
    Vastaava tuottaja: Anna-Maria Talvio
    Vastaava tuottaja: Jenni Sirén, Rabbit Films
    Tilaaja: Elsa Tolonen
    Vastaava toimittaja: Ville Vilén

    Ohjelman on Ylelle tuottanut Rabbit Films.

  • This is Highly Irregular: the Podcast with No Right Angle!

    Surreal British comedy and original songs (think Flight of the Conchords, The Horne Section, Mitchell and Webb, The Fast Show) from the mind of novice multi-instrumentalist and all-round silly sausage Stu Horgan.

    email: podirregular@gmail.com
    twitter: @podlyirregular
    instagram: @podlyirregular
    facebook: facebook.com/podlyirregular

  • Fyra tjejer som talar om sitt liv i Helsingfors och mycket mer! En podcast av Linda Ekström, Linnea Kummel, Mette Väliranta och Daniela Lehtola. I avsnitten behandlas bland annat roliga händelser, kärleksliv, olika livssituationer och egentligen allt som hör till berg- och dalbanan som livet är!

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  • Pata jumissa-podacastissa käydään "viihteellisesti" läpi erilaisia asioita, joista ainakin allekirjoittaneella menee pata juntturaan. Aina luotettavien keskustelupalstojenkin mukaan myös monet muut ihmiset kipuilevat joidenkin samojen asioiden kanssa.... Uusia jaksoja tiputtelen säännöllisen epäsäännöllisesti. Kehut, haukut, kommentit, ehdotukset jne: patajumissapodi@gmail.com. Ota myös seurantaan podcastin ig-tili: patajumissapodi, sinne yritän päivitellä jotain hassua ja kertoa mitä tuloillaan.

    Podcastin alkutunnari: Royalty Free Music - Seven Voices.

  • hellworld politics filtered through the sardonic guillotine of @rappin4safety
    and @josiahhughes

  • Stand up -koomikko Teemu Vesterisen isännöimä ohjelma on noin juoksulenkin mittainen pläjäys, joka on sekä käsikirjoitettu että vapaasti keskustelemalla kasattu kieli-ilottelu.

    Mukana ovat myös vakiojäsenet Lasse ja Pyykkö.

  • The internet was a cool idea. Too bad it’s full of terrible content. Music, reviews, podcasts, opinions... let us cringe.
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    Email: toiletdotcompodcast@gmail.com
    Voicemail: ‪(401) 594-9414

  • A new spin on interviews. Host, Nicole Langevin, most known for her impact in the gymnastics world, gets her guests, ranging from Olympians to high profile personalities, to show a side of their personality not ever seen before. Whether surprising them with videos of themselves or throwing them into roleplaying games, guests are always faced with the question, "what makes you think..."