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  • Annie Warbucks and Agatha Hannigan, two names forever connected by events that made one of them the richest girl in the world…and sent the other to prison. 

    Tomorrow is an original, scripted series set in a post-pandemic New York City, five years after “little orphan” Annie was adopted by billionaire Oliver Warbucks (Lance Reddick, The Wire, Fringe). Now 15, Annie (Abbie Grace Levi), a singer-songwriter/influencer extraordinaire, is about to face the biggest test of her signature positivity when a mystery rocks the Warbucks empire. Annie must rely on her pals from the orphanage, Molly, Tessie and Pepper, and her artificial intelligence “butler” Drake (Alan Ruck, Succession) to save her family.

    Agatha Hannigan (Tony Award winner Laura Benanti) has spent five years in prison, revisiting her bad choices and stewing about the billionaire and his adopted daughter who put her behind bars. Finally released back into society, Hannigan will have to decide: Does she want to turn her life around, or does she want revenge?

    From Gen-Z Media, creators of the Peabody Award-winning The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel and the hit family podcast, Six Minutes, Tomorrow combines the heart, humor and hope of the original stage play with elements of serialized mystery and high stakes adventure. Featuring fresh takes on beloved songs and a star-studded cast, it’s a modern story for all the many generations who grew up on “Annie.”

    Created and produced by David Kreizman, Ben Strouse and Chris Tarry at Gen-Z Media. Story by David Kreizman and Ben Strouse. Written by David Kreizman, Ben Strouse, Donna Swajeski and Marla Kanelos. Producer: Claire McClanahan. Original music and arrangements by Chris Tarry, Jennifer Rowekamp, and David Molloy. Sound design, mixing, and editing by Chris Tarry with voice editing and additional sound design by Darian Newsome. Annie vocals by Haley Klinkhammer. Directed by David Kreizman and Claire McClanahan. Additional voice direction by Michelle Tattenbaum. Based on story and characters from the musical “Annie” by Charles Strouse, Martin Charnin and Thomas Meehan. 

    Tomorrow premieres on December 13 on Amazon Music and ad-free on Wondery+ with new episodes dropping every Monday. And, it will launch widely, wherever you get your podcasts, each week starting on January 17. To learn more visit

  • October & Fish is a fantasy adventure audio drama with short, easy-to-digest episodes featuring a full cast, original music, and sound design. It stars a misguided teenage girl and a blindly optimistic fish with legs. When they meet by chance, our mismatched besties must fumble their way to heroism to stop Simon & Sarfunkel, the evil two-headed snake trying to end the world. Along the way, they run into a gallery of absurd characters--like Muscular Giraffe, Bees in a Trench Coat, and Manfred Splainer the Mighty. With the power of friendship, they persevere through wacky situations, whimsical new locations, and the oppression of the totalitarian human government. A chaotic good series that flouts the forces of racist colonialism and makes critical yet hopeful commentary on the world we live in. Fun for adults, and kids!

  • When Ali learns that her sister’s recent disappearance is related to a melody that has haunted them since childhood, she embarks on a cross-country journey to find answers. Her investigation quickly becomes an obsession as she searches not only for her sister but also for the source of the mysterious song known as ‘The Midnight Symphony’.

  • This is Dr. X. H. Balthazar. I’m broadcasting in the hopes of reaching an audience with interest in my field of study.

    Through my years of research, I’ve scoured the globe in search of the unordinary and uncanny. This work has granted me knowledge of other dimensions that intertwine with ours -- leaving behind anomalies in our world. Some of you may call what I find myths, folklore, or even urban legends, but I can assure you they are nothing of the sort.

    Not convinced? Well, let’s see what sort of recollections we can scare up together.

  • A new horror-comedy starring Fred Armisen! Living corpses have taken over Mart Club the night before Black Friday, but if Bob forgets to bring home milk, he’ll be dead meat. 

    For Bob, working on Thanksgiving is a necessary evil. After getting laid off from his corporate job, he’s lucky to have an income at all. But that’s just the kind of guy he is: always able to see the bright side, especially if it involves building an eye-catching holiday display. Definitely shift supervisor material. 

    Unfortunately, the dead don’t care if you have a positive outlook. They just want you to be dead, too. 

    When demons from hell and their zombie minions attack the Mart Club, Bob, his manager Tanya, and their coworkers must find a way to defeat them before the holiday crowd descends. Now if only Bob would stop cracking Dad-jokes and risking their lives to complete his grocery shopping list, maybe they’d have a chance at being heroes. 

    Black Friday is a Realm production starring Fred Armisen and written by E.A. Copen. Listen Away.

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  • 40 ans après les événements, la série balado La nuit des longs couteaux replonge dans la petite et la grande histoire pour comprendre comment une simple conférence entre premiers ministres provinciaux a pu donner lieu à l’une des plus grandes fractures qu’ait connues le pays. Production: Les productions Bazzo Bazzo et L’actualité - Réalisation: Élodie Gagnon Scénarisation: Élodie Gagnon et Julie Blackburn Recherche : Julie Blackburn Narration Guillaume Bourgault-Côté Conception sonore et musique : Francis Thibault

  • * Attention, le contenu de certains épisodes pourrait ne pas convenir à de jeunes enfants. Pour un auditoire averti. *

    Datant du 19ème siècle, Aylmer s’impose comme un secteur riche en Histoire. Mais des rumeurs de quartier assurent que certains lieux de la ville sont hantés. Plusieurs maisons sur la rue Principale semblent abriter des esprits hostiles, peut-être ceux d’habitants étant décédés dans des conditions énigmatiques. À divers endroits, des propriétaires et des visiteurs ont même été témoins d’événements étranges…

    La Marche Hantée est un projet de balado qui a pour vocation de faire découvrir l’Histoire de l’avenue principale du Vieux-Aylmer tout en alliant mystères et rumeurs de fantômes. Des histoires à faire frissonner, autant les petits que les grands!

  • A long time ago.... 3 kids watched Star Wars and were completely hooked for the rest of their lives! And now they are all grown up and want to discuss everything in a galaxy far far away! Join Allan, Daemon, and Matt as they navigate through the movies, television shows, comics, books, and more in the Star Wars universe!

  • Join John and Olivia each week to discuss some of the weirdest, most bizarre and outright insane episodes of Star Trek with a Special Guest, and see if this time, we will Quit Star Trek!

  • Far beyond the frontier of civilized space, sails the starship the CSS Cavalier, manned by her strange and daring crew. Their destination? Adventure. Their cargo? Your dang ears. Their mission? Episodic science fiction comedy at the intersection of Star Trek, Douglas Adams, and the Marquis DeSade. From the same people who birthed unto you the blockbuster true-crime podcast Rude Tales of Magic comes a new and improvised sci-fi (science fiction) delight that has already been banned in most public schools and the Vatican.

  • Le solstice d’hiver : la nuit la plus longue de l’année. Tandis que l’obscurité et le froid s’installent sur Québec, les écorchés se retrouvent, les secrets se dévoilent, les vies basculent, les destins se construisent...Humour, poésie, astrologie et amour se rencontrent au début de la saison la plus froide. La saison 1 de Solstice est disponible sur Radio-Canada Ohdio.

  • A young Filipina in Toronto rediscovers her heritage & fights evil spirits in this modern coming-of-age audio drama.

    20-year old Saatchi Brilliante's life changes when her employer, Datu, is killed in a sudden attack at the Spirit House. Suddenly, Saatchi finds herself in the middle of unfamiliar worlds: mystical salons, grand mansions, dreamlike spiritlands and rainforests, searching for the killer and the demon responsible.

    Saatchi must tap into her Filipino culture and folklore and learn what it means to be a shaman, healer, sorceress - a babaylan.

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  • “Fast-paced, captivating, and completely surprising.” —New York Times-bestselling author Megan Miranda.

    A true-crime podcast host is roped into a decades-old murder when someone calls into her show with a staggering reveal: the person who went to prison for the crime didn’t do it. To seek the truth, she forms an unlikely alliance with the victim’s son, who has his own reasons for digging up the past. But when the anonymous threats begin, warning them to stop, they must decide if finding the real killer is worth the cost. 

    Dead Air is a Realm production created by Gwenda Bond and written by Gwenda Bond, Rachel Caine, and Carrie Ryan. Listen Away.

  • Tune in to the loudspeakers of a small midwestern sleep-away camp plagued by supernatural terrors and natural disasters. Sydney Sargent, resident camp nurse, cheerfully reports on all the terror we must face with a big smile. Let's hope there's nothing weird about that!

    Episodes air every Thursday at midnight EST.

    Note: Camp Here & There contains mild horror elements and mature themes. It is not intended for audiences under 16 years of age.

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  • In this Prohibition-inspired fantasy, two women from opposing sides of a ban on magic unite to solve a mystery...and end up falling into forbidden love. 

    Elsie’s sister Lou is missing. The only clue she has leads her to a Hush bar: one of the last remaining—and illegal— establishments where people consume magical elixirs. Vera’s family has made elixirs for generations at The Jaded Rose. With her father imprisoned, she is responsible for protecting their matter the cost. 

    But as Vera helps Elsie find her sister, a temptation more potent than any elixir arises: risking it all for each other. 

    Elixir is a Realm production, written by Ellen Goodlett. Listen Away.

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  • Almost thirty years after The Day the Villains Won (aka V-Day), Helen Black arrives at her new apartment in The Onar, a 161-story apartment complex in what used to be Midtown Manhattan. Owned and operated by S.H.I.E.L.D., The Onar has become the very embodiment of the dystopic wealth and inequality that’s engulfed New York City ever since V-Day. A collection of uber-rich families – including the media magnate Burge family – occupy the opulent penthouses in the DecaDomes, The Onar’s highest ten stories. Helen Black’s apartment is located in the much more humble “100 Block’. When her nosy neighbor Dr. Brian Mizuno asks Helen (through the paper thin walls) what brought her here, she cryptically alludes to “problems with an ex…”.

    Marvel's Wastelanders: Black Widow is the third installment in the “Marvel's Wastelanders” audio epic. Starring Susan Sarandon as Helen Black. Written by Alex Delyle (Fear the Walking Dead), directed by Timothy Busfield (Thirtysomething, The West Wing), with sound design and original music by Daniel Brunelle (The Two Princes, Sandra). Learn more at

  • Welcome to my library. Please take a seat, pour a cup and let‘s read some of my collection. Perhaps feed our dark academia yearnings

  • Roger, le père de Marika, souffre de démence et tente de s’acclimater à sa nouvelle vie en institution. Un jour, sans crier gare, il se met à appeler Marika du nom de Margot. Il continue les jours suivants et n’en démord plus, le bonheur dans les yeux à chaque fois qu’il la voit. Qui est cette Margot, dont personne autour de lui n’a jamais entendu parler? Et surtout, comment Marika composera-t-elle avec cette nouvelle identité? Si elle veut garder le contact avec son père, arrivera-t-elle à… Devenir Margot? Production : Babel Films Scénarisation et réalisation : Marika Lhoumeau Conception sonore : Jean-Philippe Goyette Produit avec le soutien financier du Fonds Bell et la collaboration de Télé-Québec

  • Vivez les aventures épiques et les frasques drôlatiques d’une bande d’hurluberlus jouant au fameux jeu de rôle Star Dungeon. Vanessa, maîtresse de jeu, organise une campagne dans ce monde médiéval fantastique de l'espace et guidera, parfois un peu trop, les destinées de ses trois amis, probablement les pires joueurs de l’univers. Il y a d’abord Samuel, un licheux inexpiable dont l’infinie soif de puissance virtuelle et de richesses imaginaires fait écho à celle de son personnage Arkonor, fils du redoutable Arkomagnus, pirate de l'espace. Puis, il y a Martin, le frère de Vanessa, qui incarne Gladax, un elfe cosmogicien dont l'intellect supérieur reste inexploité entre les mains de ce douchebag au cerveau sclérosé par des années de tournées de shooters. Et finalement, il y a Bodé, un gars au verbe aussi limpide qu’un refoulement d’égoût, qui joue Psaltérius, une sorte de chien qui fait du karaté, obsédé par son instrument de musique phalliforme. Sauront-ils se montrer à la hauteur des défis et des pièges que Vanessa mettra sur leur route? Peut-être bien que oui. Probablement que non. Concoctée par les créateurs de la bataille de Farador, cette série a tout ce qu’il faut pour bâtir un monde meilleur: aventures grandioses, personnages pompeux, humour déjanté et grivois, conflits extra-terrestres et escarmouches verbales cinglantes. La cerise sur le sundae: c’est déconseillé aux jeunes enfants.

  • What happens when a sassy thief meets a Scottish werewolf? Supernatural shenanigans ensue in this actual play Monster of the Week RPG podcast.