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  • Entrez dans l’univers de l’auteur Denis Boucher, où la science et l’imagination s’unissent pour donner naissance à des récits fascinants et étranges.

  • Dive into a side-splitting collection of wild and wacky tales from the tradies of the world!
    Inspired by the real-life misadventures of the average joe, Cautionary Tales is packed with larger-than-life characters and situations almost too ridiculous to be true! Stupidly shameless, sometimes disgusting, and always side-splittingly funny, these tales raise awareness for men’s mental health as they leave you thinking “these can’t possibly be real”.
    Join the crew and take your seat around the proverbial campfire as you discover tales of revenge, pranks, accidents, and toilet humor.

  • Mackenzie Monroe is a hardworking, high-powered Hollywood talent agent who HATES Christmas. Much to her dismay, her newest actor client, Cameron Stack, has just gone against her wishes and accepted a role as the architect love interest in a holiday movie on the Candy Cane channel. After being ordered by her boss to follow him to the tiny town of Evergreen, Ohio for filming, she finds herself in a whirlwind adventure with a menacing cast of characters, a possible love interest, and, ultimately....a real-life murder mystery.

  • Batman : Stained Heir is a non-profit fan-made audio drama written by Jason Ortega based on the characters created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. The story follows Batman as he tackles The Executioner and faces a crumbling relationship with Jason Todd following his run as The Red Hood. Stained Heir has no affiliation with Bob Kane, Bill Finger, or DC Comics. Support our Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for future episodes!

  • Est-ce vraiment une légende ?

    Parce que certain disent que c’est une histoire vrai.

    Vous avez comprit, le podcast ici est très léger.
    Je vous raconte des légendes ou des histoires qui sont peut-être vrais ou pas…et qui joueront avec votre imaginaire.
    La première saison sera, 10 Histoires de moins de 10 minute.

  • My name is Cole Bannen and I'm a recovering priest. Eight years in prison will do that to you. But Iโ€™ve been out of jail for less than a day and I find myself falling back into old habits... which mostly consists of phony exorcisms. 

    A long time ago, I was warned about the dangers of messing around with such things. I paid no attention, because I don't even believe in possession. 

    Welp, I was wrong and I messed up bad -- and now, with a demon living inside my head, I've gone from being a mediocre priest to a bad priest. 

    I'm just hoping there's enough good in me left to help some hapless souls before I get dragged down to the pits of Hell where I belong. 

    *Contains foul language and mature themes. Listener discretion is advised.*

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • En attendant ma lettre de Poudlard est le premier balado québécois entièrement dédié à Harry Potter, animé par Frédérique Paré, fondatrice de la page Instagram

    En compagnie d'invités, Frédérique se lance dans des discussions à la fois amusantes, critiques et profondes amenant n'importe quel fan à se questionner et à en apprendre davantage sur les livres, les films, les personnages et plus encore.

    Le balado est produit à des fins de divertissement et est destiné à un usage privé non-commercial. Il s'adresse à tous les sorciers et sorcières qui attendent encore leur lettre de Poudlard.

  • Destiny is missing. In the most dangerous neighborhood in New York City. The only men who can find her are private investigator Tony and the pro boxer who moonlights as his partner, Reggie. Destiny's sister, Lisa, asks Tony to find her, but clearly knows more about the situation than she lets on. Tony might not be the most impartial, because he's in love with Lisa, a married woman. And it all seems to be somehow connected to an underworld drug heist of cocaine worth millions. A contemporary neo-noir starring Catherine Bell (JAG, The Good Witch) and Malik Yoba (Cool Runnings, New York Undercover) from Voyage Media.

  • Originally heard on Radiotopia's Showcase, The Polybius Conspiracy tells the story of a mysterious arcade game from the '80s whose alleged existence in the Pacific Northwest is fueled by a blending of fact and fiction.

  • Les rescapés du temps est un radioroman de science-fiction humoristique dont l’intrigue se dérouler à l’ORCET, l’Organisme de Régulation du Continuum Espace-Temps, où gérer l’Histoire est notre priorité.

    L’ORCET est une agence ultrasecrète visant au maintien de la trame historique. Améliorer la vie de la plèbe moyenâgeuse, ridiculiser des dictateurs, aider les chefs de l’Antiquité… Bref, on est pas mal occupé.e.s.

    Chaque semaine, suivez les aventures de nos agents alors qu’ils et elles tentent de sauver l’humanité, de changer le monde… ou de passer à travers une autre journée au bureau.

  • The Fire Waltz is a narrative, miniseries podcast about Eva, a potato farmer's daughter. Created by Little Miss Higgins, Kris Demeanor, Eric Rose & Matt Foster, as well as an amazing team of musicians, The Fire Waltz is an exciting new audio experience with original music, captivating characters and a riveting story to carry listeners along.

  • Avec la plus forte concentration de maisons hantées au Canada, le Vieux-Aylmer est le théâtre de nombreux phénomènes paranormaux depuis deux siècles. L'animateur Julien Morissette fait la lumière sur des signalements d’événements inexplicables, par le biais d'archives de la Société d’histoire d’Aylmer et de témoignages de personnes de la région.

  • Itโ€™s Shakespeare at its naughtiest in this hilarious sex-positive retelling of The Taming of the Shrew!

    In Madame Baptistaโ€™s famed house of ill-repute, proud Mistress Kate must dominate over Peter Pluck, else lose herself to his command, while young Luke and fair Bianca fling themselves headlong into hormone-driven romance and forbidden love. High art meets tongue-in-cheek in six outrageous episodes of comedy, sex, and foul language!

    Written, directed and produced by Joseph Stephen Leonardo.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • A podcast about exploring what echoes in between our memories of the past.

  • What do witches, ogres and shape-shifters have in common with dive bars, fashion shows and neighbourhood parks? They are all on The Other Path! Classic folk tales meet modern life in this fantasy audio drama series filled with magic, mystery, and danger created by Odyssey Theatre.

    Follow people so desperate to fulfill their dreams, they choose a path that leads them to wrangle with magical forces and creatures straight out of folklore. They lure you with promises of good fortune, but be warned, they’ll lead you into danger. Whatever fate has in store, the other path reveals the unexpected.

    Our five dramas by award-winning Canadian writers are inspired by fantastical tales from the past but set in today’s modern world. From haunting dramas to macabre comedies, these original tales come alive with the voices of professional actors and artfully crafted music and sound.

  • Gare and Kate discuss books, movies and tv shows full of thrills, chills and kills.

  • London, 1889. When the residents of 221B Baker Street leave town for the weekend to solve one of their most famous cases, no one is left to clear a poor housekeeper’s name of a crime she didn’t commit. Well, no one except for their neighbors at 224B…


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  • KAYLA's living her best, unfiltered life, vlogging to a loyal, but tiny crowd of 934 followers. Dishing out truth becomes a problem when her MOTHER arrives unannounced to survey the urban trappings her daughter showcases weekly. KAYLA's transparent world is targeted by her mother's overt skepticism, triggering KAYLA to bare it all to prove her mother wrong.

    Starring Brenna Coates and Jessica Steen.

    Featuring Patrick Desmond, Tyson Kash, Gina Dineen, Debbi Dable.

    Sound Edited & Mixed by - Justin Maradin
    Cover Photo - Theresa Kennedy
    Written, Directed & Produced by Hayley Tyson