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  • Spøkelseshistorier for hele familien. Bli med når Jonas (8), Tobias (12) og Lars Ørjan (40) forteller iskalde grøss som kan få det til å gå kaldt nedover ryggen din.
    Historiene er hentet fra ulike bøker. Bøker som du finner i barnehyllene i bokhandelen og på biblioteket.

    Før hver historie gir Jonas og Tobias sine poengsummer fra 1-10 på "skummelhetsskalaen", der 10 er superskummelt.
    Etter historiene gir de sine begrunnelser. Er du enig eller uenig er du hjertelig velkommen til å rate podcasten der du lytter.

    God fornøyelse.

  • På en skraphaug. Utenfor en søvnig by. Der bor Tio og Tullerusken, i en liten, falleferdig brakke. Tio er en aktiv og ivrig fyr, med et lunefullt temperament, sans for stil og vanskelig for å sitte stille. Tullerusken derimot, er et bedagelig vesen med godt humør og senskader etter et turbulent liv i sirkusmanesjen. Tio og Tullerusken vil aller helst ta livet med ro og la humle suse akkurat dit den vil. 

    Sammen finner de gleden i de merkeligste ting og godt er det for da blir det billigst også. 

    All musikken til Tio & Tullerusken kan du høre der du hører musikk!

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  • This is the second book of short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle concerning the adventures of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and his side kick Dr Watson. It contains 12 stories published in The Strand as further episodes of the Adventures between December 1892 and December 1893.

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  • YOU DON'T KNOW: text, sound and visual art by Lizzy and David Turner.

    Collaborative podcasts, original writing and hand-produced print publications.

    Each of these podcasts will be accompanied by a handmade / bound / drawn print publication available for you to buy via our online shop.

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    YDK is an experiment.

  • En poddthriller i 8 avsnitt. Nytt avsnitt varje tisdag!

    Den populära influencern Emma Lind är spårlöst försvunnen efter att hon tagit farväl av sina följare i ett mystiskt klipp på Instagram. Polisens utredare Gunnar och privatspanaren Nadja undersöker försvinnandet och börjar inse att Emma inte är den hon utgett sig för att vara.

    Manus: Johan Wiman & Gunnar Eriksson

    Regi: Johan Wiman / Ljuddesign: Soundscraper

    Med: Reine Brynolfsson, Alida Morberg, Julia Lyskova, Nina Gunke, Albin Grenholm, Babak Yousefi, Alexander Larsson, Simon Garshasebi m.fl.

    Producerad av Story One 2021

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  • From Legendary Producer Dick Wolf and Wolf Entertainment comes a new fiction series starring Corey Stoll (House of Cards, Ant-Man), Monica Raymund (Chicago Fire), and Reid Scott (Veep). When the body of a young volunteer is discovered in the middle of the California redwoods, two estranged ex-spouses, game warden Mark Ellis (Stoll) and city councilwoman (Raymund), must put their differences aside to learn the terrifying truth about what is happening in their state park. Executive Produced by Elliot Wolf (Hunted), directed by Takashi Doscher (Only), and written by David Pergolini.

  • The BBC and Darkfield present an unnerving trilogy of immersive binaural experiences. Meet yourself in the DEADHOUSE.

  • Hello! Welcome to the Star Trek RPG Actual Play podcast. We're a bunch of friends who love to play RPG's. We are playing the Star Trek Adventures RPG made by Modiphius!

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  • Welcome to POParama! I’m you’re friendly neighborhood pop culture plug! Just grab a sodapop and enjoy!

  • Join The Frontiersman in his adventure across the American frontier, a place filled with terrifying monsters, strange magic and opportunists. #AudioDrama #Fantasy

  • talking about the newest tiktok creaters and singers who have been canceled 💜

  • Dette er en podkast der to gode venninner deler historier fra sitt og andre tenåringers liv. De snakker om gutter, sex, fylla og hverdagen.

  • A Steampunk Adventure Drama, set in real history. Travel & Explore The World That Almost Was, as you join the crew of the Peregrine, an amazing airship and the four unique individuals that travel on board to the far corners of the world, fighting the forces of evil and chaos that are trying to rewrite history. Support this podcast:

  • Hey guys this is my account on me and my friends we always have crazy things to say so stay tune!

  • Dette er historien om mesterdetektiver Purriot og kona Paprika som løser et nytt mysterium

  • Short Tale Sounds create audio dramas. Limiting, if you consider that we’re utilising only one of five wondrous senses, but limitless if you consider that for each and every listener, any and all visual imaginings are completely their own.

    We strive to tell original, impactful and imaginative narratives through a wealth of genres and formats. We are driven by creativity and passion, and we intend to champion inclusivity, diversity and collaboration within our work.

  • I answer my spam. I'm artist, author and adventurer Ryan Estrada and for one year, I read and responded to every message in my spambox just to see what would happen. I encouraged others to do so as well. What followed was comedy, tragedy, true crime, and numerous other genres. I got inducted into the illuminati. I co-wrote a musical. I ventured into the Tony-verse. Then I made a show about it.

  • Welcome to the Lutwidge Wellness Center—where nightmares come to life. The newest patient, Harper Hart, has been plagued by insomnia ever since the mysterious death of her twin sister, Callie. Turning to Dr. Faith Carter and her team for an experimental sleep treatment, Harper gets hooked up to Blossom, the center’s cutting-edge AI. But things quickly spiral out of control… the treatment has unleashed something evil into Harper’s subconscious, and it’s infecting the dreams of all her fellow patients. Harper will have to overcome her deepest fears if she—or anyone else—wants to make it out alive.
    Dive into the nightmare in this original scripted horror podcast by the team that brought you Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery and Daughters of DC — Einhorn’s Epic Productions and iHeartRadio.

  • The most prolific fiction podcaster of all time disappeared without a trace in December, 2020. Investigative journalist B.K. Will looks into the mystery of Cam Candor in a gripping documentary.