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  • Gina Livy's Facebook Lives! Join Gina daily as she takes members through her revolutionary 12 week Weight Loss Program. Gina goes live in her Facebook Support group Mon-Fri at 9AM EST, Mon-Thu at 7PM EST, and Sat at 10AM EST. You can learn more about Gina and purchase her Program at

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  • Live a purposeful life in a body you love.

    Join Pro Athlete, Muscle Development, Nutrition and Life Coach, Lylas Leona, as she shares her personal journey out of the world of on/off seasons, yo yo diets and all the quick fix options.

    Lady Sculpt Lifestyle is more than just a fitness and nutrition podcast, it’s about developing habits, goals, and a state-of-mind that’s focused on lifelong results.

    Where nutrition, fitness & mindset come together to sculpt more than just your body.

    New episodes every Wednesday.

  • The EMOttawa Podcast is presented by the Department of Emergency at uOttawa. We want to enhance knowledge dissemination of topics relevant to EM providers working in any practice environment. Listen to our engaging hosts talk with guest experts on a wide breadth of EM and Critical Care topics. This podcast will be sure to influence your practice!"

    Original music for the EMOttawa Podcast provided by Eusang.

  • Animé par Maripier Morin, Angelo Rubino et Jean-Claude Télémaque, ce podcast aborde plusieurs sujets en lien avec la dépendance et le rétablissement. Sous un format intime et décontracté, les différents intervenants discutent de leurs expériences, trucs, solutions, anecdotes, ressources et plus encore. Chaque épisode aborde une thématique clé en lien avec la dépendance et le rétablissement ou permettra à un invité de partager son histoire. Si vous ou un de vos proches souffrez de dépendance, des solutions existent. Nous avons compilé des ressources pour vous sur ( )

  • TOUT.TRAIL, c’est l’amour du plein du air et de la course à pied ainsi que le dépassement dans le respect de soi. TOUT.TRAIL, c’est aussi de favoriser les échanges avec tous les membres de notre communauté.

    Sur cette chaîne notre objectif est de partager avec vous notre passion, notre savoir et celui de nos invités. Dans la simplicité et le plaisir, nous vous invitons dès maintenant à vous joindre à nous.

    À l’animation, Marie-Eve Pelland et moi-même Marc-André Paillé.

    Nous sommes TOUT.TRAIL

  • Are you a pup-parent who’s dedicated to improving the health and well-being of your best friend so that they can live a long, happy and healthy life? Welcome to the Everything Pup Podcast! Here you’ll find valuable dog-centric tips; interviews with trusted industry experts AND your favourite dog brands; and everything else you need to become an informed advocate for your best friend. Your host, Holly Montgomery, has over 15 years experience in the pet industry as the co-owner of 2 holistic pet food franchises. She’s also an award-winning, certified and accredited dog photographer. She’s dedicated her life and career to helping pet parents understand and care for dogs of all ages and dispositions. In this show, you will find answers to all the most common dog-rearing questions. You’ll get expert opinions on holistic health and nutrition and force-free training methods, AND you’ll discover the hottest new dog products and brands - ALL with a healthy dose humour and a little woo woo thrown in for good measure!

  • Expert advice, inspiring interviews, and tips, tricks, and suggestions about the most difficult climbing challenge in the world

  • The Fasting Method Podcast is your source for the science of intermittent fasting, offering the best advice and most compelling insight on what it takes to lose the weight for good.

    Co-hosted by world-leading fasting experts, Megan Ramos and Nadia Pateguana, N.D., each episode takes a deep dive on a range of hot topics, and answers listeners' questions about fasting.

  • Welcome to Gay Men Going Deeper, a podcast about personal development, sexuality, and mental health. Brought to you by the Gay Men’s Brotherhood and hosted by Calan Breckon, Matt Landsiedel and Michael DiIorio.

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  • Real AF conversations on all things wellness. Cut through all the wellness bullsh** with your host, Katherine Robb. Katherine's asking the questions YOU want to hear on topics from the trendiest diets, the latest & greatest workouts, emotional & spiritual wellbeing and more, all with a wine glass in hand. Katherine is a certified Pilates Instructor and soon to be trauma-informed yoga teacher. She's tried every diet & fitness trend under the sun, and has gone through plenty of ups and downs in her own pursuit of wellness. Now, she's spilling the tea on what she's learned and talking to inspirational guests and experts in the wellness space to give you the best advice and practical tips on how to live f***ing well.

  • À chaque émission, un.e étudiant.e nous fait découvrir un expert, une initiative citoyenne ou un travailleur s'impliquant en santé globale et communautaire.

    Affilié à la clinique SPOT à Québec, SPOT-UL est un comité de l'Université Laval visant à sensibliser la communauté étudiante à la réalité de populations vulnérables.

    Trame musicale: Mathieu Michaud
    Diffuseur: Studio CHYZ94,3FM
    Équipe 2020-2021: Hind Sadiqi, Emma Scott, Camila Rodriguez, Julie Carrier-Auclair, Jeanne Lavallée, Diane Singhroy
    Supporté par le Comité étudiant de l'Association médicale canadienne

  • Haters Will Say is a podcast hosted by Hella Mark Harley discussing fitness and internet culture.

  • A PodCast by Canadian GPs for Canadian GPs. CCFP Exam Topics, Low Risk Obstetrics, and Primary Care and Family Medicine in Canada.

  • When you feel like the ground is disappearing below your feet, we're here for you - down at ground level.

    Laurie Brown has been meditating for almost 20 years. She considers herself a seeker on the path... is that you, too? With original music by Joshua Van Tassel, Ground Level is a way for you to have some company on your journey. More questions than answers, let's sit together and see what comes up.

    Guided meditations released every Monday, with interviews and grounding thoughts published at any time.

    If you find the word we do supports you, consider supporting Ground Level by becoming a patron at

    Ground Level is produced by Pondercast.

  • Diet Culture Dropout aims to break down the pervasive cultural narrative that revolves around dieting and disordered relationships with food and body image. By dropping out of diet culture we can celebrate all bodies and work towards dismantling weight stigma. Together, let's stop the transgenerational trauma of body shame and dieting.

    Atheana takes a non-diet, Health At Every Size and Intuitive Eating approach. This is a safe space for exploration, mindful moments and take-home practices for anyone looking to find food and body peace for themselves or their family.

  • For decades, Erin Davis helped radio listeners wake up and start their day as the host of a popular morning show. Now, her dream is to comfort listeners as they drift off to sleep.
    Drift is that special and sacred place where you can truly relax and be at one with both your pillow and your imagination. Each Drift story begins with a few moments of relaxation and breathing. Then, when the magic of the story has been woven into your sleepy soul, a few minutes of soothing waves will help you to drift off.

  • Doctor Stanley K. Bernstein has helped hundreds of thousands of Canadians lose millions of pounds of excess weight. The Science of Healthy Weight Loss will demystify, deconstruct and detail the journey to healthy weight loss and a healthier you. Doctor Bernstein explains what Healthy Weight Loss means, the health benefits of shedding those extra pounds, how he and his team tackle weight loss here in Canada, and much more.

  • Hi, I'm Tish! And my goal is to use this podcast to help women get stronger through strength training while enjoying a balanced lifestyle.

    I’m a Canadian girl – born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, now living in Kelowna, British Columbia. Above all else, I’m passionate about fitness and wellness! I love helping and inspiring people - not only clients, but everyone I connect with day to day! It is what I love and live and want to share it with you! My passion is lifting, for many reasons which you'll hear more about in these episodes; but I also love hiking, mountain biking, skiing, traveling and spending time with my friends and family - my Husband, 3 fur kids, and my parents (the people who have contributed most to my drive and success).

    Join me as I learn, explore, and share the secrets to building a strong body!

  • Everybody’s got a brain, but how do they work? To find out, we’re investigating healthy brains, dead brains, brains in jars… even the brains of TV-watching monkeys. For science!