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  • Welcome to The Dr. Joey Munoz Show, the ultimate podcast for anyone looking to improve their health, nutrition, and fitness.

    As a leading health expert, Dr. Joey Munoz will not only share his extensive knowledge on different health-related subjects, like nutrition and resistance training, but will also interview other experts in various health-related fields.

    From health coaches and personal trainers to doctors and researchers, Dr. Munoz will bring in a diverse range of guests who will share their unique perspectives and insights on how to achieve optimal health.

    This podcast covers a range of topics, including weight loss, exercise, disease prevention, mental health, and more.

    Join us for engaging conversations, practical advice, and expert tips that will help you live your best life. Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or just starting on your health journey, The Dr. Joey Munoz Show has something for everyone.

  • Are you feeling discouraged in your health? Do you find yourself questioning God’s goodness in the midst of this difficult season? Are you looking for hope in the seemingly hopeless and wish that there were tangible actions to take to just feel better?

    I see you friend, and I hear you.

    The Bible never promises us a life of simplicity, free of hardships and pain. But what it DOES promise us, is that He will never leave us alone in that heartache. In every season of brokenness, He provides us with strength, hope, truth, and a beautiful story to tell.

    Hey sister. I’m your host, Rachel Williams. As I am in the trenches of battling metastatic breast cancer, I, too have walked through every stage of being a victim to heartache. I have been angry.. I have been hurt and overwhelmed. I have even experienced times where I questioned God. Why me, Lord? Why now?

    But what I know to be true, is that God uses ALL things for good of those who love Him. I know that He has a plan for me of hope, and a future. I’m here to pass that faith-fueled confidence onto you. I believe that you are capable of powering through this season with Grace.

    So welcome to your new safe place. Enter into a community where you can be comfortable as we dig into Biblical Truths and discover hope for encouragement in your life as we learn tangible and actionable tools to rely on when we begin to feel hopeless.

    I’m here today to tell you that you can walk in Godly freedom even when it’s hard. It begins with uncovering God’s promises for your life, and arming yourself with God’s truth so that you can conquer whatever hardship that you encounter. Let’s shift our mindset from victim, to victorious. Because We. Are. Warriors.

    So come fight with me, sister. Grab some coffee, and let’s do this!


  • Welcome to the Connecting with the Thom's podcast.

    We wish to share the untold truth about the health and fitness industry based on our combined 70+ years of experience.

    We want offer you hope, help and proactive health tips without a prescription.

    This show is about connecting you to your body, mind and soul.

    Let’s start the connecting.

  • Welcome to A Guide to Living Podcast - a sacred space where I talk about my experiences, and share all things perceptions and ways of being that I learn and embody, that support me in living a really beautiful life rooted in peace, love, fulfilment, and liberation, aligned with and embodying my truth.

    Your host, Naomi Zoelman, is a certified Yoga teacher, with a post-secondary background and field work experience in Social Services and Psychology, who specializes in supporting people with living a soft, fulfilling, intuitive, and peaceful life, embodying their truth, through a self-connected and conscious lifestyle.


  • Me Time with Maggie Lawson is a podcast dedicated to the art of self-discovery, recharging, and embracing the joy of alone time. Join Maggie as she delves into the fascinating world of Me Time, exploring how we all find solace, inspiration, and growth in those moments. Get ready for candid conversations, exciting adventures, and a journey of self-exploration like no other. It will be a very fun adventure of discovery and learning - so join in every week for a little Me Time.

  • Two therapists hook you up with an insider’s viewpoint of mental health. We dive into the nitty gritty of popular mental health topics, covering relationships, love, sex, friendships, attachment styles, inner child work, and other stuff that comes up in everyday life. We share our own personal stories, give you our take on mental health, and share tips and tools that can help you navigate life with a bit more ease. Follow us on IG/TikTok - @jacquelinebushwellness and @marybtherapy

  • The female entrepreneur is one of the fasting growing groups amongst entrepreneurs. Many of these being moms. Balancing motherhood and business ownership is new territory. With opportunities to work from home, along with digital and network marketing, moms can do both without neglection.

    This podcast offers inspiration, encouragement, and practical tips for moms who manage their homes and businesses.

    Created by a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom, wife, and MLM loving mompreneur!

  • The Healthy Back is a Podcast intended for people mostly 30+ who have spine & joint related problems to help them lead a healthier & active lifestyle. This podcast is hosted by Taruna Rijhwani, Licensed Physical Therapist & Mckenzie Method Specialist who shares her insights & thoughts on back related problems, debunks common myths & helps people adopt an active lifestyle & manage their spine related issues

  • Host James Steensma invites you into his "inner circle" as he shares his story of emotional and prescription drug addiction stemming from his ileostomy surgery and liver transplant. His brutal, honest, sincere, and funny account of his past will leave you inspired to discover your own art to letting go.

  • What is therapy with horses and how can it help? in this podcast series, Coral Harrison, owner of and psychotherapist at ChangeWays, provides information on this unique therapy and help you find out more. You will listen to Coral as she is in conversation with a range of people, ranging from colleagues to scientists and people who have in interest in this type of therapy.
    Find out what Therapy with Horses is, what happens when you meet Coral and her team and what the foundations are for this amazing interaction that can help you overcome issues such as depression or anxiety.

  • Hi everyone,lam pavan BA psychology student. In this podcast i will share my own experiences and learnings and about personality development , self growth ,and mental health awareness. In short it is for mental fitness

  • Listen with therapist and author Kate Hudson-Hall as she shares practical and doable ways to manage your anxiety! This is a platform for people to share enlightening conversations which are relatable, uplifting and inspiring based on anxiety. With real stories from people who are suffering or have suffered from anxiety. Plus, interviews with top experts in anxiety sharing insightful, valuable information for people learning to change their struggling anxious behaviors. All in one podcast with Kate’s own brand of quirky brilliance! Reach out to her at or check out her new book "Anxiety Hacks" with proven Techniques, Tools and Tips to Calmness.

  • Let the SUN be thy CHEF 🌞 Follow my Raw Food Plant Based podcast to know more about how absolutely amazing you can feel when you embark on this journey. Inspire One ☝️is always my goal. Let’s change some lives ❤️ and the world 🌎 ✌️

  • In this podcast, we will talk about basic knowledge such as antomy, biomechanics, neuroanatomy, physiology, pathology and treatment.

    So we hope that everyone will get knowledge that can apply to real life!!

  • Raziskujeva, kaj je kvalitetno življenje, kako se naša življenja prepletajo z drugimi in kako to vpliva na kakovost našega bivanja.

  • ¿ Basamos nuestras relaciones en base a necesidades que esperamos que sean cubiertas? Claramente este es sólo uno de los muchos factores que causan la ruptura de una pareja hoy en día, Sergio y yo te ofrecemos una visión actual y nada formal de cómo vemos las relaciones y cuáles son los elementos clave para que vayan viento en popa

  • Comedian MikaL D’Angelo shares conversation, adventure, education and laughs with his wife, Kristine D’Angelo who is a Clinical Sexologist. No topic is off limits with these two. Join them as they begin to normalize conversations about sex, sexuality and relationships.

  • How impactful is it to your life and growth to learn about yourself? Exploring the depths of your emotional and mental upset can open up reasons why you are who you are and experience the things you do.

    Self love is the foundation in order to embark on the healing journey because you've realized that you must take your life in your own hands. Learning the self is a re-discovery for many of us because somewhere along the way we’ve changed and have forgotten to catch up with the new self. This show will inspire, guide and help us heal to harmony.