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  • Welcome to Give Me A Buzz! Your hosts, Chantelle and Lucille, are here to share their expertise and insights from behind the scenes at Bumble to guide you through modern dating and relationships in the digital age.
    This podcast was designed to take the dating advice out of the group chat and has something for everyone who is interested in the human behaviour that reveals itself when dating. Each week, along with a special guest, Lucille and Chantelle will unpack some of the hottest topics about dating including ethical non-monogamy, body positivity, dating with a disability, the intersection between astrology and compatibility, sexting etiquette and digital consent, modern masculinity, dating safety and so much more! 

    This podcast was recorded on Gadigal Land (Sydney).

  • I support Australian women who are navigating ongoing control and other forms of abuse after separation.

    This is a raw and unfiltered space where we can explore the often unseen issues of family violence, post-separation abuse and protective parenting.

    For more information about post-separation abuse: https://www.danielleblackcoaching.com.au/thank-you

    For more information about separation planning:

    Want to work with me? Visit https://www.danielleblackcoaching.com.au to learn more.

  • The Bridge Podcast (formerly Wavelength) has a vision to integrate traditional teachings from Eastern wisdom traditions with the current understanding of Western science. 

    Hosted by Irene and Ziggy - both renowned Yoga and meditation teachers with qualifications in physiotherapy and psychology - we aim to bridge the gap between modern science and spiritual teachings. 

    Thank you for being here and we hope this episode supports your journey toward an experience of life that is more integrated, joyful and free.

    If you are interested in learning more about our project or working with us, please find us on Instagram at: 


  • Chew On This is your weekly bite of debunking health myths and learning how to become a healthier you. This podcast will bring you practical tips and insights from leading experts that you can seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Our guests will broaden your understanding of food as well as showcase the extensive impact nutrition has on your life, in ways you could never imagined.

  • So you want to be a doctor…or a chef…or a lawyer…or a professional athlete... Or maybe you just don’t know what to do when you finish school?

    Are you wanting to find out how to achieve your dream career? Then Sydney Catholic Schools has got you covered!

    In a first for Sydney Catholic Schools, we’ve sat down with some of Australia’s most influential people, those at the forefront of their fields, and we’ve reverse engineered their career for a step by step guide on how they achieved success and how you can do the same.

  • Conversations with leaders who are making the world a better place today and for future generations. Awakening Leadership is about three vital areas of leadership development: self awareness, social and cultural awareness and ecological awareness. By awakening and developing these areas, we can enhance our leadership across the board: from vision, values and strategy, to team building and communication, and stand out in our business and industry.

  • Join me, life coach Leslie Crudup Villagarcia and my ever inquisitive co-host, Meka, as we  examine personal development books through the lens of intersectionality, making self help content more accessible and relatable.

    What is intersectionality?

    According to Dr. Kimberlé Crenshaw, who coined the term in 1989, "Intersectionality is a metaphor for understanding the ways that multiple forms of inequality or disadvantage sometimes compound themselves and create obstacles that often are not understood among conventional ways of thinking."

    So, why did we create this podcast? 

    Because the personal development/self help/wellness/success world often erases the lived experiences of people from marginalised communities. The truth is that privilege often plays a huge part in a person's success, but do mainstream books admit to this?....Rarely. That's why we're here to extract the gems hidden within the content. To reframe relevant information from these books in a way that will allow us ALL to live well!

    In other words, we're not just reading between the lines, we're Thriving Between the Lines!

    Visit leslievcoaching.com to find out more about me and to book a free intro. life coaching consultation.

    [Find my book club The Vanguard Book Club for Personal Development on Meetup.com]

  • Finding Flow State is your guide to unlocking mindful high performance.

    Formerly called Authentic Imperfection, this podcast will inspire you to get into the drivers seat of your life, stop self-sabotage, break free of perfectionism and start taking messy action. You won't find one-size-fits-all advice here, it's all diving deep into the nuances of your authenticity. This podcast is destined to make you think and be an active participant of your life to do the work with curiosity and self-compassion. 

    Steph Ellen is a multi-passionate recovered perfectionist who has gone from being a burnout veterinarian to a mindful high performance coach. She is also a breathwork facilitator and yoga teacher. Steph's style of coaching and teaching lies at the intersection of science and spirituality driven from a desire to fully understand and experience the universe from as many perspectives as possible. 

    Steph shares raw, authentic conversations with inspiring guests living life on their own terms in addition to solo pep talks (seasoned with a lil spice and tough love when required!). 

  • TeachCast is a podcast by teachers, for teachers. Join our dynamic teacher co-hosts as we take a look into life inside and outside the classroom from the perspective of incredible educators making a daily difference in NSW public schools. Listeners will gain advice and hear stories on a range of topics from beginning teacher support to classroom management and opportunities for enhancing your teaching career.

    Website - www.tinyurl.com/TeachCast
    Facebook - www.facebook.com/teachnsw
    Instagram - www.instagram.com/teachnsw
    Twitter - www.twitter.com/teachNSW
    YouTube - www.youtube.com/@teachnsw

  • ¡Vuelve a ser alumno/a, adquiere nuevas habilidades!
    Nada como acumular sabiduría para dar grandes lecciones en el aula. En Red Educa hemos diseñado un método integral de formación que incluye pequeñas dosis de conocimiento a través de podcast y webinars para que te mantengas totalmente informado/a, allá donde vayas y en el momento que lo necesites.

  • Welcome to the mother f*ing hood! Unplugged conversations around Birth, Recovery, Conscious parenting, Relationships, Sex, Human Design, Pilates, Homeopathy for healthy humans & everything else a WonderMum needs. It's positive, life-affirming & love affirming. Filled with wisdom & questions to help guide you through MotherHood with a SisterHood and WomanHood in general with Soul Purpose and Healing!

  • In-depth conversations with academics and clinicians about all topics relating to the clinical management of pain, injury and rehabilitation of foot, ankle and lower limb conditions.

  • Do you want to create an impactful and rewarding career teaching English as a second language, anywhere in the world, either from your laptop or in a language school? TESOL Australia's mission is to help as many aspiring teachers do that even if they don't have any prior teaching experience or natural teaching talent...

    If you have any questions about how you can become a second language teacher, contact us directly through the form on our homepage: https://tesolau.com
    Hosted by Lynette Kim, Director/Academic Manager of TESOL Australia. MEd. (TESOL), Dip. TESOL, Cert. IV TAE.

  • Welcome to the Anxious Tradeswoman podcast, your host Louise Azzopardi will share everything she has learnt through the tears so you don’t have to!

    Louise is an international award-winning heavy vehicle mechanic, life coach and keynote speaker who supports tradeswomen and tradies through the challenges of life giving them tools and resources to create change!

  • Call Me Didi is a podcast all about empowering you to become your best self. This podcast is hosted by Diva and Sanchi- two young immigrant women who are sharing their learnings as they navigate their 20s.

  • Join certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Fat Loss Coach and Nurse- Bec Murphy as she discusses the ‘no nonsense’, bread and butter basics to fat loss, body composition, diet and overall health and fitness.

    There is way too much noise and nonsense out there these days. Bec approaches fat loss, health and fitness with a simplified approach that ensures it will change your life without it taking over your life!

    Need a question answered? DM Bec podcast questions via Instagram @_bectohealth

  • A few years ago I wound up standing shirtless and frightened in the middle of a psychedelic ceremony desperate to find the answers as to why i was suffering from the worlds most painful headache condition. After 16 years of torture, oxygen tanks in my bedroom and carrying epi-pens on dates I was ready to get rid of this nightmare pain. I was a hardened but quite frankly stupid individual that never voiced his problem. After this wild experience i decided to create Squeezing The Plums. A place where men could share their stories, knowledge and opinions to help develop the next generation of man

  • If you’ve ever let perfectionism, imposter syndrome, or your loud inner critic talk you out of pursuing your dreams, this podcast is for you. Join Katie B, airline pilot and Human Design coach, for both solo episodes and illuminating interviews that will leave you inspired, motivated and confident that you can create the life you’ve been dreaming of.

    From human design, astrology and meditation experts to entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, photographers, and everything in between, all ground is covered and nothing is off limits. Jam packed with inspirational and educational content that will help you understand that you already have the resources you need to manifest your most abundant and fulfilling life.

    Tune in to understand why your success is inevitable so you may as well say YES to yourself and start creating it today!

  • Welcome to Thriving Parent-ing with Jen, your compassionate godmother (the cool, modern version…) who’s here to help you unlock your full parenting potential by exploring the dynamic duality of personal growth and parenting strategies, empowering you to break free from the grips of survival mode and embrace the joys of thriving parenting.

    If you’re looking to level up and make sense of your parenting reality, feel confident in your parenting ability, nurture your self-growth and begin to thrive alongside your children, this is the podcast for you.

    Thriving Parent-ing is your go-to resource where we consider your growth journey as equally important, evolving into the person and parent you aspire to be. A happy, healthy child starts with a happy, healthy you so consider this podcast your permission to place your oxygen mask on first, to show up in a way you are proud of and your child benefits from. We’re here to support, encourage and inspire you every step of the way.

    As a baby and parent sleep coach and mentor, mind-body practitioner, RN and mother-of-three, Jen brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy to the table. Join her every week as she explores the art of thriving in parenthood - bringing you practical sleep support, tangible parenting tools, positive mindset coaching, insightful guest interviews and expert advice, equipping you with the knowledge and perspectives, that will assist you in navigating the challenges of raising happy, healthy children while prioritising your own well-being too.

    Thriving Parent-ing is here to empower you to have your cake and eat it too! Kick survival mode to the curb and step confidently into thriving mode - see you there Thrivers!

    You can find out more about Jen and her work supporting parents on Instagram at @sleep_thrive_grow and www.sleepthrivegrow.com.

  • Have you been told you need to have your baby via c-section, and c-section preparation has you feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you had your baby via emergency c-section and you want to know what you can do to kickstart your c-section recovery?
    ‘C-section support’ is a podcast brought to you by Kristy Urrutia, Occupational Therapist and C-section Mama of 2. Join Kristy every fortnight for short and practical episodes designed to educate and empower women who birth via c-section.