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  • Teaching everyone how being stupid is the smartest thing you can do. The art of being so self obsessed that you forget about the dark aspects of your life. Bimbofication can help anyone of any age, gender or profession.

  • Dive into the soul-nourishing stream of timeless wisdom for the spiritually awakened life. Discover insights and practices for Self-realization and complete well-being to meet the challenges and opportunities of our times.

  • Welcome to the only podcast that teaches you HOW TO LEARN SPANISH. If you like this podcast, I highly recommend you join my course for beginners: "Fluency Hour". Head over to https://mexicanfluency.com to join this course and make sure to follow me on social media @mexicanfluency for new mini-Spanish lessons every week! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/howtolearnspanish/support

  • Conversations on self-development and entrepreneurship so you can become fulfilled and well-paid.

    The modern world wants you sick, weak, and vulnerable. We help you master your mind, body, spirit, and finances through conversations with successful individuals.

    Learn how to work from anywhere, pursue a life of meaning, cultivate high energy, and enjoy every second of life with Modern Mastery. New episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • Podcast i audio članci = https://tomislavtomiccoaching.com

  • Hear to encourage others and myself to create a better life with affirmations. 2020 is the year of a better life for me.

  • In this podcast channel, I will tell about airlines. I will focus on the fact of the airlines like their hub, secondary hub, focus city, subsidiaries, codeshare agreements, joint venture, fleet, and etc.

  • Butterfly Motivation is podcast about mental health and helping and motivating people who are struggling. Be kind and be yourself.

  • Life Skills Media - we interview people who have a mission to exercise their agency! The skill themes of Consciously Exploring, Realising Goals, and Influencing Effectively, equip people with the full range of skills needed for success in the 21st century.

  • Peter discusses the soft skills techniques of influence and persuasion, describing what is involved, how to apply them and why they are useful. Topics include building trust, how to disagee without losing friends, creating a compelling messages and much more.
    Episodes are between 10 to 20 minutes long. Easy and interesting listening make these podcasts a convenient and fun way to learn how to get on with your fellow humans.

    There will be a new episode each fornight.

  • Ob in Estland, Japan oder Brasilien – Menschen, die Deutsch als Fremdsprache lernen, gibt es überall auf der Welt. Sie interessieren sich für Deutschland und die deutsche Sprache. Hier stellen sie sich vor.

  • Herzlich willkommen zu lasch not least, dem zeitwörtlichen Podcast. Ich bin Alexander Lasch, Professor für germanistische Linguistik und Sprachgeschichte an der Technischen Universität Dresden, und hoste hier, stellvertretend, Inhalte, die Studierende im Rahmen von Lehrveranstaltungen für Ihre Kommiliton:innen produziert haben. Der Podcast ist ein echtes Gemeinschaftsprojekt – das geht beim Titel los, über die Auswahl des Introtitels "Hotshot" von Scott Holmes (CC BY via FMA) bis hin zum Cover weiter. Sie können sich hier nicht nur in linguistische Themen einhören, sondern auch Anregungen für die Produktion eigener Podcasts mitnehmen. Denn dieser Cast dient gerade auch dem Einüben in eine solche digitale Präsentationsform.

  • Podcast koji vodi Aleksandra Birta ilić, psiholog sa preko 20 godina radnog iskustva i misijom da vam pomogne da unapredite svoj život i odnose sa drugim ljudima.

    Priče, saveti i strategije iz mog ličnog i profesionalnog iskustva, predstavljene jednostavnim jezikom koji svako može da razume. Sve to uz puno praktičnih primera i tehnika koje odmah možete primeniti, i zahvaljujući kojima ćete se osećati osnaženo i spremno da izađete na kraj sa izazovima koji vas tište.

    Epizode će biti podeljene po kategorijama (ični razvoj, roditeljstvo, biznis), pa birajte ono što vas najviše interesuje.

  • Manifestation, spirituality, magic and mysticism for the modern world. Delivering digestible and relatable advice, teachings, energetic codes and paradigm shifts so you can create your best f*cking life. Period.

  • copyright 2021 © SAN magazine Inc.

    The podcast of Canadian-Serbian SAN Magazine is a program about Serbs and Serbian culture. Get to know more about the Serbian point of view and the concept of “kumstvo,” the history of Serbs in North America, or learn about great Serbian scientists such as Tesla and Pupin. Listen to episodes about Serbian prehistory, or Serbia during Roman times. Find out about new theories on the origin of the Serbs. And don’t forget the rich cultural heritage of the medieval Kingdom of Serbia, as well as the natural wonders found in Serbia’s national parks, mountains, and mineral spas. Find out why Serbs are proud of their entries on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list—slava, kolo, and gusle— and whet your appetite learning about gastronomic specialties such as gibanica, kajmak, slatko, and homemade rakija.

    This podcast was created by SAN Magazine.
    The first 15 episodes have been financially supported by the Government of Canada.
    The episodes were written by SAN reporters Dušica Ivanović, Karolina Damjanović-Grujić, and Vesna Nedić, as well as SAN collaborator Mladen Obradović. The podcasts are read by SAN reporter Tamara Miličić-Grbić, and SAN collaborators Mladen Obradović, actor and director, and Kristina Bijelic, musician and philologist. A special guest in several episodes is Sacha Vigeant, our Serbian son in-law from Montreal, better known by his nickname “Sale Dugokosi.” Sacha is a Canadian married to a Serbian woman, and he writes a regular column for SAN Magazine called Diary of a Serbophile. The podcasts were recorded, mixed and mastered by Nemanja Trbojevic and Dusan Petrinjac. The project was spearheaded by Karolina Damjanović-Grujić, a founding and editorial staff member of SAN Magazine.
    Visit us at www.sanmagazine.ca


    Подкаст канадско-српског часописа САН је програм о Србима и српској култури.
    Подсетите се или упознајте српски менталитет и појам кумства, историјат Срба у Канади и Америци или српске великане у свету науке, попут Тесле и Пупина. Послушајте епизоде о праисторији и Римском царству на тлу Србије. Сазнајте и нове теорије о пореклу Срба. Не заборавите богату културну баштину средњовековне Србије као и природно богатство које се огледа у националним парковима, планинама и бањама. Будите поносни што је Унеско заштитио наша традиционална обележја славу, коло и гусле, и уживајте у специјалитетима српске трпезе попут гибанице, кајмака, слатког и ракије од домаћег воћа.

    Часопис САН је реализатор ових подкаста.
    Првих 15 епизода финансијски је подржала држава Канада.
    Писци Подкаст часописа САН су Душица Ивановић, Каролина Дамјановић-Грујић и Весна Недић, новинарке САН-a и сарадник Младен Обрадовић, редитељ. Подкасте читају Тамара Миличић-Грбић, новинарка часописа САН и сарадници Младен Обрадовић, глумац и редитељ и Кристина Бијелић, музичар и филолог. Специјални гост у неколико подкаста је Саша Вижон, „српски зет“ из Монтреала, познатији по надимку Сале Дугокоси. Саша је Канађанин који у САН магазину пише за сталну рубрику „Дневник србофила“. Целокупно снимање, микс и мастер подкаста урадили су Немања Трбојевић и Душан Петрињац. Аутор и организатор пројекта је Каролина Дамјановић-Грујић, чланица оснивачког и уређивачког тима магазина.
    Посетите нас на https://www.sanmagazine.ca

  • Become a Paid Subscriber and get new content every day, Monday - Friday. Start your day with a daily dose of inspiration: https://anchor.fm/leading-yourself/subscribeAre you in a journey to become the best version of yourself? Join me in this journey! Let’s talk all things personal growth, career & leadership development, habits and relationships! In this podcast my goal is to share with you insights, resources, tools, tips and tricks to help you grow to your full potential.

  • Quitting smoking is easy if the approach works at the root of the issue and not at symptoms only. Check out more insights and a roadmap to quit smoking in my Amazon Bestseller Book- 7 Secrets TO Quit Smoking.

  • Women of all ages will love the realness and rawness of this podcast. Host Christy Dole is a wife, mother, 9-5'r turned entrepreneur. She’s exploring topics many modern women will benefit from learning more about, and does so with a side of humor. You’ll hear about consciousness, health, parenting, entrepreneurship, relationships, manifesting, mental health, motivation & more.Where intuition, trust and action intersect is the unique place where hustle meets flow and creation occurs. Each show will leave you with an inner/outer takeaway: how does this apply to my self growth & my goals?

  • Humanity is shifting. More and more we‘re realizing the necessity of understanding consciousness in new ways individually. From that new understanding, we explore the process of taking our lives to the next level. So, what is consciousness? How does it affect our lives? Join the consciousness conversation between friends and business partners Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann. With some guests along the way, they’ll share their journey of exploring how to live a high-consciousness life.

    Jeffrey and Clayten discovered a synergy when their specialized understandings of consciousness aligned in 2008. After offering global service projects to benefit everything from bees to refugees, they took the leap of faith into creating Focused Life-Force Energy, a business that now shares the support of high-consciousness fields with customers in over 60 countries around the world.

    Tune in for new conversations every other week, Tuesdays at 11:11 am pst.

    Focused Life-Force Energy free 15-day trial: https://www.flfe.net/15-day-trial/

    Below is a glossary of key words that will be used within the podcast that you may want to reference.