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  • Oxford Humanities explores approaches to Kafka and his most famous story "The Metamorphosis": how the text has itself been transformed into new forms like ballet, theatre and comic books; how Kafka’s work has been read, from ecological insights to questions of illness, humour, feminism or race; how writers from across the world have responded to him from J. M. Coetzee to the 'Brazilian Kafka' Clarice Lispector or Marie NDiaye; and finally how artists have 'written back' to Kafka from their own time and place from the Czech Republic, Spain or even a viral Facebook novel in Russia.

    For the curious a reading list associated with this series is available on ORLO (see Related Links).

  • Hello, everyone and welcome to my podcast!

    I`m Ludimila, a Brazilian English teacher and polyglot who loves learning languages and who loves to help people in their language learning process. In my podcast we will discuss various topics related to language learning - and various other topics to help you improve your listening comprehension.

  • Unlock the beauty of Farsi with our Persian Learning Podcast! Join us as we dive into the language, culture, and heritage of Iran through engaging conversations, language lessons, and insightful tips for beginners and language enthusiasts alike.

  • Are you ready to supercharge your Turkish listening comprehension? Our podcast, Fluent Fiction - Turkish, is the perfect tool for you.

    Studies show that the key to mastering a second language is through repetition and active processing. That's why each episode of our podcast features a story in Turkish, followed by a sentence-by-sentence retelling that alternates between Turkish and English.

    This approach not only allows you to fully understand and absorb the vocabulary and grammar but also provides bilingual support to aid your listening comprehension.

    But we don't stop there. Research in sociolinguistics highlights the importance of culture in language learning, which is why we provide a list of vocabulary words and a transcript of the audio to help you understand the cultural context of the story. And for your convenience, we also include a transcript of the audio to help you refer back to any parts you may have struggled with.

    Our podcast is not just for language learners; it's also for travelers or people who want to connect with their roots. Are you planning a trip to Istanbul, Cappadocia, or the Aegean Coast? Maybe you want to speak Turkish with your Turkish-speaking friends or family members? Our podcast will give you the cultural and linguistic background to fully immerse in the regions of Turkey.

    Fluent Fiction - Turkish is based on the latest research in linguistics, sociolinguistics, psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, and education to provide the most effective method for mastering Turkish listening comprehension. Don't miss this opportunity; give our podcast a try and see the results for yourself.

    Günlük Türkçe anlatımları ile Türkçe dinleme anlama becerinizi artırmak için Fluent Fiction - Turkish podcast'imizi deneyin!

  • Hello! My name is Ralph Valentino Jean. And my podcast is about language learning. I am a polyglot, I want to share my techniques with you you. And I also want to teach Haitian creole language, English, and French. So have fun with the podcast "Self-Taught POLYGLOT" https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-x4mbvzo-Vfq5dxI5XV2xA

  • Parents, do you worry about your teen’s emotional well-being and how anxiety may be affecting their daily life? Have you felt helpless or unsure about how to support your teen through their struggles? Are you concerned about the long-term impact of anxiety on your teen’s mental health? Are you looking for guidance and support from experts who understand what you’re going through and can provide practical advice to your teen for navigating this journey?

    Hi, I’m Monica Crnogorac and I’m so excited that you’re here on Parenting Anxious Teens. Things may seem smooth and easy for me now, but they weren’t always this way. I remember what it felt like to be a teen and feel overwhelmed, alone, confused, and frustrated. Even though I had the awareness of how I was feeling, I still struggled to overcome the heavy emotions because I was afraid of letting anyone in. I was hoping I would be able to ignore it and shove it under the rug without really needing to address it. What happened? My feelings of anxiety and overwhelm intensified and that freaked me out.

    I needed to find a way to free myself from the hole I dug, so I finally decided to work with someone who helped me let go of the burdens of anxiety I was carrying for years. It wasn’t easy and it made me shed a few tears, but I was able to release the pain and move forward to living a life where anxiety doesn’t have the driver seat. Let me tell you, the time, energy, and money I put towards my own transformation is what inspired me to help teens today. Resolving my own anxiety allowed me to uncover the secret to overcoming big emotions in an easy, manageable, and adaptive way. After falling in love with the self-growth journey, I went to school to get educated and certified so I can empower you and tell you everything I know.

    Inside this podcast, we explore the nature of non-clinical anxiety, uncovering its triggers, signs and symptoms, and the profound impact it has on a teen’s life. Parents, you will learn how to understand, support, and empower your teens through their struggles with anxiety. You’ll learn actionable steps you can take to create a supportive environment at home and help your teen manage their anxiety effectively. But we don’t stop there. I bring on expert guests, share anxiety hacks, and equip both teens and parents with practical strategies for building resilience, coping with stress, and navigating those turbulent waters with grace and strength.

    We are going to simplify teenage anxiety for you because I want you see your teen happy, confident, and thriving. I want you to be able to have a strong and supportive relationship with them where everyone feels understood and supported. Most importantly, I want to help them reach their full potential despite what they’re going through. So, grab your favourite drink, get in some comfy clothes and let’s dig in.

    You can find me here:

    Instagram: @__consciouscoach
    Work with me: www.consciouscoach.biz
    Connect: [email protected]

  • Welcome to Pursuit, the podcast that distills over 10 hours of content about the art of living into four insightful ideas each week, all within just 5 minutes. Our goal is to help you achieve a meaningful, fulfilling, and balanced life by highlighting valuable wisdom from leading thinkers. In an age of information overload, Pursuit aims to save you time by uncovering these gems. Join us on this journey to living well.

  • Join me as I amplify the journeys people have taken during and after a PhD.

  • This book explores the PhD experience as never before and provides a “survival guide” for current and prospective PhD students. The book investigates why mental health issues are so common among the postgraduate population, going beyond the statistics, looking at lived experience of both the author and as well as current PhD students, who have found balancing mental wellness with the PhD endeavour challenging.

    The author discusses tips and tricks she wished she had known at the start of her PhD process for managing mental health, such as managing imposter feelings, prioritising workload, and self-care strategies to help others throughout their own journey.

    The book goes beyond typical mental health discussions (where the focus for improving mental health is placed on PhD students to become “more resilient”) and explores some of the often unspoken environmental factors that can impact mental health. These include the PhD student-supervisor relationship, the pressure to publish, and deep systemic problems in academia, such as racism, bullying and harassment.Finally, the book is a call to action, providing tangible improvements from the author’s perspective that university institutions can make to ensure that academia is a place for all to thrive.

    Narrated by Gabriella Kountourides

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Dobrodošli na Akademski podcast Sveučilišta u Zagrebu! Pratite nas za inspirativne priče, stručne intervjue i dinamične rasprave o znanosti, obrazovanju, kulturi, umjetnosti i tehnologiji. Pridružite nam se u promicanju znanja i inovacija!

  • Hiii guys I want to share about something in this app. Exactly about my assignment. So don't forget to listen my voice...

  • Education platform for women by women to bring awareness, hope, courage and inspiration to the condition of Uterine Fibroids.

  • Join Dr. Matt Barton (Griffith University) and Dr. Mike Todorovic (Bond University), renowned YouTubers, researchers, and passionate medical educators, as they delve into the fascinating world of human anatomy and physiology.

    In Season 1, they will explore every term from the index of an Anatomy & Physiology textbook, uncovering the origins of each name, its location in the body, its function, and related diseases.

    Get ready for an educational journey like no other, as Dr. Matt and Dr. Mike make complex medical concepts accessible and engaging.

    Stay tuned for Season 2, where they will dive deeper into the diseases that affect the human body!

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Learn from leaders that are making an impact in their communities. Over the course of the podcast guests will be sharing their personal breakthroughs, lessons learned, and advice for listeners. Whether you're a Gen Z student or an educator or parent of a Gen Z looking to be inspired, you're in the right place. Discover a world of possibility from those that are leading the way!

  • Bossy. podcast "Iza uspjeha" - iskrene i inspirativne priče koje se kriju iza kulisa životnog i poslovnog uspjeha.

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