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  • This is the podcast that is hosted by me, Kane Jones. I talk with amazing guests that give their insights and perspectives. They share what they do. They talk about their field or niche. In the end, just hearing their story is what the purpose is. So, join me in this journey to collaborate and connect with some amazing people!!

  • Straight out of Central New Jersey, join two seasoned teachers as they chat about how they attempt to juggle their teaching careers, parenting multiple children, helping with aging parents, support their loving spouses and navigate the ever changing demands of teaching in a post Covid world.

    The Balancing Act podcast is here to explore the good, the bad and of course the funny when it comes to dealing with the ups and downs of family life along with being full time classroom teachers.

    Questions, comments and feedback will be encouraged as we explore this new and exciting adventure on The Balancing Act podcast. Special guests and contemporary topics in education will be a regular occurrence. This podcast will have something for every educator. From the seasoned veteran to the emerging new teacher.

    Email at PodTheBalan[email protected] for feedback, inquiries, or guest appearances.

  • Excited to stand out to more of the clients you adore? Learn the new school of copywriting and content marketing that’s compassionate and effective. In this podcast, you’ll discover how to write powerful copy and content, from sales pages to emails, and blogs to course scripts! We’ll have some fun, share our heart-to-hearts as small and medium-sized business owners, and give you copywriting tips to use today. Discover the theories of copywriting and marketing, tap into your inherent storytelling power (you’ve got it!) and grow your business. Turn your compassion for your clients into your most powerful asset! Hosted by Emma Givens, creator of the A.R.M.A.D.A. Formula for compassionate copy and content. Tune in to a new episode every Monday on Emma Givens: Content & Copy.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • The Good Life is a self love, wellness podcast brought to you weekly by Victoria Redding. Life is hard and we all know it, so when you are in your car or taking a walk and click on this podcast. I want you to feel the love and the acceptance, while we talk about topics such as, mental and physical health, fitness, self love, relationships, motivation and more. The Good Life is like having a chat about life with your best friend. Someone to listen to and give tough advice. This podcast will help you reach your goals and become the best version of your self.

  • Private podcast for members of the Joyful Cooking in 90 Days program

  • Welcome to this bilingual podcast where you can learn a language though interesting conversations, using context from your own language. • Bienvenido a este podcast bilingüe donde puedes aprender un idioma a través de conversaciones interesantes, utilizando el contexto de tu propio idioma.

  • Welcome to this bilingual podcast where you can learn a language though interesting conversations, using context from your own language. • Bem-vindo ao este podcast bilíngue onde você aprende um idioma por meio de conversas interessantes, usando o contexto do seu próprio idioma.

  • Hey besties, welcome to the Bloom with Becca podcast! Join me each week as we dive into honest and raw chats about the wins, hurdles, and everything juicy in between. You might know me from YouTube and my wellness content. So, whether you’re seeking a fresh perspective, some guidance or just a chin-wag, tune in every Wednesday and we can bloom together.

    IG: https://instagram.com/bloomwithbecca?igshid=YTQwZjQ0NmI0OA==

  • Welcome to The Healing + Human Potential Podcast with Alyssa Nobriga — a place for you to discover the multi-dimensionality of what it means to be human.
    Over the past 20 years, I’ve trained thousands in my coaching methodology, leveraging my experience having worked as a licensed psychotherapist, and now I’m here to bring you all of the wisdom + insights I’ve learned over the years.
    So each week I’ll share life-changing tools to support you in awakening & manifesting your dream life, from the inside out.
    We’ll be exploring the intersection between ancient wisdom + modern everyday life, diving deep into the art of human potential through the lens of psychology, spirituality & coaching. Let’s let the magic unfold…

  • Taylor Lee is a coach & mentor to conscious, powerful business owners scaling in the online space. Taylor’s coaching style incorporates a blend of brand strategy along with mindset & energetic work.

    In this podcast, you can expect elevated, conscious conversations surrounding business, mindset, life & everything in between.

    IG - https://www.instagram.com/taylorleecoaching/

    WEBSITE - taylorleecoaching.mykajabi.com

  • You are beautiful. You are worthy. Your dreams were put on your heart for a reason, despite what anyone else might think of you for following them. So stand up, stand tall, and stand proud. You were made to shine. All my love.

  • Welcome to the Student of the Game Podcast with host, Brad Noll, realtor, entrepreneur, and athlete. This season, Brad will bring you inspiring conversations with accomplished business leaders and entrepreneurs who will share their journeys to success. He will explore the challenges they've faced, the triumphs that made their efforts worthwhile, and the mentors who guided them along the way.
    Join us this season as we learn from the best and work together to achieve success in life and business. Let's win TOGETHER.

  • Pozdrav i dobro došli u #Samokreni podcast! :)

    Moje ime je Frane, u zadnjih 5 godina izgradio sam uspješan online coaching biznis, a sada mi je cilj pomoći i tebi da pretvoriš svoju strast prema treningu u uspješan online posao.

    Naučit ćeš izgraditi svoje društvene mreže, uspostaviti brend koji odskače od drugih te dobiti znanja kako da i ti pomogneš stotinama klijenata da dođu do rezultata.

  • Запускаємо перший проєкт від МГО "Імпрув".Обіцяємо, що буде цікаво.

    Гомін Одещини це прямі етери, що проводяться в інстаграмі на яких ти зможеш:
    ✔️Отримувати нові знання від крутих спікерів які запрошує наша команда саме для тебе!
    ✔️Ділитися своїми міркуваннями на тему тижня на онлайн-трансляціях;
    ✔️Розвивати себе та своє оточення разом з нашою командою.

  • A Podcast Connecting Kinesiologists

    This podcast was made to learn about Kinesiologists in different areas of work and learn about their journey. The goal of the podcast is to get a conversation going about how Kinesiology can be used in different areas of work. Each episode we will bring on a new guest with lots of experience as an R.Kin and listen to their unique perspective.

    As kinesiology grows as a profession it is important to learn about how other Kinesiologists are changing their practice, moving into different positions or working with other professionals.

  • Booster Academy je potpuno novi podcast GymBeama koji nudi niz diskusija o različitim temama iz područja fitnessa, sporta i zdravog načina života. Također ćete upoznati zanimljive osobe iz svijeta sporta i drugih područja. Naravno, bit će i nekih intrigantnih informacija iza kulisa. Dakle, ako tražite inspiraciju, zabavu ili želite unaprijediti svoje znanje, došli ste na pravo mjesto. Želimo vam ugodno slušanje.

  • “Empower Her” podcast will empower women in every area of their lives. I will be discussing some topics that will bring encouragement, enlightenment, and solutions to problems that affect women in their daily lives.

  • Ich Momente - Deine Selfcare im Alltag, der Podcast, der dir hilft, dich um dein körperliches und emotionales Wohlbefinden zu kümmern und deine Energie wieder aufzuladen. In dieser Podcast-Reihe gebe ich konkrete Ratschläge, praktische Tipps und inspirierende Geschichten, um Ich Momente zu schaffen und Selfcare in deinen Alltag zu integrieren.

    Wie kannst du deine Ich Momente schaffen? Welche Techniken, Übungen und Möglichkeiten gibt es für die Selfcare im Alltag? Höre hier unterschiedlichste Ansätze und lerne Expertinnen auf diesem Gebiet kennen.

    Erfahre, wie du durch bewusstes Priorisieren und das Setzen von klaren Zielen genügend Zeit für Selfcare findest. Entdecke die Macht von Achtsamkeit und wie du durch Selbstreflexion ein besseres Verständnis für deine eigenen Bedürfnisse entwickeln kannst. Tauche ein in praktische Tipps und Techniken, die dir helfen, deine Momente der Selbstfürsorge zu maximieren.

    Ich bin Emilia Koch, Heilpraktikerin, Craniosacral Therapeutin und Gründerin der CranoSelfcare, der Craniosacralen Selbstbehandlung.

    Du findest mich über meine Webseite:


    oder auf Instagram

  • I’m Sarah with an H, a wife, mom of 2 boys and 7 cats, and I have spent the last 15 years pioneering a people first wedding photography business. I have gone through intense trauma the last few years both in my industry and in my personal life, which has helped to nudge me in the direction of forging my own path and writing my own story despite what came before me. If you’re ready yourself, to break generational trauma, wholly accept yourself authentically, join the anti-hustle lifestyle and bring mindfulness into your business and personal life, then this space is for you.