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  • Formerly the We Need More Heroes Podcast, the Call to Adventure pod brings you the best in adventure and activism. We sit down with adventurers who are doing something inspiring - skiing to the poles, summiting mountains, putting up new routes, exploring the unknown - whilst doing their bit to protect our wild places. Join the mission at CalltoAdventure.UK and 'CalltoAdventureOfficial' on social media.

  • The Energy Academy presents: LUMO Energy Reimaged, bringing diverse perspectives on the intersection between energy, technology and tangata in Aotearoa.

    With over 50 esteemed speakers, this series navigates four big themes- Energy and Humanity, Energy Tomorrow, Just Transition and Energy's Future Story.

    Thanks to our partners: Orion, Genesis Energy, Ara Ake, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (also known as EECA), ChristchurchNZ, Ministry of Social Development and Ara Institute of Canterbury.

  • Hosted by Michael Knowles, the Choosing Life podcast gives listeners a deeper understanding of the history of Abortion in the United States and some of the strongest arguments for the pro-life movement by releasing the full "uncut" interviews of the abortion survivors, pro-life advocates, and former abortion workers whose stories were featured in the Daily Wire's in-depth documentary "Choosing Death."

  • Empowering, connecting and inspiring you before, during and after your divorce.

  • Over the past few years my life has completely changed. I've built one of Australia’s most successful e-commerce start up’s, Happy Skin Co, generating over $10 million per year in sales and disrupting a billion dollar industry in the process. I’ve now turned my passion for growth and personal development to bring you these honest and eye opening conversations. This isn’t just business podcast, this is about the person underneath. This is about the journey. This is what it’s really like. I’ll be interviewing guests from all walks of life, each with their own unique perspectives and experiences. From the hardest day of their life, to their biggest accomplishments, and everything in between.

    My name is Dylan Mullan, and this is Life, Money & Love. 

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Alia and Talita are not your typical Mother/Daughter duo but their experiences navigating childhood, the teenage years, body image, relationships, sex, education, breaking family cycles, and leaving home are.

    In each episode, we explore hard-to-talk-about topics with experts, well-known Mums, Moms & Mama/daughter combos with all the seriousness these big topics deserve and light relief from our own experiences and what not to do too!

    On our Q&A days, no question is too embarrassing or off-limits. We tackle every day Mother & Daughter challenges with all the evidence-based references we can muster (we both have Psychology degrees!) & shameless reflections of where we could have done better.

  • What would you do if you knew you were going to die, or that someone you knew was going to die? Well guess what? You are, and you do. Join Deathwalker's Guide to Life exploring how thinking and talking about death help you live a life without regrets.

  • Introducing the Dear Taiwan Podcast!!! Teacher Joseph here, and I'm looking forward to talking about life, work, and travel across the beautiful country of Taiwan, from big discussions about geography to small observations about cultural norms, and everything in between.

  • The concept of the Spaceship Earth is simple, we live on a life giving rock called earth hurtling through space - like a spaceship, we have a finite amount of supplies with an intelligent operating system which keeps everything replenished as long as we all respect it and use wisely.

    So a universal understanding of how this system works, along with deep co-operation between all humans and all life is essential to keep us and the spaceship flying.

    In this podcast I’m having conversations with inspiring humans responding to the design principles of the spaceship earth. I talk with artists, activists, strategists, writers, designers, adventurers, healers, entrepreneurs, creative mavericks and more.

    People involved in regenerating life, raising awareness and shifting consciousness and re-imagining how we can live more beautifully and peacefully through creativity, care, collaboration, community, wellbeing, new forms of business and more

    I believe their stories can inspire all of us to fully participate with all life in the co-creation of a more beautiful life sustaining world.

    Becoming crew on the Spaceship Earth.

    I hope you enoy it. It's a one man show, I'm interviewing, editing and putting it out there, learning by doing.

    Rad cosmic intro music with gratitude to Matt Hales and Davide Rossi (Escape Goat by Soren Lorenson, published by BMG).

    Edit via Charlie Shread, show notes by Vicki Turner, engine room Seemah Nahome-Burgess
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  • We go in search of Australian flower farmers, to share their knowledge, passion and insights into the flower industry. Having fun along the way! It's going to be blooming marvelous! Episodes uploaded weekly.

  • Welcome to nobody asked. The point of this podcast is all in the name really! We’re just here to have honest chats and give some unsolicited advice that literally not a single person asked for...but we think you should listen anyway. We're two bestfriends who absolutely love an insightful yet shit chat. Or do we just secretly love the sound of our own voices? This conversational style podcast will cover a range of topics such as mental health, relationships, social media & navigating life in our early 20’s. Join us weekly for some entertainment, a new perspective, or a cheeky giggle at least.

  • Philippa Tolley and Rebekah Parsons-King hear the stories of life in the sex industry.

  • Strong Communities explores the Unique Genius in You! By focusing on our strengths, we have more joy and build better relationships and communities too!

  • Kia ora & Dorood! This weekly podcast aims to trigger your curiosity about the culture, language, beliefs, history, and stories of New Zealand originals, the Māori people. This is a conversation initiated by an inquisitive immigrant who also has a rich but underrated history, a Persian. Amir is interested in hearing Tania’s viewpoint about a different aspect of her life as a Māori. This is a great opportunity for sharing the attributes of New Zealand indigenous people with music and untold stories.Supported by Kia Ora Academy with funding from the Ministry of Ethnic Communities.

  • Jo McKenzie-McLean’s life was turned upside down after a stage 4 bowel cancer diagnosis. In this candid podcast, the mother-of-two joins friend and fellow journalist Colleen O’Hanlon to explore life with an incurable illness. Through tears and laughter, Jo shares her experience - from diagnosis to surgery and chemo; from the impact on self-identity and her loved ones to facing the future. Jo vs Cancer is a vulnerable yet powerful series of conversations that provides insights you’ll wish you had years ago.

  • A weekly show sharing a Māori perspective on science research & making it useful for haukāinga

  • R.I.C.H Conversations is the space where embodied men and women come together to share conversations that inspire and move you.

    Saying YES to the journey of growing my Online Business to 6 Figures plus has been a deeply spiritual journey and has literally SAVED ME FROM MYSELF. Through this journey my interpersonal relationships have healed, my world view has evolved and the adventures around the Globe have continued.

    I am your Host, Shannon Rose and this is just the beginning!

    Follow me on IG @iam.shannonrose,

    Holding you high and watching you fly!

  • Agave Road Trip provides gringo bartenders with firsthand knowledge about heritage agave spirits from Mexico, including mezcal, raicilla, bacanora, and destilado de agave.

  • Whatever happened to friendship? 49% of Americans report having three or fewer close friends and 12% have none! Comedians and friendship experts Matt Ritter and Aaron Karo are on a mission to change that. Each year they award a gigantic Man of the Year trophy to one of their childhood friends – a tradition that has kept their crew going strong for 35 years. They want to help you make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and build your own amazing friendship traditions. We all took Sex Ed in school, but there has never been “Friend Ed” – until now!

  • Welcome to Travel Jaunts Podcast by your hosts Hooma & Sudiip, the two traveling Indians. They have been traveling for 15 years plus; been to 30+ countries and extensively within India (every nook, corner and states barring 3 in North East). Through a mix of solo episodes, interviews and often raw personal accounts, they explore destinations based on specific theme or interest in an absorbing way making it relevant for Indian travelers. So if you ready to take the leap, let this show be your source of travel inspiration, destination insights, captivating stories & advice to take on the world.