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  • In this hit investigative podcast, Actor & Lawyer Ryan Wolf investigates some of New Zealand's most enduring unsolved criminal cases.

    Season One

    On June 18th, 2012 a single shot rang out, cracking the silence of a frost bitten New Zealand morning. In the moments after this shot was fired, Jordan Voudouris, the much loved Mykonos Pizza Shop owner from Paeroa pursued the shooters towards the rear gate of his premises, before sadly succumbing to what was a mortal gunshot wound.

    He left a family, town and country reeling from the shock and pain of his loss. Yet despite an intense Police investigation, no one has ever been charged for Jordan's murder.

    Approaching the 10 year anniversary of this brutal crime, Actor and Lawyer Ryan Wolf investigates Who Killed Jordan Voudouris, with the goal of revisiting every aspect of the case. Interviewing those involved, with the goal of finding out who killed Jordan and why?

    Season Two

    21st June 2004, Jim Donnelly goes to work as usual at the Glenbrook Steel Mill, places his lunch on the bench, gets changed into his work clothes - and is never seen again. In Season Two of Guilt Ryan travels to Waiuku New Zealand in an attempt to finally solve this 18 year mystery, and discovers a baffling and mysterious story with twists at every turn.

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  • News, discussion, features and ideas until midday.

  • A magazine programme hosted by Kim Hill, with long-form, in-depth feature interviews on current affairs, science, modern life, history, the arts and more.

  • The Property Academy Podcast is a daily show that gives you insight, analysis and strategies for how to get the most out of the NZ property market.

    That's whether you're an existing or aspiring property investor, you want to get into your first home, or you're just interested in the property market.

    Andrew Nicol and Ed McKnight host the podcast. Andrew is the Managing Partner of Opes Partners and a prolific investor himself. Ed is an economist.

    Legal Stuff:

  • The news, explained. Join Sharon Brettkelly & Emile Donovan every weekday as they make sense of the big stories with the country’s best journalists and experts.

    Made possible by RNZ & NZ On Air. Produced by Newsroom. Listen on RNZ National at 6.30pm Monday-Thursday.

  • Hosted by journalist Bernard Hickey, When the Facts Change is your essential weekly guide to the intersection of economics, business and politics in Aotearoa New Zealand. Presented by The Spinoff together with Kiwibank.

    Visit to find out how Kiwibank are making Kiwi better off

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  • Welcome to the DediKate Podcast! Here we speak to inspiring people about the highs and lows in their lives. We delve into our guests rock bottoms and major life challenges, and learn how they pulled themselves out and how it enabled them to achieve great things. You’ll learn what makes our guests tick and they’ll share their valuable life lessons, to inspire you and help you to get the most out of your life too. We discuss health, fitness, motherhood, business, mental health and more!

    DediKate is the online health and fitness community for rural and real women, mums and those who love a down-to-earth approach to fitness. Everyone is welcome!
    Learn more at and follow on instagram and facebook @kateiveyfitness

  • Expect the unexpected as Simon finds out what makes his generally famous - but always interesting - guests tick.

  • The very best of Stuff's longform feature journalism, in audio form. One story, beautifully told, every week.

  • NZ broadcaster Dom Harvey is obsessed with running. In this weekly podcast he speaks to awesome people who identify as runners. In depth conversations covering a wide range of topics....but lots of running chat.

  • Join Sim and Sonya, two millennial investors who are extremely passionate about all things investing and personal finance as we break down the intimidating and not-so-well-taught world of investing and growing wealth, minus the jargon.

  • A podcast for all ancient history fans! The Ancients is dedicated to discussing our distant past. Featuring interviews with historians and archaeologists, each episode covers a specific theme from antiquity. From Neolithic Britain to the Fall of Rome. Hosted by Tristan Hughes. 

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  • This podcast is dedicated to helping you to learn everyday Mฤori you can use in everyday situations.

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  • Want to increase your knowledge of te ao Mฤori (the Mฤori world)? With a mixture of Mฤori and English, the Taringa podcast is the perfect way to learn te reo and tikanga Mฤori in a fun and relaxed way. Taringa is brought to you by Te Wฤnanga o Aotearoa. Te Wฤnanga o Aotearoa is one of New Zealand’s largest tertiary education providers. We offer a comprehensive range of qualifications to New Zealanders from all walks of life.

  • From nine to noon every weekday, Kathryn Ryan talks to the people driving the news - in New Zealand and around the world. Delve beneath the headlines to find out the real story, listen to Nine to Noon's expert commentators and reviewers and catch up with the latest lifestyle trends on this award-winning programme.

  • The NZ Everyday Investor! A podcast designed for the the everyday person, who's keen to build new wealth in the new world using existing, and new tools to get the job done. We select guests for our show who have a genuine story to tell - not just industry experts but people who have made great financial moves, some on purpose and some totally by accident! We hope you enjoy the show.

  • A 12-part documentary podcast about the notorious free-love commune, Centrepoint. There are crimes. But this isn’t a whodunnit. It’s a whydunnit.

  • Jesse Mulligan talks with investigators, journalists and others about major crimes in New Zealand

  • Conversations about the latest developments in the hectic New Zealand media industry, hosted by The Spinoff founder and CEO Duncan Greive.

    Brought to you by The Spinoff Podcast Network.

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  • A New Zealand politics podcast hosted by The Spinoff's Toby Manhire with Annabelle Lee-Mather and Ben Thomas.

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