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  • The Art of War, an influential document written by the ancient Chinese military strategist Sunzi (also known as Sun-Tzu), is one of the first known treatise on warfare strategy in history. Known in Chinese as Bingfa, this guide features information about various battle maneuvers and tactics, as well as strategic advice on collecting information about the enemy’s location and battlefield terrain before attacking. It is hard to know exactly when The Art of War was written, but most scholars think it was written between 475 and 221 B.C.E., during the Warring States period. Scholars also cannot be sure about the details of the life of its author, Sunzi, but they believe he was a general working for the Wu state. It is clear that whatever Sunzi’s life experiences were, he had a great deal of knowledge about warfare and tactical training.

  • Aquí descubriremos paso a paso el enigma de las enseñanzas y afirmaciones de una vida que cambió la historia del mundo.

    Siguenos en cada episodio...

    Yo soy Javier Moreno

  • Es una película estadounidense de drama adolescente basada en la novela homónima escrita por John Green

  • Es un espacio para conectar con las mujeres que amo tanto. Creo que la lectura Es muy importante para el alma.

  • Reseña del libro el hombre en busca del sentido, reflexión personal.

  • Leitura completa do livro "A Trança"-de Laetitia Colombani.
    Leitura interativa feita com exclusividade para os sócios do clube Sons da Leitura.
    Esse livro tem 208 páginas e teremos a leitura completa
    Esse é o 37º livro lido pelo clube Sons da Leitura. Para ter acesso a leitura completa , deve assinar o clube.

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  • "Mi amor, te di tanto de mí, que sin darme cuenta, yo mismo me acabé".

    Aunque algunas de las historias están basadas en las relaciones del autor, todos los acontecimientos narrados en este libro son ficticios. Cualquier parecido con la realidad, es pura coincidencia.

  • A bi-weekly podcast where a group of cinephiles discusses classic books and their cinematic adaptations, from new releases to forgotten gems, exploring the power of both the written and visual word.Hosted by Nicolò Grasso & Ewan Gleadow.

  • Sanat, Kültür, Belgesel, Psikoloji
    ve daha pek çok bilgilerin muhabbet tadında sunulduğu Otantik Podcast’a hoş geldiniz.

  • “Yo te cuento un cuento” es un espacio creado con la finalidad de acompañarte con cuentos de diversos autores, tipos, épocas, nacionalidades, etc.; desbloqueando quizás recuerdos de la infancia cuando personas muy queridas nos contaban un cuento, o aquellos que leímos, los que escuchamos en charlas con amigos… en fin. “Yo te cuento un cuento”, está pensado para acompañarte durante aquellas noches de insomnio o aquellos días en que quieras desconectarte del mundo, usando solamente un par de audífonos.

  • What can we say about LA?! A LOT! -ing in LA is brought to you by @NativCollectiv and @theNativLA and is out NOW with new episodes dropping every Wednesday! Discuss-ing all things everyone is do-ing in LA, both socially and professionally, from the perspective of LA natives. Hosts hail from Compton and Inglewood, and produced by a Ladera Heights native. Join us!

  • Somos un Podcast dedicado a la literatura, el cine y otras disciplinas que se conectan con la escritura.ᛟConducen: Rodolfo Maldoror & Conde Ormur.


    The Winter Warmers Season.  





    Award nominated, Queer I Am, The Podcast, the podcast that celebrates and amplifies voices of the Queer Community, is proud to announce its 4th season. Following a successful Live season (season 3), which included 8 Live discussions, 30 guests, an audience Q&A, and was filmed for YouTube, the show is back for 5 festive and intimate conversations.


    Created and hosted by Brighton based Podcaster and Writer, Andrew Flewitt, they decided to bring the podcast back earlier than planned, due to their passion and love of the project. 

    Starting on Saturday 9th December 2023 for 5 weeks, you can download season 4 of the podcast. You can listen to interviews with Brighton based Drag Royalty Miss Jason, Authors Matt Cain (The Madonna of Bolton/ The Secret Life of Albert Entwistle/ One Love (Jan 2024); Lizzy Huxley Jones (Make You Mine This Christmas). Andrew will also be chatting to Brighton based singer songwriter Morgan Nik Harris, who has just released their debut single, System. 

    If that wasn’t enough, there’ll be a special one-off episode, where Andrew will be interviewed by Podcaster, Creator and Business Owner, Nicholas Cousin; this is an opportunity to get to know the host! 

    Queer I Am, The Podcast, was launched in 2022; it has released 3 seasons to date, been downloaded in 56 countries, and has been nominated for an Independent Podcast Award. You can download all previous seasons right now on your podcast platform, where you will find incredible, inspiring, and intimate conversations with some amazing guests, including:

    ·       Activist and Theatre Maker; Nathaniel J. Hall.

    ·       Westend Performer, Author, and Philanthropist; Jill Nalder.

    ·       Incredible Drag Performers including Kara Van Park, Billie Gold, Shallow Vera, and Ru Paul Contestant Miz Cracker. 

    ·       Outstanding Authors including SJ Watson, Douglas Stuart, Bethan Roberts, Harry Nicholas and Helen Trevorrow. 

    There are so many conversations for you to enjoy! The podcast is available to download on all major streaming platforms. You can also check out Andrew’s socials for more information. 

    Andrew’s website         www.fleweyactually.com

    Andrew’s Insta              @fleweyactually 

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Hola, soy Rachel y emprendí a los 19 años, hoy tengo 26 y tengo muchas cosas que contarte.

  • Este podcast está hecho para todas esas personas que siempre se están preguntando el por qué de las cosas, espero que rías, llores, reflexiones, aprendas y disfrutes cada uno de los temas de los que hablaremos.
    Instagram: @_nicozamorag

  • “Unboxing the Canon” takes a closer look at the history of Western art. We might be seduced by the pretty packaging, such as soft brush strokes, brilliant colors, grand gestures, expert carving, even traditional iconography. But what happens when we take a deeper look? When we open the packaging and see what might have been invisible, or what is a cultural blind spot? Join Professor Linda Steer and listen in for a take on art history that connects the past to the present, critiques the canon, and reveals what might not be immediately apparent in Western art and its institutions.

  • Un podcast para fangirlear, recomendar cosas que me gustan, contar anécdotas y sobre todo divertirnos, quédate, seguro te llevas algo.

    Instagram: @moonyblxck