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  • Dobrodošla v Parbati podcastu, kjer Nastja in Ines razbijata tabuje o ženski cikličnosti, hormonih, spolnosti, plodnosti, bio hackingu za ženske in še kaj. Ta podcast je prostor, kjer nobena tema ni tabu ali prepovedana. V vsaki epizodi bova delili preproste skrivnosti, ki ti bodo pomagale boljše razumeti svoje žensko telo, od tega kaj ti sporoča tvoja menstruacija, kako obvladovati svoje hormone s prehrano in načinom življenja, pa do tega kako si lahko izboljšaš svoje počutje, produktivnost, telesno zmogljivost in užitek s tem, da živiš v skladu s svojo žensko cikličnostjo.

  • Welcome to the two/thirds podcast hosted by Jelly and Slogo

  • Welcome to the Content That Grows podcast by Ten Speed, where we discuss the strategies and tactics that make the top content marketing programs successful. Here you’ll find interviews with our experienced team members and various in-house content leaders aimed at providing you with the most relevant advice in marketing, today.

  • Storytelling For Content Design is a podcast by Neil Petty, a strategist and content designer with experience in UX writing and brand-building for agencies and companies of all shapes and sizes. SFCD dives into Neil’s tips and knowledge, so you can build frameworks for brand voice, personality, and much more. We’ll also discuss the future of content design for new mediums like the metaverse, audio, and AI, and where the intersection of brand strategy and content design will come into play.

  • Spremljamo aktualno likovno dogajanje, predvsem v Sloveniji, v obliki pogovorov z umetniki, kustosi in strokovnjaki, včasih objavljamo tudi strokovna besedila. Občasno opozorimo tudi na večje likovne dogodke v tujini.

  • Poročila oziroma zadnja kratka informativna oddaja Radia Slovenija. Podkast ima angleško ime, da ga lažje prikličete na pametnih napravah. Je kopija podkast vira Novice Radia Slovenija.

  • Fazrul Fahmee Ismail mendapat ijazah Kejuruteraan Kimia & Minor in Arabic dari Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Amerika Syarikat. Beliau juga mendapat ijazah bahasa arab dari Alim International Arabic Learning Centre, Kaherah, Mesir. Fazrul Ismail ialah seorang penyelidik, jurulatih, penceramah dan coach dalam bidang keusahawanan dan softskills serta banyak menyampaikan siri latihan mengambil pengajaran dari al-Quran dan Sunnah. Latarbelakang pendidikan beliau di US dan Mesir menjadikan modul beliau amat istimewa untuk peserta yang pernah menyertai program beliau. Beliau amat suka untuk membimbing dan mendidik individu yang berwawasan yang ingin berjaya. Antara buku dan artikel yang ditulis oleh beliau adalah

    ❖ Panduan Asas Teknik Ulul Albab – Sifir 16 (2019)
    ❖ Board Game: QINGO – Quranic Bingo (2018)
    ❖ Produk : Flash 114 (2017) – flash card untuk mengingati 114 Surah dalam
    ❖ Nikmatnya Tadabbur Tazakkur (2016)
    ❖ Bina Modul (2016)
    ❖ Sinopsis 114 Surah (2016)
    ❖ Kolumnis Majalah i diterbitkan oleh Karangkraf (2004 - 2016).
    ❖ Ebook Saya Mahu Belon (2013)
    ❖ Buku Lonjakkan Potensi Diri – MasterPIES (2012)
    ❖ Kolumnis majalah Zuriat di Singapura (2010-2011)
    ❖ Al-Fatihah Workbook – disiapkan di US (2009)
    ❖ Hidup Zero Alasan (2005) – diterbitkan bawah PTS
    ❖ Pemikiran Sistemik (2004)- diterbitkan di Malaysia oleh PTS Publications &
    ❖ Pemikiran Sistemik (2003)– diterbitkan di Mesir
    ❖ Systems Thinking in Action –teknik aplikasi Pemikiran Sistemik
    ❖ Teknik Komunikasi untuk Nuqaba’
    ❖ Mengapa 10? – menerangkan mengapa ada 10 Prinsip dalam Pemikiran
    ❖ Amalan Berjaya bagi Lelaki dan Wanita –konsep berjaya yang
    dinyatakan dalam Surah al-Mukminoon

  • The Beat podcast is designed for healthcare professionals only and is brought to you by Nutricia. We know how busy life can get for healthcare professionals, that's why Nutricia has created a podcast series that you can listen to in your own time and on your terms. In each 20 minute episode, we interview a different expert and deep dive into a subject to help support you in your daily practice.

    This series is informed by science and shaped by experience, and includes episodes on diverse topics such as the psychological impact of COVID-19 on NHS healthcare workers, a midwife’s view of the maternity unit during the pandemic, and a paediatric dietitian talking about infant gut developments. Introducing The Beat podcast...

  • The Ski Monster is an elevated ski and snowboard experience based in the heart of Boston. Our podcast, The Boston Ski Party, offers an unfiltered and honest view behind the scenes of the ski and snowboard industry. We talk with guests ranging from TSM team members to athletes to major movers and shakers that push this industry forward.

  • Hey there Beauty Boss! Are you ready to scale your business? Are you ready to tap into your six figure potential? Join business coach, Carrie Hunt, every single week as she walks you through tangible strategies to elevate your profit, grow your clientele and scale your beauty business beyond your wildest dreams. Because not only has she done this, she has taught countless others how to as well. Carrie is a cosmetic tattoo artist and educator, a mom of three and an owner of a commission based permanent makeup studio with multiple locations, located in the heart of Texas.Tune in weekly and lets transform your systems, increase your bookings and layout your roadmap to a 6 figure success!

  • Beloved, The Divine Woman Podcast is an invitation to awaken to a higher level of consciousness, heal old wounds, and live in harmony with nature, source, and spirit.
    Join Priestess Amanda Sophia and spiritual thought leaders as they discuss ancient spiritual teachings from The Celtic Wheel and share tips on how to live from a place of sovereignty, joy, and connectedness. Each episode will empower you to connect with your inner divine feminine. Weave these sacred teachings into every area of your life and emerge fully confident of your innate worth.
    Tune in, Beloveds. You are welcome here.

  • Budra je laboratorijska žival, pogosteje znana kot morski prašiček.
    Drama je pretresljiv dogodek.
    Jaz sem pa malo obojega.

  • Join Felicia Porrazza, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, and National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach, for tips on starting and building a private practice.

  • This podcast covers Holy Quran recitation completed with Indonesian and English Translation. BarakAllahu...🙏

    Email: [email protected]

  • V podcastu Utiram svojo pot s sogovorci govorimo o njihovih poteh. Nekatere so bolj konvencionalne od drugih, vsako od njih pa vodi poslanstvo, spremljajo vrednote in preizkušajo izzivi.

    Namen tega podcasta je, da te spomni, da je vsaka pot edinstvena in da ne obstaja en univerzalni, pravilen način življenja. Hkrati je njegov namen, da te navdihne, da se vsakič znova vprašaš, česa si zares želiš ti in katere so tvoje vrednote. In da se spomniš, da so vsi ovinki, vzponi in padci le del tvoje edinstvene poti, ki jo pogumno utiraš.

    Hvala, ker si tu! Se slišiva.

  • Real people and raw conversations exploring the mind, the self, along with the intricacies and playfulness of this material & spiritual duality.

  • Welcome to the Manifest With Me Podcast. I’m your host Kirra Dickinson and I’m here to remind you that anything is possible. My mission is to show you that your dreams are a lot closer to you than you think and there is no limit to what you can accomplish when you simply get out of your own way.

    Let this be your space to transform your mindset, reset your energy, and manifest all that you desire.

    If you’re looking to to live a happy, fulfilled, and abundant life, then you are definitely in the right place.

  • Pri Inštitutu Integrum želimo s kakovostnimi programi na področju telesnosti in spolnosti v svet prinašati pozitivno sporočilo o enkratnosti in celoviti vrednosti vsakega človeka.
    Upamo in verjamemo, da bodo tudi pogovori z osebami, ki so strokovnjaki ali pričevalci na omenjenih področjih opogumljali za ljubezen, spoštovanje in veselje v odnosih v sodobni družbi.
    Posamezne epizode načrtujemo objavljati na mesečni ravni.
    Veseli bomo vašega odziva, komentarja, vprašanja ali podpore.
    Dosegljivi smo na [email protected]
    Pogum za ljubezen!