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  • Prva vrsta je polurna radijska glasbena oddaja, v kateri vsak torek muzicirajo ustvarjalci različnih glasbenih zvrsti. Oddaje omogoča živ nastop v Studiu 13 z neposrednim radijskim in video prenosom na spletni strani Prvega programa in na MMC-u, med drugim pa ustvarja neposredni stik z glasbenim dogajanjem pri nas na različnih platformah. Urednica oddaje je Alja Kramar.

  • Welcome to Lowkey Deep - real talk, real artists. Podcast host Cassandra invites musicians from all over the world to Berlin and has real, natural, and honest conversations. They circle mainly around deeply personal and insightful stories about their work, their creative process, and life as public figures. So if you're ready to hear your favorite artist going Lowkey Deep, check out our latest episode! 

  • The perfect podcast for bass players - Giving you the low-down on the low-end!

    Totally average bassist/YouTuber Jonny Dibble and session player Chris Horrocks and (sometimes) joined by guests to talk all about the latest bass news, answer audience questions and breakdown some killer bass guitar tones.

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  • Music comes from the heart; and performing it is like sharing a part of your soul. Musicianship is to create something meaningful and qualitative; to leave the listener with something more than they had before. It’s one thing to talk about life and the things you’ve experienced in any given day, it’s a whole other to take those experiences and put it to lyrical composition, melodic arrangement, and turn it into art. This is why I sing.

  • Entrevistas especiales con artistas que admiramos y con los que tenemos la oportunidad de hablar.

  • Podcast o ozadju glasbene industrije. V prvi vrsti epizod na pogovor povabimo osebe, ki imajo v glasbenem svetu uspešno oz. zanimivo kariero. Pogovarjamo se o njihovem delu in temah kot so glasbeni management, booking, založništvo, radio, nastopi, touring in vsem kar se dogaja v zakulisju. Z veseljem podelimo tudi izkušnje iz ozadja organizacije naših lastnih dogodkov. Od smešnih prigod do poučnih lekcij. Pogovori izhajajo vsako drugo nedeljo. Vabljeni!

  • Nekoč radijka, vedno radijka. Alenka Sivka je začela svojo kariero na radiu, na RGL-u, kjer je vodila in urejala izjemno poslušano pogovorno oddajo »Največje radosti življenja«, za katero je bila večkrat nominirana za radijskega viktorja. Vmes jo je »odneslo« v tiskane medije, za katere še vedno piše s strastjo in veseljem. Zdaj se vrača v svoj prvi medij, v katerega je še vedno zaljubljena, in to z Aktualovim podkastom - »Vonj po Sivki«.Edinstveni pogovori z glasbeniki, ki so poglobljeni, intimni, in v katerih ji slavni gostje odprejo srce in dušo ter marsikaj zaupajo prvič.

  • The Eurovision Song Contest unites the world in song! For almost 70 years communities across the world have tuned into the Song Contest. Hear the latest #ESC news and updates from American Eurovision blogger, Alesia Michelle. From the vocals to the fashions, the national selections to the grand final— join this #RealTalk conversation on all things The Eurovision Song Contest. Support this podcast:

  • La voce del Movimento Imprese Ospitalità

  • We are Scotland’s EAR TO THE GROUND! - keeping you in the loop with the interviews and gig alerts from Scotland’s top-notch composers. We’ll be digging deep to find out what makes these composers tick, hearing the processes behind their latest compositions and finding out why on earth someone would want to be a composer!

    ​The podcast is hosted by Aileen Sweeney and Ben Eames, two musicians based in Glasgow who’ll be asking the questions, bringing the banter and getting to know these fantastic composers. Follow and subscribe to keep your ear to ground for Scotland’s newest and most exciting music.

  • Connecting with a pop group when we're young is often one of the most defining moments of our lives, but why are we so afraid to talk about it?This podcast is devoted to exploring the importance of pop music, including the music of boybands. It’s also a critique of society looking down on music many genuinely enjoy. Fans of boybands (consisting of mostly women and LGBTQ+ folk) often feel a stigma if they express their admiration for certain groups. Additionally, despite their talent & popularity, no modern boyband has won a Grammy. We explore all this on This Must Be Pop.

  • I’ll Be Discussing What Happened To Famous Singers & Groups From The Past Years Support this podcast:

  • Enjoy my monthly podcast straight from my drying rack. :)

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  • This is a podcast about music and each week Melissa brings a new artist...or it should be said, a new artist to Bryan. The funny thing is, this music shouldn’t be new as it’s been playing in their house for over twenty years. Join us for a nostalgic trip through alt music of the 70s, 80s, 90s and more and to see if she can make it stick for real this time. Each episode comes with a bonus music mix of the featured artist so you can listen along.

  • In the music field, what does it mean to have “Chops”? The term, “Chops”, refers to an artist that has developed great skills over time, whether they're a musician, composer, producer, or other titles associated with the music business. Your host, Scott Grimaldi, is a woodwinds doubler, arranger, composer and music educator. Join Scott as he interviews one musical artist per episode, that he's either performed, recorded or worked with in his career, plus interviews with artists he's always wanted to speak with. Each episode will uncover how each artist developed THEIR chops and more.

  • Todo sábado, às quatro da tarde, a Frei Caneca FM apresenta o Reggae pelo Reggae, um dos programas selecionados no edital de ocupação da emissora. O reggae produzido em Pernambuco, no Brasil e no mundo você ouve aqui. Entrevistas, músicas e outras vertentes do ritmo, como o dancehall, ska e rocksteady fazem parte do programa. Todo sábado, às quatro da tarde, Reggae pelo Reggae, aqui na 101.5. Frei Caneca FM, a rádio pública do Recife.

  • Podcast made by Carlos D.C.F for Digital Journalism Course

  • The podcast that looks back on one song from the 90s every episode, hosted by Eric and Kendra Mikols.

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