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  • Interviews and the behind the scenes workings of movies, music, politics and all things entertainment.

  • DJ EKG & DJ Milan Lieskovský a ich hostia...

  • Prepare for lift-off, as dEVOLVE delivers “The Launch”! 60 minutes of cutting edge and genre bending dance music, highlighted by dEVOLVE’s fan favorite bootleg mashups, remixes and original music.Follow dEVOLVE at:

  • Up All Night Radio, your bi-weekly radio show, is designed to keep you up all night, dancing and having a great time. CARSTN lights up the stage with his signature style, spreading vibrant yellow vibes and pure happiness. From the heart of South West Germany, he’s making waves in the dance music scene, securing a major deal with Sony Music Columbia and establishing himself as an up-and-coming talent. „Up All Night“ is more than just a radio show; it’s also CARSTN’s very own dance music label. Every episode guarantees a diverse mix of dance genres and always features a special guest DJ, whether they’re a local hero or an international star. Think bright, think yellow, think happy – that’s the vibe we’re all about. Join CARSTN on „Up All Night Radio“ and turn your night into an unforgettable dance party!

  • Separatik is a DJ from Slovakia.

    Behind the decks is Separatik always cheerful and famous for his lively manners. He considers for the most important at each party that he as a DJ is leading person of the dance floor and accordingly he must empathize with people who come to party and become one of them. This has thrived thanks to superior song selection, interactive contact with people and his positive energy.
    In Separatik’s live sets you can hear combination of different music genres e.g. electro, future, progressive, tropical, tech, latin, disco house, which are mixed precisely and dynamically.
    Currently Separatik plays parties in clubs across whole Slovakia.

    Info & Booking: [email protected]

  • Two seasoned musicians and long-time friends discuss the most prominent classic jazz albums in addition to reviewing new and modern albums and artists. Join KC-based saxophonist Max Levy and Organist Dwain Gunnels as they take a deep dive into jazz albums of all different shapes and sizes.

  • Branislav Gombarský a.k.a. Gombo, je voľnomyšlienkar a podnikateľ v kultúrno kreatívnom priemysle z Martina.

    Hudbe sa venuje už od mládeneckého veku. Ako DJ sa v začiatkoch svojej kariéry snažil držať pôvodných hodnôt Americkej tanečnej kultúry 80. a 90. rokov. Intenzívne poukazoval na dedičstvo, ktoré nám zanechal Larry Levan, jeho Paradise Garage a klub Warehouse Frankieho Knucklesa, podľa ktorého House, ako hudobný štýl dostal pomenovanie. Postupom času sa nebránil však novým trendom a dával im voľný priestor. V jeho setoch znejú tracky prevažne z labelov Defected, Glitterbox,Toolroom, King Street Sounds a Glasgow Underground.

    Ako hudobný podnikateľ je od roku 2014 rezidentom úspešného Žilinského klubu *enjoyclub. O rok neskôr sa tu stal aj produkčným managerom a v tejto funkcii tu pôsobí dodnes. Zároveň je zakladateľom a organizátorom najväčšej tanečnej akcie v Žilinskom kraji - Friday Mass Open Air, ktorú každé leto pravidelne navštevuje takmer 2000 ľudí. Jeho srdcovou záležitosťou je undergroundový projekt Strictly House, ktorý vyjadruje jeho vzťah k tradičnej house music kultúre. Zároveň je spoluorganizátorom najúspešnejšieho undergroundového projektu na Slovensku Dark Room.

    V súčastnej dobe pôsobí Gombo skôr ako promotér, ktorý sa snaží spájať, vytvárať a podporovať komunity mladých ľudí, organizovaním rôznych kulturných podujatí a workshopow, na platforme občianskeho združenia Music is the message. Zároveň je spolumajiteľom spoločnosti AudiologicPRO, s.r.o., ktorá sa snaží svojim inovatívnym prístupom kvalitne a nadčasovo technicky zabezpečovať rôzne druhy kultúrnych podujatí.

  • Vítejte na mém podcastu. Mé jméno je Jiří Korynta a jsem multi-instrumentalista a dirigent Pražského filmového orchestru.

  • Home Of DJs (Pty) Ltd. is a professional network for music related content and creation (both audio and video), we have a network of professionals who carefully research music for our weekly podcast show as well as are responsible manage the releases of each and every show (whether by residents or submitted by guest DJs/producers) through a strict process to ensure validity and quality of each and every episode.

  • Dj Mad Scientist, From Long Island, NY with 21 years of Experience under his belt. From Concerts to Night clubs to Corporate events, he has done it all. His WIDE music selections mixed with his turntable scratching and blending techniques will leave your mind amazed and your body exhausted! Whether its two people or 25,000 people he always gets the crowd moving no matter what age, race, or creed. Dj MAD SCIENTIST THE BEST CHOICE!

  • ★ radioshow DJ Camp On Air
    ★ podcast História DJingu na Slovensku
    ★ DJ Camp label

  • Zoznam:sa ide do hĺbky, v ktorej sme všetci rovnakí. Zaujíma nás čo, ale aj prečo. V hosťoch hľadáme autentickosť a človečinu.

    Podcast vznikol v spolupráci,, a s hudobníkom Filipom Jánošíkom Lehotským, ktorý sa ujal roly moderátora.

  • DJ Geri presents his own radioshow in,,, worldwide radiostation’s. Suscribe to this podcast and get a weekly update on the favourites tracks of DJ Geri.

  • Stashed is a label project with an objective to un-earth raw new talent as well as established producers.

    Stashed Sessions on Select Radio every Friday night at 1!


  • Straight from León, Mexico, CGVE brings us another breathtaking episode of BEATS ON FIRE RADIO, as part of the SOMNIA TALENT RADIO Network. Enjoy! More info at

    Directamente desde León, Mexico, CGVE nos trae otro episodio impresionante de BEATS ON FIRE RADIO, como parte de la Red SOMNIA TALENT RADIO. ¡Disfrutar! Más información en

    Direto de León, Mexico, CGVE nos traz outro episódio de tirar o fôlego do BEATS ON FIRE RADIO, como parte da rede SOMNIA TALENT RADIO. Aproveitar! Mais informações em

  • All Colors Of EDM! Their life, their heartbeat, their story!
    With their music they want to present a new era.
    They started this journey since 2020 as they released lots of tracks and remixes until today. So check out the freshest release called „Dance With Somebody". With the WhiteCapMusic Radio show and "Dark Flowers", "All Colours Of EDM" Playlist they update their fans with the freshest music. The latest news you get from their social media platforms.
    So stay safe listen to good music and enjoy All Colors Of EDM!

    Send your promos to: [email protected]
    Booking/ general inquiries: [email protected]

  • V podcaste Rádia Vlna sa moderátori Roman Flebo Juhás a Juraj Čurný ponárajú do fascinujúceho sveta hudby, kde sa dozviete viac o vašich obľúbených kapelách a interpretoch.

    Toto nie je len obyčajný podcast. Je to skôr encyklopédia hudby, ktorá prináša fascinujúce informácie a poznatky o interpretoch a ich dielach.

  • Hudobný podcast muziky z čierneho trhu a iné pesničky hrané priamo z vinilov.
    Music from black markets and other tunes played strictly from vinyls.

  • Go behind the scenes of The Atlanta Opera through in-depth interviews, thoughtful series, and informative (and witty) Opera 101s.