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  • Onbespreekbaar droomt wakker te worden in een wereld waar mentale gezondheid bespreekbaar is.
    Via podcasts, content, events, een boek en veel meer proberen @thedrowningsamurai en @jef.eagl een impact te maken voor mentaal welzijn.

  • Elke week bespreken we een selectie van wetenschappelijke artikels op heldere en verstaanbare wijze of komen professionals uit de wereld van de geneeskunde hun licht laten schijnen op zaken waar we allemaal al van gehoord hebben maar het fijne niet van weten.

  • Professeur (service national), lycée naval, Brest, 1989-1990

    Teaching Assistant, Brown University, Providence, 1990-1991

    Instructor, Fordham University, New York, 1991-1992

    Chargé de recherches documentaires, Bibliothèque nationale de France (département des manuscrits) et université Paris-Sorbonne, 1993-1997

    Visiting Lecturer (gaikokujin kyôshi), université de Kyoto, 1997-1999

    Attaché temporaire d'enseignement et de recherche, université de Picardie Jules Verne, 2000-2001

    Maître de conférences, université Jean Moulin Lyon 3, 2001-2004

    Maître de conférences, université Paris 8 Vincennes Saint-Denis, 2004-2006

    Professeur, université d'Orléans, 2006-2009

    Professeur, université Paris Nanterre, 2009-2019

    Professeur invité, Institute of English Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, 2011, 2013, 2016 et 2018

    Professeur invité, Department of French Studies, Brown University, 2013

    Fellow, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, 2014-2015

    Professeur invité, Scuola di Studi Superiori Giacomo Leopardi, Università di Macerata, 2019

    Professeur du Collège de France, chaire Littératures comparées, depuis 2019

  • Hello and Welcome to Physical Activity Researcher Podcast!

    Physical Activity Researcher Podcast is the source of the latest research findings on all things related to physical activity, exercise, and health. World-renowned scientists and experts as guests in an informal and relaxed interview style format. New episodes on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
    The podcast is for anyone who likes to learn scientific and evidence-based knowledge of physical activity, exercise, and health. Our listeners range from researchers to health and fitness professionals, and from inactive office workers to marathon runners.
    Podcast has several series and hosts each concentrating on different aspects of physical activity:

    Physical Activity Researcher Series

    The latest research findings in exercise physiology, biomechanics, physical education, coaching sciences, sport psychology, epidemiology, and public health. These episodes are hosted by researcher and entrepreneur Dr Olli Tikkanen.

    Meaningful Sport Series

    Meaningful Sport is dedicated to the exploration of meaning and meaningful experiences in sport and physical activity. Many studies have revealed instrumental benefits of physical activity, but is there something more to it, and how does it contribute to meaningful lives? This series is led by Associate Professor Noora Ronkainen. The series provides inspiration for exploring the meaning and value in sport and physical activity for everyone.

    Practitioner’s Viewpoint Series

    Practitioner’s Viewpoint Series has health and fitness professionals as guests. How they see sedentary behaviour and physical activity in their work? What are the best practices to promote physical activity? This series is for you if you are a Personal Trainer, Physiotherapist, Medical Doctor, Health Coach, or anyone working as a health and fitness professional. This series is lead by physiotherapist MSc Liis Kukkonen.

    Publishing schedule:

    Tuesdays: Physical Activity Researcher Series
    Friday: Meaningful Sport Series
    Sundays: Practitioner’s Viewpoint Series.
    + Bonus episodes and republications of past highlight episodes

    We hope you find value in the podcast!
    -Podcasting team-

  • Two aspiring rationalists bring you mind-bending ideas from science, philosophy, artificial intelligence, and medicine. Whether you enjoy wide-ranging discussions or are looking to upgrade your reasoning and critical thinking skills, this podcast will satisfy your intellectual hunger and sharpen your skeptical eye.

  • Join Dr. Jessica Bruce (Founder of Run3D) and Trevor Prior (Consultant Podiatric Surgeon) to discuss the biomechanics of walking and running, and the science behind musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Welcome to a brand new show from Data Skeptic entitled "Journal Club".

    Each episode will feature a regular panel and one revolving guest seat. The group will discuss a few topics related to data science and focus on one featured scholarly paper which is discussed in detail.

  • The podcast for sustainable and compassionate leadership. 

    Interviews with leaders who are driving climate action and sustainability. What inspires them, where do they struggle and what keeps them going? This podcast explores the human dimension of climate change and offers a unique insight in the minds and hearts of social entrepreneurs, scientists, activists, government and community leaders and other change makers. 

    Hosts Tom Weimann and Jeroen Janss are no experts in climate change but rather in leadership and inner growth. With much curiosity and a big heart for nature they explore the human side of climate change and sustainability.

  • This podcast will be about anthropology’s shocking information

  • Wetenschapsjournaliste Liesbeth Gijsel stelt alle ‘ongestelde vragen’ over menstruatie. Vrouwen vertellen hun verhaal. Experts geven tekst en uitleg. 'Ongesteld' is een podcast over leven volgens je cyclus, menstruatieverlof, de pil, endometriose, hormonen en de overgang. Een samenwerking tussen Eos Wetenschap en Radio 1.

  • Le feuilleton de la Terre au carré avec des reporters sur le terrain Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.

  • Chaque matin, à 8h45, "Et maintenant ?" (ex-"La Transition") donne la parole à une personnalité aux avant-postes du changement. Rendez-vous sur l'application Radio France pour découvrir tous les autres épisodes.

  • Kernenergie, je bent voor of tegen. Maar wat weet je nu eigenlijk écht over nucleaire technologie? We nemen je mee op reis naar de kern van kerntechnologie. Via Marie Curie reizen we tot in de ruimte en werpen we een blik op de toekomst. 4 afleveringen vol nuance en inzichten over nucleaire technologie en de toekomst ervan.

  • Never Generic Podcast is run by the students of the University of Houston College of Pharmacy. This podcast covers professional pharmacy topics, drug therapy discussions, and life tips for pharmacy students.

  • ASHPOfficial is the premier podcast of ASHP and the collective voice of our 50,000 members in health-system pharmacy. Through interviews and discussions with pharmacy thought leaders, ASHPOfficial will explore issues related to public health, medication use, and supporting the professional practice of pharmacists in hospitals, health systems, ambulatory clinics, and other settings. To learn more about ASHP, please visit ashp.org.

  • This is an encouraging and uplifting podcast meant to tackle men’s issues in the western world.

  • Podcast van alle Hoe?Zo! Radio-uitzendingen over Beagle. In het kielzog van Darwin. Hoe?Zo! Radio is het wetenschapsprogramma van Teleac. Elke werkdag van 21.00 tot 22.00u op Radio 5. Met elke maandag aandacht voor Beagle.