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    直播節目: 《懸疑未決》/《迷離夜話》/《獵奇物語》/ 《今晚出POOL夜唔夜》/《喂喂喂 肯瞓未》/ 《驚天動地9up過》
    特製節目: 《蝦米的油》/《南洋中心夜總會》
    逢星期一至五 10:00-11:30pm

    《懸疑未決》- 「生要見人,死要見屍」。但現實往往不是那麼完美... 《懸疑未決》將會為聽眾講述許多林林總總的懸案。
    《蝦米的油》- 由另一角度,看不同電影
    《星期二幹線》- 星期二,有時有點寂寞,但港味會將會為你帶來不同生活驚喜……
    《今晚講戲夜唔夜》- 【港 味 會】呈獻影評節目 (第一季已完)

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  • A weekly podcast from Ben Lee and Ione Skye about being eccentric, married, artists.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Unofficial Podcast of Disney's Animal Kingdom and Walt Disney World

  • New best friends Carly and Xavier watch a tv pilot neither have seen, review and decide whether it's a BINGE or a BUST!

  • The RizTest Podcast - a monthly (or so) podcast discussing the protrayal of Muslims on Film, TV and the arts. #riztest

  • Hosts Andrew and Vieves talk TV commercials with their listeners, the Ad Council, in this weekly podcast. As the slogan says, they've got "hot takes on commercial breaks." Find them at [email protected]

  • A podcast from Brian Keiper and Michele Eggen about the movies that mean the most

  • TV Talk with Dominic Patten and Pete Hammond brings you weekly discussions during Emmy voting season about the acting contenders... as well as interviews and analysis.

  • 透過輕鬆有趣的方式談論熱門影視作品、經典電影、專題探討、跨界人物訪談


    請撥打:[email protected]

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  • ここはとある路地裏の喫茶店

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  • Trigger Point is a Melbourne-based, monthly show about books, tv series or anime episodes that we've recently consumed.
    From fluffy YA novels to heart-string-tugging Korean dramas, fan-servicing high school anime to hardcore sci-fi novels, if we've watched or read them, we'll talk about it.

  • 不專業電影電視劇評論,不過我熱愛日劇更多一點~~~


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  • The Character Ark Podcast is an often funny, sometimes deep, look at characters and storytelling through our weekly movie podcast and monthly Dungeons & Dragons play

  • A movie discussion podcast. Just a conversation between two ultra fans

  • 你有壓力我有壓力,大家一齊追星嚟抒壓!

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  • We talk about the career of Charlize Theron, one movie at a time. We've basically copied Denzel Washington is the Greatest Actor of All Time, Period (which is the greatest podcast of all time, period), but for Charlize Theron. New episodes whenever there are new Charlize movies! Support this podcast:

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  • Tons of Series and Movie reviews, everything from New and Old Anime,Drama Series,Action Movies,Comedies,etc. I'll let you know what's worth binge watching Support this podcast: