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  • Уютный подкаст о кино, сериалах и разном.

  • Honest interviews with filmmakers. Cinematographer Edgar Dubrovskiy interviews documentarians, music film directors, agents and more.
    New episode every Wednesday. Instagram: @edgardubrovskiy,

  • We're Ellie and James, a couple of Real Housewives historians. Each week we take an extremely insightful deep dive into the world of Housewifery.

  • The podcast where comedians Nash Flynn (@itsnashflynn) and Jon Drake (@DrakeGatsby) talk about Top Chef

  • Kino Kulta podkāstā katru nedēļu mēs runāsim par un ap kino: kas notiek ar kino pasaulē, Latvijā un Kino Kultā.

    Podkāstu var atbalstīt Patreonā:

    Podkāstu vada: Sergejs Musatovs (@moosatov), Sergejs Timoņins (@snakerocks) un Līva Spandega (@liva.sp).

    Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @kinokults

  • Kino raidieraksts par filmām Latvijā un pasaulē kopā ar Ievu Augstkalnu, Paulu Bērziņu un Agnesi Lipsku. Vairāk mūsu sarūpētu kino jaunumu un ikdienas piezīmju meklējiet @kinocilveks, kā arī

  • A podcast giving you the missing commentaries and first hand insights from the film makers behind the streaming content you love!

    Watch the film in sync with the episode or at your own leisure.

    Hosted by Grant Sputore and David McDonnell.

    You can find us on instagram @thecommentarycast
    and follow our hosts @grantsputore and @isthatyoudave

  • The podcast where we watch all of your favorite television series of yesteryear and then discuss them over a glass of wine.

  • Must Have Seen TV is a podcast dedicated to the sitcoms of the 20th century, from "I Love Lucy" to "NewsRadio." Each week, host Brett White ( and a guest travel to a different week from the 1900s to discuss one episode of a sitcom. Get ready for hot takes about cool characters! Podcast art by Dyna Moe

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  • "Piejūras klimats" – raidījums par kino, ko pārmaiņus vada Rīgas Starptautiskā kino festivāla (Riga IFF) radošā direktore Sonora Broka un publiciste, teātra režisore Marta Elīna Martinsone.

    Raidījumā tiekamies ar kino vēsturniekiem, teorētiķiem un ekspertiem, uzzinām ko tuvāk par kino balvām, vadošajām kino tendencēm un klasiku, uzklausām aculiecinieku iespaidus par apmeklētajiem kino festivāliem un gluži vienkārši svinam kino – atzīmējam ievērojamu režisoru jubilejas un izcilu filmu gadskārtas.

    Pārraides nosaukums ir atsauce uz latviešu kino klasiķa Rolanda Kalniņa nepabeigto filmu "Piejūras klimats" – pirmo spilgto postmodernisma pieteikumu Latvijas kino mākslā, kuras uzņemšana 1974. gadā tika traumatiski pārtraukta, tādējādi noslēdzot Latvijas kino no pasaules aprites un ierobežojot tā māksliniecisko brīvību. Šodien mēs varam tikai zīlēt – ja "Piejūras klimats" būtu pabeigts, iespējams, ka latviešu kino būtu nedaudz citādāks, ar savu "jauno vilni" ne tikai dokumentālajā, bet arī spēles kino žanrā...

  • Comedians Sarah Colonna and Mary Radzinski laugh their way through trending topics, pop culture, and entertainment — peppering in personal stories along the way. And yes, they're obsessed with Married at First Sight.

  • Does the phrase "boss babe building her empire" make you want to throw up? Is your preferred state actually vegetative in front of reality tv? Do celebrities mean more to you than your family? If so, you've found your gals. Every Wednesday, join sister duo Lauren and Chanler, as they issue the hottest takes they can give without getting the oppressive societal expectation that in addition to paying our bills, we also have to have impressive hobbies, or that the fastest way to get to know a man is to look at his IG explore page. Tune in every Wednesday to Pop Apologists, critically acclaimed as "absolutely so embarrassing for our family" by their mom.

  • A podcast about two friends coming to terms with their complicated relationship with the TV show Glee Support this podcast:

  • "Kino kults" līdzdibinātājs Sergejs Timoņins zina visu par jaunākajām filmām un seriāliem gan straumēšanas servisos, gan kinoteātros. Klausies un nepalaid garām to, ko vērts noskatīties! 

  • What's Good Podcast will bring you the most talented artists and brightest entrepreneurs who have built a platform here in Dallas. Not only will they share their stories with you, but they will also supply resources and secrets that helped them get to where they are today.

  • This podcast goes in depth in the Holocaust and the life of Irena Sendler.

  • The podcast that covers the movies that help you identify your friends...and maybe make a few more along the way. Every week, Jacob, Cody, and Marten introduce a new title into their ever-growing collection of shared favorites, break them down to the basics, and decide whether or not they deserve to be bestowed with the oh-so-holy award of being a Certified Facemelter. What spine number will they cover this week? Tune in and find out.

  • Entertainment Weekly's Untold Stories podcast, hosted and produced by entertainment journalist Tre'vell Anderson, is a closer look at LGBTQ+ representation in Hollywood from both sides of the camera,
    Season 1 features conversations with some of our favorite LGBTQ+ entertainers about the queer legends, icons, and contemporaries who inspired their own work and art. 
    Season 2: Beyond the Binary contributes to popular discourse about representation on and off screen through the lens of the nonbinary actors, musicians, artists and writers paving their own ways.
    For more please visit

  • We discuss movies we’ve just watched. We give our amazing and informed opinions on them and probably talk about some other stuff along the way

  • Join Ana and Zara, a mother daughter duo who love to talk about all the latest Bravo shows, celebrity news, and gossip, while enjoying our favourite drink or two!