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  • QAGuild — подкаст про тестування, автоматизацію в тестуванні та просто теревені за життя.

  • This podcast series is hosted by SIJ Technical Editor, Eric Bogatin and includes fireside chats with members from the Signal Integrity Journal community who are experts in their field and have a commitment to providing training and education in SI, PI, and EMC/EMI issues for other engineers. Podcast sponsored by: Rohde & Schwarz.

  • PAC (Petroleum Analyzer Company) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of lab and process analyzers. Listen to learn about our state-of-the-art instruments such as the OptiMVD, the latest technology, and much more.

  • 🎧🍏 Подкаст об Apple и технологиях.
    Обсуждаем последние новости и продукты Apple, общаемся с представителями IT-индустрии и смежных областей.
    Алекс Пацай, IT-блогер и Product manager крупной IT-компании. Живет и работает в США
    Сергей Епихин, IT-блогер, контент-директор стартапа, продюсер подкастов. Живет и работает в России.
    Это аудиоверсия подкаста, который выходит на YouTube.
    Почта для связи: [email protected]

  • Мужчина средних лет ворчит про вещи, которые ему вроде бы нравятся. Дочерний подкаст сайта; там примерно то же самое, но выраженное через возмутительно длинные тексты.


    Да, ваш клиент или поисковик скорее всего не переваривает плюсик в названии при поиске. Я никуда не буду его убирать. Это принципиальный момент.

  • Episodes cover a variety of topics (interviews, tips, news...) surrounding the Micronaut framework.

  • In this podcast, the CLARITY team explores key best practices that are enabling businesses to achieve greater efficiency and better business outcomes. In each episode, we meet with thought leaders and share insights that help businesses to streamline quoting, pricing, and sales processes, monetize services with a subscription model, generate a recurring revenue stream, and drive XaaS transformation.

  • Your one stop show for all the biggest video game news stories of the week.

  • ame studios are notoriously secretive. At LifeForce Games we aim to change that by pulling back the curtains and sharing what it takes to build a studio and craft worlds from the ground up. Every week we'll highlight a different discipline; from Art and Creative to Narrative Design, including insight into building a successful team while getting a game studio up and running - and more! Join us as we build a gaming studio and experience like no other and bring gamers along to help us ‘break the game’.

  • Regulārs tehnoloģiju podkāsts par aktuālajām tēmām brīvā un nepiespiestā formā kopā ar autoriem.

  • Bitcoin, the Blockchain, Web3, NFTs...welcome to the Scam Economy. Host Matt Binder (The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder, DOOMED) dives into the world of cryptocurrency in order to reveal the frauds, grifts, and scams. And there's plenty because, really, the whole thing is a scam. It's the Scam Economy.

  • Conversations with founders, community members and hiring managers in cryptocurrency and blockchain companies about what's it's like to work in crypto.
    Covering crypto work culture, tools, day to days and workflow, hiring process and tips, how to find a job in crypto and more!

    Hosted by Raman @ksaitor and Crypto Jobs List team on Twitter Spaces.

    Want to join the chat? Connect with us: - Site & newsletter - Twitter - Discord

  • Want to learn everything there is to learn about ecommerce and have fun at the same time? Then look no further. Mastering Metail is a podcast masterclass series brought to you by Ascential Digital Commerce that will provide the knowledge needed to win across three of the largest ecommerce platforms - Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart. Our host, Emma Irwin, will guide you through the most important areas of focus with an emphasis on retail and media functions … hence the name, Mastering Metail. This series is suited for anyone looking to learn more about ecommerce as well as manufacturers looking to grow their business on Amazon, Walmart and Instacart. To learn more about Ascential, visit for more information about our digital commerce brands.The editor for this podcast is Claus Cancel and sound designer is Ines Cetenji. Season 1: This season we focus on Amazon. You’ll get to hear suggestions for how to win and explanations of those foundational ecommerce concepts from leaders across Ascential’s brands. We’ll cover common ecommerce mistakes, media (search/display and DSP), retail, building a digital commerce team, content, supply chain, and retail/media data. Season 2: For season 2, we cover winning on Walmart. Our experts at WhyteSpyder, an Ascential Company, guide us through understanding Walmart as on omnichannel retailer, how to think about catalog management, differences between paid and organic search and what needs to be done on the supplier side, and how to navigate Walmart Marketplace, all recorded in Walmart Country in NW Arkansas. Season 3: For season 3 of Mastering Metail, we cover everything you need to know in order to win on Instacart. We’ll dive into how Instacart works, how Instacart disrupted traditional grocery shopping, the impact of COVID-19 on shopping behaviors, advertising, content, and more. Instacart isn’t just for grocers - so tune into this season to get up to speed on Instacart and leave ready to win on this ecommerce giant.

  • Businesses remade. Societies altered. Industries transformed. AI at Enterprise scale has the power to solve previously unsolvable problems—right now. Join us here at Enterprise AI to find out how, with our host, Rich Karlgaard. former publisher, Forbes magazine.

  • Tehnoloģijas, nākotne, attīstība, un tam visam pa vidu cilvēks. Aktuālie zinātnes jaunumi, informācijas tehnoloģijas, zaļā enerģija, datu drošība, veselība, mākslīgais intelekts, nākotnes profesijas. Šie un citi jautājumi kopā ar Artūru Bernovski. 

  • A miniseries about product strategy, offering on a weekly basis, a glimpse into the decisions that have guided Spotify’s product evolution. Hosted by Gustav Söderström, Spotify's Chief R&D Officer, each episode tells the story of a pivotal product development or business decision through candid conversations with a diverse cast of voices from across the industry.

  • Humanitarian AI Today is the leading AI for Good podcast series focusing on humanitarian applications of artificial intelligence. We interview leaders, developers and innovators advancing humanitarian applications of AI from across the tech and humanitarian communities. The series is produced by the Humanitarian AI community, linking local groups in Cambridge, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Toronto, Montreal, London, Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Geneva, Zurich, Bangalore, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

  • Tech Effect is a podcast dedicated to software engineering.
    Joined by industry experts in each episode podcast host Adrians Miņins tackles a testing or development-related topic, discussing different services, tools, techniques, and challenges.

  • Welcome to the "Wunder Mobility Podcast". Every two weeks we will provide you with exciting insights around the Future of Mobility. Tune in as we invite thought leaders from the mobility sector to share their vision, products, successes, and setbacks.

    We cannot solve the challenges facing our industry alone. We must work together — with companies, cities, political organizations, NGOs, and more — to build our future. The Wunder Mobility Podcast provides the space for us to collaborate and learn from one another.

    More information is available at

  • A technical podcast for web3 developers.

    A Superfluid production.