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  • The Aerospace industry makes a world that is both intriguing and exciting. If you want to learn more about it, join in and listen to interviews with special guests from the industry in our first podcast entitled Aerospace Unplugged. Organized as a series of 11 episodes, the podcast focuses on providing listeners like you with a behind-the-scenes look into all things aerospace. Every episode is themed around the main challenges that the aviation industry currently faces and discusses the way Honeywell solutions approach these challenges.With specific subjects that touch on matters such as Safety, Efficiency, Productivity, Engine Performance or Mission Readiness, our Aerospace Unplugged podcast series aims to show you the common and the not so familiar angles of the aerospace world. So if you work in the industry, are passionate about the ins and outs of the aerospace world or just want to know how Honeywell solutions help take the industry to new heights – this is the podcast for you.

  • A podcast where I google the contents of voice messages
    Send in your question at and I might put you on the show!

  • Sur l'écran radar de Fantin Moreno, des créations visuelles étonnantes, hypnotisantes, voire déroutantes, réalisées par des artistes du monde entier.
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  • No BiAS is a podcast about the emerging and ever-shifting terrain of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Each episode your host, Melody Travers, University of Potsdam, gets to pick the very big brains of machine learning researchers Nikhil Kumar, Carnegie Mellon University, and Saurabh Bagalkar, Arizona State University, and hear their different perspectives on the frontier of AI technology.

  • We discuss technology the automotive industry and life. Support this podcast:

  • Silicon Real is the Weekly Talk Show dedicated to the People of the London Technology Startup Scene.In over 80 episodes we have spoken to the top people in Startups, Venture Capital, FinTech, Incubators, Hardware, and More.Our weekly episodes are viewed by over 10,000 people on YouTube and downloaded over 25,000 times on iTunes.Do you know someone on Silicon Real?  Take a look...

  • Welches sind die neuesten Modelle? Und was ist der Trend bei den Autos in der Schweiz? Die unabhängige Autoexpertin Andrea Auer nimmt immer samstags Autos aller Marken unter die Lupe und gibt kompetent Auskunft. Das „Radio 1 – Automagazin“ immer am Samstag 11:10 Uhr auf Radio 1.

  • New and classic music from artists around the world.

  • Wales' leading independent think tank. We are a charity that acts as a catalyst to generate intelligent debate about Wales' future

  • If you love all things about Aviation as we do, then you will certainly enjoy our crew and show. We are presenting this Podcast for the Aviation Enthusiast featuring news and technology discussions on all things Aviation.

    Our Goal is to have fun and present discussions on diverse Aviation topics with our partners and various guests from commercial and military aviation communities. The Hangar Deck Podcast team aims at bringing a relaxed, enthusiastic and entertaining experience while talking about cool aviation topics and perhaps learn a thing or two along the way. Our content and topics range from the Amateur to Expert Level Aviation Enthusiast.

    Our multiple segment Podcast includes interviews with Pilots, Analysts, Maintenance Specialists, Aerospace Engineers ad Aviation Business Owners.

  • Thinking of moving, but not sure where? Looking for the best schools, amazing local restaurants and shops or the biggest house for your buck? Where Next..? asks these very questions and more as we explore Colorado's ever changing neighborhoods and what they can offer.

  • Lighting the Lamp is the free weekly podcast for Accordance Bible Software. Hosted by Dr. Timothy Jenney (Dr. J), it features discussions of new featured products, how-tos, workflow tips, and more!

  • Podcasts rund um aktuelle Technologie, von der Redaktion der grössten Schweizer IT-Fachzeitschrift PCtipp.

  • Conversations with industry pros on the latest cloud-first technologies and software development practices.

  • Jirka Král se baví se svým bráchou Petrem o marketingu, influencerech a o tom, na ฤem zrovna pracuje jejich agentura Social Park.

  • In der Veranstaltung werden die grundlegenden Begriffe und Methoden der (diskreten) Mathematik und der mathematischen Logik vermittelt. Es werden die folgenden drei Themenkomplexe behandelt:

    Grundlagen: Aussagenlogik; Mengen und Mengenoperationen; Mathematisches Beweisen, Relationen und Funktionen

    Techniken: Beweistechniken; vollständige Induktionen; Diskrete Stochastik

    Wichtige diskrete Strukturen: Boolesche Algebren; Graphen und Bäume; Aussagen- und Prädikatenlogik; Endliche Arithmetik

  • Every story is a tech story. We live in a world where algorithms drive our interests, scientists are re-engineering our food supply, and a robot may be your next boss. Host Arielle Duhaime-Ross explores whyโ€“and howโ€“tech is changing everything. Produced by Recode and Stitcher, and part of the Vox Media Podcast Network.