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  • ”I just don’t get it!” Is that how you feel about cryptocurrency? Do you ignore the topic since it doesn’t make sense to you? Well, cryptocurrency is important but it doesn’t have be complicated. This is the home of non-technical crypto conversations. Why should you care about cryptocurrency? What are practical uses of crypto? How can understanding crypto prepare you for Web 3.0 and the Metaverse?

    I help women over 40 become crypto-confident. Cryptocurrency is changing the global economy - faster than you may realize. Keep up or catch up.

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    Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. This is for informational and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered financial, legal or tax advice. Seek the advice of certified professionals for financial, legal or tax advice.

  • 24Bit is an ongoing conversation on Tech by Kenyan bloggers Dickson Otieno from, Emmanuel Chenze from, and Nixon Kanali from

  • The coolest show about radio, on the radio. Radio connection life is a podcast where we discuss issues in the world of broadcasting.

  • Where we discusses everything business related in early childhood education ranging from home and center based facilities, various food programs, home schooling, family friends and neighbors, curriculum, compensation, education requirements and advocacy. At times we may add a pop of politics to keep things interesting. I am, Alethea Etinoff, a national speaker and childcare advocate who resides in the DMV. @thebusinessofece #earlychildhoodeducation #childcare #business #familychildcare #prek #teacherassistant

  • Your one-stop shop for everything assistive technology. News and notes, tips and tricks, inspiration and motivation.

  • Here, we talk about everything happening in tech on the African continent

  • Dive into the world of crypto with our captivating Crypto Podcast! C3 Media is the ultimate platform for crypto enthusiasts, offering captivating interviews, informative articles, and exciting project explorations. Stay informed and inspired with our premier destination for #blockchain, #web3, #crypto #news exploration. Join the Crypto Currency Chat community on Nostr: [email protected], watch our videos on Odysee:, and lastly listen to the podcast on Fountain: Let's embark on this crypto journey together!

  • With the Research Labs Show, we want to build a show that can help people develop a framework for themselves to evolve, learn, and impact change in their communities.

    Stories of Entrepreneurs, Designers, Developers, Researchers, and Leaders sharing their perspectives to help us create a new vision for ourselves and our communities. Just this time, a more informed one.

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  • Welcome to The Rwazi Pod, the podcast that explores the intersection of data and the gig economy in business decision-making. Join us as we talk to industry experts from a wide range of fields, including finance, marketing, healthcare, and more. Our guests share their insights on how data is transforming their industries and how the gig economy is impacting their business decisions. From the latest trends in data analytics to the challenges and opportunities of the gig economy, we cover it all.

  • The weekly nerdiest podcast with episodes that cover a variety of discussions. Mobile Tech Telecom, 80s - 90s Gaming, Movies Discussions.

  • "Alternate Endings: Are You Smarter than Chat GPT"? Hosted by Rosie the Robot.

    This is a podcast where we give you two stories. Both stories start with a real paragraph from a classic literary novel. One is an entire actual passage from the novel. The other is written by Chat GPT based on the first paragraph. Can you tell which one is real and which one is written by a robot?

    Any hot takes or questions? Email me at [email protected]

  • A firmware engineer, a backend/DevOps engineer and a fullstack engineer wanted to have technical conversations among themselves and with others. This podcast was born.

    We talk software, hardware and everything code.

  • A podcast about career in coding where I (Aderson Oliveira) interview coders, programmers, developers about where they are in their careers and how they got there. If you are a coder and want to start, change or boost your career, this is the place you will learn from other fellow coders.

  • Silver Lining for Learning ( is an ongoing conversation on the future of learning with educators and education leaders from across the globe. Hosted by Chris Dede, Curt Bonk, Punya Mishra & Yong Zhao, these conversations began under the “dark cloud” of the COVID19 crisis and continue today. We see these conversations as space to discuss the creation of equitable, humanistic and sustainable learning ecosystems that meet the needs of all learners. These conversations are hosted live on YouTube every Saturday (typically 5:30 PM Eastern US time).

  • Tired of interview podcasts? Us too. That's why we created Unsolicited Feedback - the podcast that should have come out 5 years ago, but we're making it anyway. In this podcast, Brian Balfour (Reforge, HubSpot), Fareed Mosavat (Reforge, Slack) and friends provide unfiltered feedback on the products they actually use, along with key product lessons.

    Essentially, we're taking the conversations that happen between experts at invite-only happy-hours and delivering them to the podcast platform of your choice.

    Although no one asked for their opinions, they're sharing them. It's like eating Goodles when you want Kraft Mac n Cheese, or Olipop when you want Pepsi - it feels wrong, yet so right.

    Each week, they analyze recent announcements, features, and releases across product and growth. The hosts make predictions about where Threads and Twitter will be in a year, and analyze unparalleled growth loops at LinkedIn. They give respect where it's due, but also deliver tear-downs when the writing’s on the wall. Sorry, not sorry!

  • The official Trimble Geospatial audio channel for interview, industry insights and product news and updates for Surveying, GIS, 3D Scanning, Mobile Mapping, Remote Sensing and more.

  • A podcast covering deep conversations on technology, cryptocurrency, philosophy, complex science, power, culture and love. Mtambo is a Kenyan entrepreneur and a podcast host.

  • Join us on The Seamless Podcast as we bring you valuable insights and practical advice from business leaders and seasoned professionals guaranteed to help you become more productive and scale at whatever it is you do.

    Who should listen? Everyone who's building something, really.

    Whether you're a startup founder, a corporate executive, or a professional building your career, The Seamless Podcast has something for you.

  • A podcast that discusses digital law issues in Kenya.

  • A podcast chronicling the journey of CIOs in East Africa