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  • Yo, klik lonceng notofikasinya yo :p || Buat kalian pecinta horor kalaian udah dateng ke podcast yang tepat. Kita akan menyajikan berbagai Cerita Mistis yang bakal di bawain oleh Narasumber langsung atau di bawain sama Host kita, Adhit dan Jamal. Jadi jangan lupa follow podcast ini dan follow juga instagram kita di @lenteramalam.id biar kita bisa lebih deket lagi sama kalian. Dan kalo kalian mau cerita horor yang paling update, bisa mampir ke YouTube Lentera Malam. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lentera-malam8/support

  • CERITA SERAM by Willy Kun adalah podcast cerita kisah nyata (Kisah Horor, True Crime, Konspirasi, Tragedi & Konflik) yang coba diceritakan secara mengalir seperti cerita seharusnya. Untuk berbagi cerita DM Instagram @willykun. Untuk menikmati dengan visual bisa di tonton di Youtube channel Willy Kun. https://www.youtube.com/user/khidz500able Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ceritaseram/support

  • Menceritakan tentang pengalaman horor yang ada di sekitar kita 👻Silahkan kirim cerita kalian di [email protected] jangan lupa follow IG @podcastkisahhoror

    bisa kali beliin mbak kunti cendol ama daster di sini :D

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  • Selamat Malam dan Selamat Datang di Podcast Cerita Horor Kampusmu.Berawal dari hobi yang membawa aku untuk mencerita kan kembali hal-hal misteri, horor, kasus kriminal dan lain-lain yang sudah pernah aku baca untuk aku ceritakan kembali kepada kalian. semoga kalian suka. Terimakasih sudah mendengarkan xoxo :*(UNTUK AUDIO YANG LEBIH JELAS, DENGERINNYA PAKE EARPHONE ATAU HEADPHONE YA, KALO GA VOLUMENYA DIGEDEIN... HARUSSS)mau berbagi cerita horor atau misteri yang pernah dialami? atau bercerita langsung di podcast ini? boleh banget kirim ke email [email protected] xoxo:* Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/ceritahororkampusmu/support

  • بعد مرور أكثر من سنة ونصف على تواصل مازن العتيبي مع أحد ضحايا الاستثمار، تبدأ رحلة تحقيق يتقاطع فيها مع تسجيلات لعصابات منظّمة خارج المملكة، في الموسم الأول من بودكاست "احتيال" الاستقصائي الذي يستكشف عوالم المحتالين.

  • Berbagi Kisah Seram Untuk Kalian.

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    Selamat Malam Semuanya. Saya Chow Sing Sing Host dari Podcast Horror Night Story. Podcast Seram yang akan tayang setiap malam. Kirim cerita atau pengalaman seram kamu untuk didengarkan di Podcast ini melalui Email [email protected] atau bisa juga DM di instagram @podcast_nighstory. Dan jangan lupa Follow Twitter saya @chow_mas. Selamat Mendengarkan.

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  • Sebuah podcast yang dipersembahkan oleh akun instagram @bacahorror. Podcast ini dibawakan langsung oleh Muhammad Ikhsan yang akan membawa kamu ke theater of mind dan membawa pengalaman baru dari cerita tulisan menjadi suasana mengerikan. Hii.
    Episode baru setiap Kamis.

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  • True crime's forbidden stories of the criminal system from the insiders' perspective of public defenders told with a little humor, drama, and passion for criminal justice reform. Visit us at www.anothernotguiltypod.com

  • podcast gabut yang cerita cerita tentang pengalaman horor, Di bumbui dengan sedikit kekonyolan didalamnyaKalo mau kirim kirim cerita bisa langsung aja kirim ke [email protected] follow ignya di @tong_kronganku Sama Twitter nya Di @tongkronganH cheers!! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/cerita-horor-tongkrongan/support

  • Welcome to Black British Girl talks crime. A podcast about crime and each week I will bring you a true crime story, follow along for true crime stories.

  • Sebuah podcast yang akan mengulas segala hal yang berkaitan dengan dunia gaib (tak kasat mata).
    kami juga membacakan/menyampaikan cerita pengalaman horor kirirman dari kalian.
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  • Ini adalah akun un-official Detective Aldo Spotify yang repost dari YouTube channel "Detective Aldo" untuk memudahkan pendengar agar tidak perlu membuka layar YouTube lagi Open-Play-Set Timer 😴
    Akan update pada hari yang sama dengan akun resmi YouTube Detective Aldo (kalau gak lupa)
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  • Welcome to Mind Bogglers: True Crime, the podcast that takes you on a no-nonsense exploration of the most perplexing and enigmatic true crime cases. I'm Izzy, your host, and you can find me on Instagram at @izzermcglizzer. Joining me in dissecting the intricacies of these stories is my co-host, William.

    At Mind Bogglers, we cut through the noise and get straight to the heart of the matter. No frills, no sugarcoating – just the unfiltered truth behind some of the most mind-bending criminal cases. We delve into the motives, methods, and madness that drive individuals to commit unthinkable acts.

    Whether you're a seasoned true crime aficionado or just getting into the genre, Mind Bogglers: True Crime is your destination for thought-provoking narratives that challenge the way you perceive the world. Tune in, stay engaged, and let's unravel the mysteries together.

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Breaking pedophiles one secret at a time. Want to change the life of a pedophile forever? Tell their secrets. Delve into the realities of living through tremendous abuse, what it looks like, how recovered memories return, the complicated family relationships and so much more.Understanding. Understanding. Unquestionable understanding. That’s the message that God has for you! It doesn’t matter where you find yourself right now. He gets it! More importantly, He gets you. The pain. The confusion. The lack of ability to change. He knows. Stand still. He’s got you! Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/jodie-tedder/support

  • "Jangan Tidur Dulu, dong! Gue mau cerita serem"

    Podcast Jangan Tidur Dulu! bakal update tiap malam Jum'at untuk ceritain pengalaman-pengalaman horror. So, Stay Tune!

    Connect with us on :
    Instagram : @nganggur.merah
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    Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXDoXHQoFT8QV23sgAVuI4Q

  • Jangan dulu terlelap, kamu gatau ada apa di dalam gelap // Part of @official.4bib ///

    Instagram : @podcastsudutgelap
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    Hosted by @ivnbdmn

  • We all think Singapore is a safe, crime-free country. What we don't know is that there are many notorious unsolved murders and missing people cases that will send chills down your spine. Take a seat, press play, and listen to stories of Singapore's most terrifying murders.

  • In 1997, Craig was part of an elite group of nine NSW Police officers ... his work was secret to his family and even to his fellow Police... His role was to gather intelligence on corrupt Police who protected the Crime Syndicate and Drug Lord networks.
    While working on one of the biggest undercover operations in Australia's history, came the biggest blow of the Goozee’s lives. Their beautiful 8 year old daughter, Jessica, was diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of cancer – Ewing Sarcoma.
    From here on, Craig worked days surveilling Sydney’s most heinous criminals... And nights were spent camped on a cot in the cancer ward
    It was chaotic. All the while, Jessica’s effervescent sense of mischief and tenacious drive to overcome was keeping the whole Goozee family positive.
    Craig was fighting two simultaneous battles. One to uncover the web of Police corruption and to arrest the criminals they protect, the other, to do everything to save his daughters life.
    He had years of elite police training to combat crime…… he had no training as a father helping his daughter battle cancer. How could he help his beautiful daughter? There was no manual…. No procedure.
    He decided to embark on a series of ultra marathons to raise money for Children's Cancer research and to improve the conditions of the cancer ward he visited everyday.
    Craig now had three monumental challenges. How all three corners of this story evolve, interact and finally resolve is suspenseful, dramatic and emotional.
    A true story of passion and endurance. Triumph and tragedy.
    Based on the book “For One For All”. Author Craig Goozee
    Development materials by Lauren Clair. Adapted by Three Ring Circus Productions

  • Courtroom Anecdotes is a podcast by Law Colloquy aimed to discuss hot topics of law, true crime cases, and some untouched areas of law.

  • A true crime podcast where three sisters sit down and discuss the cases that have captivated and bewildered us.