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  • Crime is so commonplace that it takes something particularly shocking to be labelled the “crime of the century.” Even so, there are a lot of cases that have earned the distinction. In each episode of Crimes of the Centuries, award-winning journalist Amber Hunt will examine a case that’s lesser known today but was huge when it happened. The cases explored span the centuries and each left a mark. Some made history by changing laws. Others were so shocking they changed society.

  • The best cases, crimes, and unsolved mysteries by a different independent podcast creator every week. Subscribe for True Crime variety or to find your next favorite podcast to binge. True Crime by Indie Drop-In network is an essential podcast for True Crime fanatics. If you find a creator you love, you can subscribe to their show with the links in the show notes. Enjoy the show.

    Episodes will cover Cold Cases, Murders, White Collar Crime, Cults, Military Crimes, Social Injustice, and other felonies.

  • Prvi hrvatski True Crime podcast.

    Teme su ozbiljne ali mi malo manje.

  • A daily episode podcast of our true horror story narration YouTube channel. If you like original, spooky, creepy, and scary horror stories that feature cryptids, wendigos, dogman sightings or police encounter with paranormal, then this is a place for you.

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  • Detectives Don't Sleep is the new whodunnit podcast. Step beyond the police tape, as we shadow the real detectives who worked history's most intriguing cases.

    Brought to you by award-winning podcasters, Noiser. Hosted by Mark Dodson.

    New episodes Tuesdays.

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  • Generacija ubica je true crime podcast. Obradjivacemo puno razlicitih slucajeva, serijskih ubica, neresenih i resenih. Ucicemo u mozak ubica i pokusati da shvatimo zasto rade stvari koje rade, da li njihovi problemi poticu iz njihovog detinjstva, da li imaju nekih mentalnih problema koji ih teraju na ove uzasne zlocine. Delicemo pricu zrtava, koji su doziveli uzasnu sudbinu, siricemo njihovu pricu. Ako volite ovakve vrste prica ovo je podcast za vas. Dobrodosli u Generaciju Ubica!

  • Profiler is a weekly discussion between journalist Paul Llewellyn & former Head of Forensic Investigation at the South African Police Service, Gerard Labuschagne, who worked on over 300 serial murder and rape cases in his career. Hear the stories behind the killers who stalk the streets of South Africa.

  • A podcast that posts daily episodes of horror stories that feature park rangers, cryptids, creatures, and military/police encounters with the unknown cryptids, that feature bigfoot, dogman and wendigos.

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  • An old texas man narrating true disturbing horror stories that feature deep woods, park rangers,camping,hiking, various cryptids and creatures such as bigfoot,wendigos,dogman and everything true crime.

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  • A daily episode podcast of our true horror story narration YouTube channel. If you like original, spooky, creepy, and scary horror stories that feature cryptids, wendigos, dogman sightings or police encounter with paranormal, then this is a place for you.

    Here's a link to our YouTube channel:


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  • Ever wonder if your kids have it in them to be a killer? It's okay, we've all had the thought once or twice. And if you're willing to admit that, you'll love How Not to Raise a Serial Killer.
    On this podcast, criminal psychologist Dr. Michelle Ward digs into the childhoods of some of the most notorious criminals and killers in order to learn from them and prevent future tragedies. Dr. Ward will use her expertise to determine what went wrong with each killer (a brain injury, an undiagnosed illness, a specific trauma) with the help of a fellow mom/non-expert who can weigh in about their own taboo parenting fears. Because on our better days as parents, we want to know how to raise good humans. But on our worst days, we at least want to know that we're not raising a future serial killer.

  • I'm Eleanor Neale…you may know me already from my true crime Youtube channel…you may even be one of the many people asking for me to release it as a podcast…well, here it is!

    Each week on Usual Disclaimer I'll be exploring different cases from the world of true crime, sorting the fact from fiction and delving into the psychology behind what motivates people to commit such horrific acts on others.

    There’ll be cases from the archive of episodes I’ve already done, alongside new episodes that you can now hear, when you can’t watch.

    To make sure you never miss an episode, hit ‘follow’ now, wherever you’re listening.

  • Istraživački podkast serijal „Tragovi“ se vraća sa novom sezonom „Jama“. U ovoj sezoni istražujemo okolnosti u vezi sa rudarskom nesrećom u rudniku Soko koja se dogodila 2022. godine.

    Pokušavamo da pronađemo odgovore na pitanje da li se radi o višoj sili kako uporno tvrdi tužilaštvo ili ipak ima odgovornih za smrt osam rudara.

    Podkast „Tragovi“ je prvi istraživački podkast serijal u Srbiji. Nastao je u produkciji Centra za istraživačko novinarstvo Srbije (CINS).

  • Welcome to Arcanum Obscura: A Podcast of Exploration. We’ll be talking about and discussing obscure subjects like strange unsolved cases, the paranormal and supernatural, cryptids, anything bizarre that interests us. And as we talk about the topics the conversations will almost 100% branch off into random things. We’re your hosts and friends Chris and Nate and we really hope you enjoy the stories we find and bring to you, hopefully get a few laughs along the way and feel like your here with us. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/arcanumobscura/support

  • Listen as two life-long best friends crack open the wine, & crack each other up discussing true crime cases & the horror movies they inspire.

  • ESPN's 16-part Pin Kings tells the true-crime story of two friends turned sworn enemies in South Florida's drug trade in the 1980s and '90s. Alex DeCubas and Kevin Pedersen were undefeated, state-champion, All-American wrestlers on their Miami high-school team. They were photographed together in Sports Illustrated. Then Colombian cocaine upended their lives. Hosted by Brett Forrest and Jon Fish and named best podcast by New York Festivals, Pin Kings delves deeply into the deadly exploits of Kevin and Alex. Devastated by personal tragedy, Alex falls into the trade. Drugs destroy Kevin’s wife and family, and he pledges his life to avenging what traffickers have taken from him. Once brothers, each man grows to detest what the other stands for, but their lives and families cannot be disentangled. In their cutthroat worlds, Alex and Kevin can trust only each other. In a sweeping narrative that spans the 1970s to now, from Miami’s drug-charged growth, through the War on Drugs, and into the present, as aging drug runners muse on greed, regret, the adventures of youth, and the lasting power of brotherhood, Pin Kings breaks new ground in ESPN storytelling.

  • Welcome to Bloodstained, a captivating podcast that invites you to explore the intriguing intersection of history and true crime. Our show takes a thematic approach to unraveling historical events, offering a fresh perspective that goes beyond the linear narrative.

    What sets Bloodstained apart is the commitment to decontextualizing world history. By examining it through the lens of true crime, we seek to find new meanings and understandings, challenging established narratives and presenting history in a way that resonates with contemporary minds.

    Join me for a thought-provoking journey where each episode peels back layers of history, exposing the intricacies of the past. Bloodstained is more than a podcast; it's an immersive experience that connects you with the human side of historical events.

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  • "Oh My Fraud" is an irreverent podcast from CPA/comedian Greg Kyte and blogger/former CPA Caleb Newquist.

    The two come together to unpack their favorite frauds and explore the circumstances, psychology, and interpersonal dynamics involved. They also fully indulge in victim-blaming the defrauded widows, orphans, infirm and feeble-minded—because who can resist?

    If you fancy yourself a trusted advisor—or prefer your true crime with spreadsheets instead of corpses—listen to this show to learn what to watch out for to keep your clients, your firm, and even yourself safe.

  • In "The Downfall Of Diddy," Tony Brueski, renowned host of the Hidden Killers Podcast and True Crime Today, delves into the tumultuous saga of Sean 'P Diddy' Combs, a figure whose life of glamour and success is marred by shadows of controversy and accusation. This gripping series uncovers the layers of legal battles, the intricate web of allegations, and the stories of those who've found themselves in the orbit of one of the music industry's most enigmatic figures.

    Join Tony as he navigates through Diddy's rise to fame, exploring how a mogul's empire stands amidst swirling rumors of misconduct, questionable associations, and legal skirmishes that have raised more questions than answers. Featuring exclusive interviews, expert legal analyses, and voices from those who've walked the corridors of Diddy's world, "The Downfall Of Diddy" promises to be an investigative journey that peels back the veneer of celebrity to reveal the complexities and challenges lurking beneath.

    Whether you're a die-hard fan of hip-hop history, intrigued by the complexities of celebrity culture, or a true crime aficionado, this podcast series offers a compelling look into the trials and tribulations facing one of music's biggest names. "The Downfall Of Diddy" isn't just about unraveling a narrative; it's about seeking the truth in the cacophony of the court of public opinion and the legal system. Tune in to witness how legacies are tested and what it takes to stand in the spotlight's harsh glare.