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  • Nasilne smrti, politički kriminal, trgovanje ljudima, maloljetnička prostitucija ili tek dovitljive prijevare i sitne krađe, neobični istražitelji i dobro zapetljane priče koje slušatelja drže u napetosti do samoga kraja temelj su ciklusa kojega možete slušati petkom od 23 sata na Prvom programu Hrvatskoga radija te na podcastu emisije onda kada to vama odgovara.

  • Each week TikTok’s Stanzi Potenza takes you on a cursed comedy journey that will fuel your nightmares and make you blush. A Pod People Original, “What Fresh Hell Is This?” is filled with original sketches and candid observations that’ll get you lost in the funniest 15-minute fever dream you’ll ever have. Follow the pod to get new episodes every Thursday!

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  • Podcast enfocado en todo lo relacionado al ámbito coreano (kpop, kdramas, comida coreana, entre otros)

  • Romeo and Juliet is an early tragedy by William Shakespeare about two teenage "star-cross'd lovers" whose "untimely deaths" ultimately unite their feuding households. The play has been highly praised by literary critics for its language and dramatic effect. It was among Shakespeare's most popular plays during his lifetime and, along with Hamlet, is one of his most frequently performed plays. Its influence is still seen today, with the two main characters being widely represented as archetypal young lovers.

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  • Suvremena prozna produkcija hrvatskih autora narativno-igrane dramaturgije, u formi serijala.
    U fokusu radio romana poznata su imena domaće književne scene: Kristian Novak, Julijana Adamović, Damir Karakaš, Ivana Šojat, Kristina Gavran, Renato Baretić, Luka Bekavac i dr.

  • Join Freya Victoria for Freya's Fairy Tales, where we believe fairy tales are both stories we enjoyed as children, and something that we can achieve ourselves. Each week we will talk to authors about their favorite fairy tales when they were kids, when they knew they wanted to write, how they come up with their stories, and their adventures into holding their very own fairy tale in their hands. At the end of each episode, we will feature a fairy tale that is either a favorite of the author, or closely resembles their favorite movies, stories, and legends as a kid.
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  • A podcast version of our true horror story narration YouTube channel. If you like original, spooky, creepy and scary horror stories that feature cryptids, wendigos, dogman sightings or police encounter with paranormal horror stories, then this is a place for you.

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  • An ancient and cruel religion, The Purpose, deifies children for their deformities—a beautiful girl with three arms, a brave boy with one eye... the exceptional list goes on. Painted and costumed, they are worshiped on stage. Shy and exposed, they are ridiculed in the streets, often by the same faces. Glorious or repulsive? Gods or freaks? How deep will the identity divide be dredged, and to which side will the truth finally tip? Out of the city, through strange forests and dark dreams, we follow six young friends as they chase their answer. Lightning-lit and pulling moon into mountain, it awaits them at the top of the world.
    AREH (a full-length novel presented here in audiobook form) is written by me, Jeffrey Kinsey, and narrated by the popular voice actor, Michael Crouch.
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  • The Pottervision Podcast!

    A Harry Potter Themed podcast that dissects the books chapter by chapter.
    Hosted by the wonderful Pottervision boys: Tom Lawrinson and Lukas Kirkby.

    We chat, we laugh and we delve deep into the world of HP (Saucy).

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  • Welcome to GIRLS ON JANE a new audio drama brought to you by viral essayist and critically acclaimed author, Zara Barrie. GIRLS ON JANE is an unapologetically sexy window into the vibrant underworld of lesbian culture in Manhattan's West Village. So dust off your sexiest pair of motorcycle boots, pour yourself a tall glass of your chosen poison and step into a whole new world. A world made up of lesbians and lipstick, queer babes and champagne, sex and salaciousness, heartbreak and hedonism, girls and gay bars. 'Cause regardless of your age or identity or where you're from — all are welcome on this beautiful and banged-up ride through the most glittery and gritty city of all: New York.

  • Tamil podcasts on pop culture, science, iconic movies, comics, history and much more,

  • The Trinity College Dramatic Society presents a new adaptation of Bram Stoker’s classic novel, Dracula. Adapted and directed by Claire Ellis, stage managed and tech designed by Amy Witherspoon.

    Unlike most Dracula adaptations, our radio play stays (almost) entirely true to the novel! It’s partly an homage to old school radio horror, partly to the lovely awkward silences in many film adaptations – and crammed full of Stoker’s own weird and wonderful dialogue.

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  • This podcast is more like a place I can vent about my feelings and stuff I have see or heard from friends, family, coworkers or everything around.

  • We talk about about random stuff in our life’s

  • Eleanor "El" Rivkin is a misanthropic information broker who grapples with a tangled web of corruption, murder, and her own mysterious abilities in 1990s New York City. Starring Brigette Lundy-Paine (Atypical), Erin Darke (Mrs Maisel), Moises Airas (Hannah Montanna), Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and Kevin Pollak (A Few Good Men). Created by Carina Green and Ryan Patch.

  • نزدیک‌تر از خواب، نزدیک‌تر از غم، نزدیک‌تر از برخورد.

  • Chaos Archives takes place in the SCP universe. Hosted by Charles Ray and co-hosted by Nicholas Crincoli. Here we discuss the various anomalies and stories as a part of the Chaos Insurgency.

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  • Mind-bending psychological horror fiction and occasional true horror stories that reflect the darkest, most twisted parts of our psyches.

    Press play and stare at the reflection of a warped world, just slightly different than our own. You'll begin to find the lines blurred between the world you know and its reflection in THE TWISTED MIRROR.

  • The horror podcast not afraid to cover all mediums of the genre. Hosted, edited, uploaded, and cursed by the eternally exhausted Brandon, and co-hosted by Tony and Justin.

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