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  • Wind down with your favorite Netflix Jr. characters in these bedtime stories designed to help your little ones relax and sleep. Created with Dr. Tina Bryson, childhood development expert and author of “The Whole-Brain Child,” each episode is crafted to help children successfully transition gently to sleep, while also building skills to navigate the world.

  • Od 16.5. do 14.6. můžete podpořit vydání knihy Úlet a zajistit si její výtisk ⤵️

  • Kriminelt er en podkast fra Gyldendal. Her kan du bli bedre kjent med noen av de største og beste krimforfatterne vi har, og lære mer om deres skrivemetode, liv og litterære univers.

  • Neklid je podcastový seriál o vztahu, který zašel příliš daleko. O podivných zvucích, které nejdou dostat z hlavy. A o noci, co všechno změní. Nechte se vtáhnout psychologickým audio thrillerem, kde pravda a lež nejsou tak jednoznačné, jak se zdají být.

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  • Almost Legends is a real play Tabletop RPG Podcast about four friends exploring a variety of genres and systems while attempting to tell a few good stories in the process

  • V podcastu objektivně rozebíráme světové i české konspirační teorie, jejich původ a historii.

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  • It's about two young teenage girls who live in the upper east side and they are both filthy rich.

  • nejkontroverznější podcast ve sluneční soustavě 💕

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  • Novel Dialogue: where unlikely conversation partners come together to discuss the making of novels and what to make of them. What makes us special? Critics and novelists in conversation. Breaking down the boundaries between critical, creative, and just plain quirky, Novel Dialogue’s approach is wide-ranging and unconventional. Ever wondered what Jennifer Egan thinks of TikTok, how Ruth Ozeki honed her craft working on the movie Mutant Hunt, or if Colm Tóibín will ever write a novel about an openly gay novelist? Join us for lively conversations hosted by scholars who admire and write about the novelists that help shape our literary culture. Learn more about Novel Dialogue here.

  • Kristýna Podolská, Veronika Prokopová nahrávají svůj 1 podcast !

  • HY SEMUA salam kenal ya dari aku ZEA. Btw thx ya buat kalian yang dengerin ini sampai akhir, oya buat kalian yang punya cerita bisa langsung ke DM ke sosmed aku ya..

  • by Mr AnubisDON'T BE UPSET THAT PEOPLE WANT TO HATE ON YOU. REMEMBER THEY HAD TO THINK OF YOU FIRST... LIFE HACK #1This podcast is about life experiences Some are true ,some are 100% fiction and some have a little of both.. Hope you enjoy.. ;-) Support this podcast:

  • Fun Podcast, a podcast for everyone who's looking for a way out of some unwanted values and a way in for some wanted values. Its motive is to make you hear someone, who could be in your shoes (metaphorically), but is trying to get up and rise. All the guests in this podcast are the ones who you can relate. They could be or couldn't be some famous people you know. But they might tell you something new, something for you to think about. The podcast follows any idea it is directed to, sometimes it could be filterless, or sometimes not. Whatever it is, it attempts to bring in something new. Support this podcast:

  • Podkast o življenju, vesolju in sploh vsem … v katerem po nekem čudnem naključju vsako epizodo obdelamo eno poglavje kultne trilogije v petih delih Štoparski vodnik po Galaksiji, ki jo je, ko smo bili (mi) še majhni, napisal Douglas Adams. Še veš kje imaš brisačo?

  • scripted, sci-fi podcast about a Caribbean women-led mafia fighting over their designer drug cartel, when a portal to an alternate earth is discovered

  • Radio Wave uvádí podcastový thriller o vině, bolesti a svědomí. Čtyři dvacátníci se každoročně schází, aby vykonali nebezpečný rituál. Věří, že je očistí od chyby, kterou společně v dětství udělali. Čas letošního rituálu se blíží a všichni začínají mít strach. Jedno je jisté. Někdo musí být potrestaný.

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  • Starring Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto! After crash-landing on a mysterious planet with no memory and a sentient AI implant in his brain keeping him alive, a soldier searches for answers about his past. 

    There are only four things Lucan knows with certainty: his name, his rank, that the droll AI implant speaking to him inside his mind is named Ven, and finally, that she is the only thing keeping him from dying.

    With no other memories or connection to their pasts, Lucan and Ven must navigate their new reality on an unknown planet split into warring factions. As they search for answers about where they came from, they confront dangerous forces that threaten the safety of the planet’s civilians. But the most urgent threat of all lurks in the recesses of Lucan’s mind, kept hidden by Ven, and if she were to reveal it, their relationship would change forever. 

    Marigold Breach is a Realm production, starring Jameela Jamil and Manny Jacinto, and created and written by Joel Dane. Listen Away.

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  • BLOOD RAGE MODE is a supernatural audio drama set in a reimagined Vancouver, following the fun and sometimes freaky adventures of three best friends: AG, the short-tempered but fiercely protective werewolf with a mysterious, lone wolf past (played by CK Kaur); SELENE, the indecisive city witch torn between magical majors (played by Junita Thiessen); and AVELINE, a half-vampire/elf with a peculiar blood disorder, putting her in a deep sleep one hundred years for every ten she is awake (played by Delphine Menu) .

    Join these young women as they prepare to fight the “Good Boys,” a human supremacist group rising in ranks; make new friends; search for a cure to the incurable; experience budding romance… and unveil the truth. 

    Writer/Actor CK Kaur created this world in parallel with stories of the “supernatural” in fiction, and the real lives of marginalized people. BLOOD RAGE MODE twists stereotypes and defies typical fantasy tropes to create an empowered story for the traditionally voiceless, that better reflects the diverse world we live in. As a second-generation Canadian WOC, Kaur knows firsthand what it means to live within many different worlds occupying one space.

    Director/Actor Junita Thiessen promises to deliver a show full of action, humour, and the joy of friendship between women. Thiessen also uses her unique perspective as a 2nd generation WOC in the actualisation of this story; BLOOD RAGE MODE is set against the sounds of traffic and nature, just like its real-life setting of Vancouver, just within an alternate parallel universe. 

    A Collaboration by Fabulist Theatre and That's Not Canon Productions

    Sound Design/Edit by Victor Ayala

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    Instagram: @BloodRageMode & @FabulistTheatre

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