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  • Welcome to Treat, a podcast movie, from C13Features. In Treat, we quickly discover that a perfect town comes with a terrifying price. Starring Kiernan Shipka as Allie West, an unpopular teenager who is dealing with issues beyond her years while struggling to fit in with her seemingly perfect small town. But, on one Halloween night, everything changes, and she discovers that her town’s idyllic image comes at a deadly cost. As she learns about the mysterious Piper’s powerful hold on the town, she, along with her younger brother, realize they are the only ones who can save their community before it’s too late. Can Allie West help rescue her family, and their town, and even herself, from its evil past and own demise? Grab some popcorn, and get lost in your imagination in this thrilling and frightening podcast movie experience for your ears, Treat, from C13Features, a Cadence13 Studio.


  • What if we told you everything you know about the world is wrong? What if we told you that all the things you believe to be impossible are in fact very much possible? Reality is not what you think it is. It is so much more complicated, fascinating and, above all, terrifying. Join us in this anthology series of unspeakable horrors set in a world not that different from our own.

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  • «Литра в кармане» — подкаст детского писателя и просто классного препода Алексея Олейникова о школьной литературе со всеми ее проблемами: сложными темами, непонятными словами и большими текстами. Его соведущие — ученики Тоня Азизова и Леша Васильев спорят с ним, рассказывают о любимых книгах и пытаются объяснить, что же учителя делают не так.

  • Welcome to "Med AI tion," the groundbreaking podcast that combines the harmony of meditation with cutting-edge AI technology. Join us on a journey of tranquility as we explore the synergy between the human mind and advanced AI, guiding you towards a state of profound peace and calm. With our AI host providing gentle prompts, you'll experience a new level of focus and serenity. Embark on this transformative expedition where ancient practice meets modern innovation, and discover the boundless potential for inner harmony through the power of "Med AI tion."

  • Écoutez les incroyables aventures du détective Sherlock Holmes, dans une lecture immersive de l'œuvre originale d'Arthur Conan Doyle par Alexis Gourret. En co-production avec PodK. Abonnez-vous ! 🔔

  • I en nyskapande radiodramaserie i novellformat får lyssnaren följa med som en fluga på väggen i ett telefonsamtal mellan två personer. Varje vecka ett nytt avsnitt och en fristående historia. Podcasten görs och produceras av skådespelarna Sven Boräng & Wayra Stavnes Monasterio.

  • New mystery and suspense stories released daily!

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  • A scientist pioneers a new technology to cure his wife's disease, but it works too well, and turns his wife into a terrifying, unstoppable human weapon.

  • Welcome to the Dark Future of 2048. A team of Edgerunners must steal, kill, and cybernetically augment their own minds and bodies. In a world of viscious boostergangs, rampaging cyborgs, corporate assassins, and nihilistic doomsday cults, there's only one rule: Always take it to the Edge.

    Join us as we play the Cyberpunk RED roleplaying game and explore the dystopian science fiction metropolis of Night City. New episodes released every other Monday.

  • "The Secret Adversary" is a mystery novel by Agatha Christie, first published in 1922. It introduces the characters of Tommy and Tuppence, a pair of clever, adventurous young people who form a partnership, calling themselves "Young Adventurers Ltd." The story is set in post-World War I Britain, where economic hardship and political unrest are prevalent.The plot revolves around a missing woman named Jane Finn, who was entrusted with sensitive government documents but disappeared five years earlier. Tommy and Tuppence, in need of money and excitement, embark on a quest to find Jane Finn and the documents, which are of vital importance to the British government.Their investigation leads them into a world of espionage and political intrigue, involving various shadowy figures and a mysterious mastermind known only as "Mr. Brown." Throughout the novel, Christie weaves a complex web of red herrings, unexpected twists, and turns, culminating in a surprising revelation of the true identity of the secret adversary.The book is notable for its witty dialogue, fast-paced action, and the charming partnership of Tommy and Tuppence, which set it apart from Christie's other works that typically feature a solitary detective figure. "The Secret Adversary" marked the beginning of a series of novels and short stories featuring these characters, showcasing Christie's versatility as a writer beyond her famous Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple series.

  • Приветствую вас!

    Я – Наталия Ярославцева, и я:

    Ведущий детский писатель, член Союза писателей России, автор более 10 книг
    Ментор успешных отношений
    Психолог, коуч, аспирантка кафедры психологии
    Замужем, мама троих детей

    Соавтор, мама - Захватова Галина Евгеньевна. Высшее образование, кандидат сельхоз.наук.

    Все права защищены авторскими свидетельствами. Написано, разработано, проиллюстрировано и издано 10 авторских книг:

    1. «Мамины сказки» 3+, сборник сказок – 2014, Москва, (переиздано 2019)

    2. «В синем море» 4+, развивающая серия Нескучная книжка: сказка+задания – 2015, Москва 3. «История одного дома» 6+, фантастическая повесть для детей - 2016, Москва

    4. «В пустыне Калахари» 4+, развивающая серия Нескучная книжка: сказка+задания - 2017, Москва

    5. «В Антарктиде» 4+, развивающая серия Нескучная книжка: сказка+задания - 2018, Москва 6. «Спасите Деда Мороза» 4+, развивающая серия Нескучная книжка: сказка+задания - 2018, Москва

    7. «Сквозь невозможное» 6+, фантастическая повесть для детей - 2019, Москва

    8. «Гость из джунглей» 4+, развивающая серия Нескучная книжка: сказка+задания - 2019,

    9. Патриотический комикс-квест «Выбор», Москва

    10. «Отражение Сириуса», 10+, фантастическая повесть для детей - 2020, Москва

    «Главным «проектом» в моей жизни, безусловно, являются дети. Сначала эти разбойники связали меня по рукам и ногам, что изменило амбициозные жизненные планы на 180 градусов, а потом и вовсе кардинально изменили всю мою жизнь. Вдохновили на литературный труд.

    Я всегда стремилась написать, но не могла подобрать идею для реализации моего таланта. Как однажды я записала сказки, которые рассказывала моим деткам моя мама. Поправила их, дописала и… чудо свершилось! И дело пошло!

    Конечно, не думайте, что всё так легко и гладко. Рождение книги, как и рождение и воспитание ребёнка, требует выносливости, любви и старания. Основная цель моего творчества – через яркий приключенческий сюжет донести до читателей простые истины.

    Добро всегда побеждает зло. Маленькое добро – часть большого счастья. А вера в себя, в правду и в любовь ведёт сквозь любые препятствия прямо к победе.

    Если Вам было интересно послушать мои рассказы и сказки, можно отблагодарить меня любой суммой по сердцу. Для этого просто пройдите по ссылке

  • Our worst fears come true... on the home front. An ordinary woman is swept up into an extraordinary plot against America, by Russian domestic terrorists. She's overheard key details of the plot, but does not speak Russian... until she undergoes an experimental procedure, and becomes America's unlikely best chance against enemies hiding in plain sight.

  • Writing can be hard work, especially if you're a screenwriter. Sometimes you just want to skip it all and get right to making the movie of your dreams. In Screen Play: The Improvised Movie Podcast, we do just that! In each episode, your hosts Alec, Jesse, and Jake make up all the characters, action and dialogue that you would find in a screenplay for a movie or TV show, with genres ranging from teen romantic-comedies to high stakes spy movies all the way to classic horror and everything in between!

  • It's Scary Time. Lock your doors, check under the bed, and turn on a night light because it's time for the scariest stories, history, and conversations ever heard. Every week an independent creator tells us about the paranormal, ghosts, monsters, hauntings, creepy places, enchanted objects, aliens, and more. Best of all if you like the creator you can follow them for more great content... if you dare.

  • Myth Making, Spell Breaking.It’s about knowing our psyche as a treasure chest and using story as a map.Not for children. Fuck.

  • 🚀 Embark on a journey to the mysterious complex of Colony 4, where Max Starshon, the lone security guard turned detective, uncovers a web of secrets that could shake the nascent Martian society.

    Join forces with fearless reporter Sarah Ravencroft as they unravel the mystery surrounding Dr. Elara Nova's untimely demise and a groundbreaking project that threatens life on the red and blue planets. 💔 Betrayals, political intrigue, and the pursuit of justice collide in this Martian thriller. 🔍✨

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  • A journey into the history behind our beloved Disney fairy-tales.

  • Pest Control is an actual-play horror tabletop show from AltHaven. Join Keeper Sam R, and players William, Jonas, and Sam D as they get lost in fantastical worlds featuring compelling characters, engaging story, and thrilling twists!

    Season 1, "Fate", originally ran in 2019 as a livestream on the AltHaven (formerly Queuetimes) main YouTube channel. It uses the Monster of the Week game system. It follows a group of found-family monster Hunters as they set off on a journey across the United States, dealing with the creatures they encounter and drawing ever nearer to the end of the road...

    Season 2, "Norfork", uses Monster of the Week as well as a mix of other indie tabletop role-playing games to tell the story of a world where everyone knows monsters exist, and a town that is slowly losing its identity to the enormous neighboring City.