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  • The Haunted Hell House of Horror is a comedy audio drama about people who work in a haunted house during the Halloween season.

    Starring: Brad, Cary Michael Ayers, Alex Brown, Kirsty Woolven, Emry Mika, and Wyatt Martin

    A Haunted Griffin Entertainment Production

    Twitter: @hhhohpod

  • Get ready to lose yourself in the world of suspense & mystery on โ€˜The Audio Film Projectโ€™ with ace director Vikram Bhatt, Every Mon to Fri at 9 PM!

  • All the best science fiction, fantasy and tales of the fantastic from the Icebox Radio Theater.

  • Esto es Marcianos al Aire, un podcast que graban dos habitantes de Marte mientras tripulan a Bob, un disco espacial que vuela los cielos de La Tierra. Juntos hablan de lo que día tras día ven, escuchan y les interesa, analizando a la humanidad desde otras alturas.

  • Neste Videocast poderás ver e ouvir os debate dos assuntos mais fascinantes da atualidade, experiências vividas e muito mais... ou talvez não.

  • Sanni Metelerkamp was a South African playwright and author born in 1867. She is well known for her biography of her great-grandfather, George Rex, the British born entrepreneur who founded the town of Knysna and was rumoured to have been an illegitimate son of King George III. Possibly her greatest legacy however is the publication of a collection of folk tales which in her own words "โ€ฆ are the common property of every country child in South Africa." By the time she published "Outa Karelโ€™s Stories: South African Folk-Lore Tales" in 1914, South Africa had come through a time of great turmoil. There had been years of conflict between the Boer settlers, the Zulus and the British. The arrival of peoples from all over the world seeking gold and diamonds together with the advent of the railroads, was opening up the country and changing society. Sanni was afraid that many of the old traditions and stories would be lost and so set down these few for posterity. She also stated " I greatly regret that (the stories) appear here in what is, to them, a foreign tongue. No one who has not heard them in the Taal - that quaint, expressive language of the people - can have any idea of what they lose through translation, but, having been written in the first instance for English publications, the original medium was out of the question." However, even The Taal (which in South Africa refers to Afrikaans) would not have been the language from whence these tales originated. They came from the oral traditions of the indigenous peoples of South Africa . The storyteller is Outa Karel, an old family retainer and though they are told here in English, there are several words and expressions in the "Taal". There is however an excellent Glossary at the beginning of the book which is read as a separate file for reference.

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  • Squad Cars. One of the most popular radio programmes ever broadcast in South Africa. Week by week a dramatized story of the South African Police at work would unfold. The series originally went out for broadcast on Sunday evenings. After 6 months the programme moved to it's familiar Friday night 7.30pm slot on Springbok Radio.

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  • El teatro es un espejo para la sociedad

  • A Black Sails fan fiction podcast. Each episode, I will feature a full story or a chapter from some of your favorite authors covering the gamut from canon-compliant to modern AUs. The perfect way to consume fiction on the go. Let’s raise the black and hit the high seas together, with all of your favorite pirates!

  • Trata de las historias de amor de una muchacha a lo largo de su vida.


    Season Two of Case 63 transports us back to 2012 where Eliza Beatrix Knight wakes confused and naked in a bathroom at JFK airport, having failed her mission. Taken to a hospital, she is treated by Dr. Vincent Caldwell - a resident psychiatrist with a familiar voice. Beatrix is now Case 63. With the future of humanity ever more at risk, Beatrix and Vincent must race to unravel the past to save an uncertain future. Season 2 of CASE 63 is created and written by Julio Rojas. Adapted by Mara Vélez Meléndez. Directed by Mimi O’Donnell and stars Julianne Moore and Oscar Isaac.

  • Can a good enough soundtrack save an adventure lead by a noob? Join (aka DJ DungeonMaster) in a Tabletop-RPG podcast that just might make it happen!

  • Imagino quem passa por mim como se fosse feito de palavras. Fica a história do que me contam.

  • A long, long time from now humans have traveled the stars, visited many horizons before isolating themselves. In fear they banded together and worshipped Icons to save themselves from the Dark Between the Stars. They made peace, they made war, they made stories.

    Come and listen to one of them in Daknkitab: One Thousand and One Coriolis Nights, an #ActualPlay RPG Podcast run by Adam Dork and his friends.

  • Chronosphere Fiction is a story telling anthology podcast where writers' creations come to life with sound effects and music.

  • Audio drama about Supernatural Bounty Hunters. Gus, Jo and Jimi chase supernatural creatures.
    Gus Roscoe: Scott Kelly.
    Jo Darcy: Victoria Kay Maier
    Shewt Phurst: Otis Brogdon Jr
    Jimi Travis Tyler: Peter Jiang.
    Mo Colt : Matt Coles
    Froggy : Ben Eckert
    Unknown: Shawn Joseph
    .Wally Jensen/demons/ogres/goblins : Connor Staten
    Deadlock: Aiden Morgan
    Lorraine Jensen: Julie Hoverson.
    Diablo: Karl A Nordman.
    Athena:Samantha Mileski.
    Narrator:Frank Guglielmelli
    Audio Editor:Clea Cullen
    Creator/Co writer: Thomas Young
    Co writer:Joe Spirit.
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  • Journalist and book reviewer Suzanne Perez reviews the latest books and such for KMUW on air and right here. Discover new reviews on alternate Mondays.

  • A nineteenth-century boy from a Mississippi River town recounts his adventures as he travels down the river with a runaway slave, encountering a family involved in a feud, two scoundrels pretending to be royalty, and Tom Sawyer's aunt who mistakes him for Tom.